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5 Best Crates For Goldendoodles That You Can’t-Miss

Want to know the 5 best crates for goldendoodles? In this post, I will give you a full breakdown!

If you haven’t had dogs before, it can feel a little uncomfortable to crate-train your dog. It almost feels like putting them in doggie jail, and looking into those sad puppy eyes can be enough to break even the strongest resolve. 

But the alternative is worse: coming home to a chewed-up couch, wrecked living room, shattered glass, etc. Not a pretty picture.

Even if your dog acts like a perfect pooch when you’re around, things can change quickly once they have free roam of the entire house.

If you have a goldendoodle, you know this is especially true. This is a highly intelligent breed who is just large enough to be like a bull in a china shop given the chance.

But don’t worry! Crate training doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. With the right crate, your dog will be totally fine laying in his crate while you are away.

This guide will give you plenty of information to help you make decisions about what size and type of crate is best for your goldendoodle. 

Should I Really Crate My Goldendoodle?

Believe it or not, there are actually many benefits to crating your Goldendoodle, especially if you are able to start crate-training at a young age. 

When used properly, a crate can become a sort of shelter or “sanctuary” for your dog. Think of it like a bedroom: your dog can go there to rest, feel safe, and relax. It is a space that they know is their own, and they can be comfortable there. 

It is also beneficial to provide a crate for your dog because, in the wild, their natural instinct would be to sleep in a den where they feel safe and secure.

A crate in your house is your dog’s version of a den where he can be comfortable and rest easy. 

There are additional benefits if you start crate-training your dog when they are a puppy.

They will learn that:

  • Teething: crate-training teaches them that they can’t chew on things around the house, only the toys and things you put in their crate. 
  • Housetraining: dogs naturally try not to relieve themselves in the same place they sleep. They will learn that the crate is for sleeping and that they need to relieve themselves outside.
  • This will still take some time for puppies to grasp, so be patient and be prepared to clean the crate several times as they learn.

The 5 best crates for Goldendoodles are great options for providing safety, comfort, shelter, and a place they can identify as their own.

With their high intelligence level, it will also help keep your house from total destruction while you are at work or out of the house. But how do you choose the right crate? 

What Size Crate Should I Get For My Goldendoodle?

It is very important when shopping for a crate for your goldendoodle that you pick the correct size. If the crate you provide for your dog is too small, they will be uncomfortable and cramped, which will lead to anxiety and a general dislike of being crated. 

However, purchasing in the biggest crate out there isn’t any better- too large of a crate will allow your dog to lay down on one part of the crate and relieve themselves in another, which you don’t want.

They may also feel anxious in a crate that is too big to create a safe and cozy environment. 

Generally, you can tell a crate is the right size when your dog is able to stand up without hitting his head on the top of the crate.

He can turn in a circle without hitting the sides of the crate, and lay on his side with his paws completely stretched out without hitting the sides of the crate. 

It’s best to get an idea of the size range you are looking for before testing out different crates. 

In order to figure out the best crate size for your goldendoodle, you’ll need to take a few measurements. 

With your dog sitting down, measure his height from his paws to the top of his head. Add 4” to this. This number is how tall the crate should be. 

Then with your dog standing on all fours, measure the distance from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. Add four inches, and you will have the desired crate length.

It can be a bit more difficult to find a crate for your growing puppy when you don’t know what their adult size will be, but based on their specific breed of goldendoodle, you will be able to figure out the best size for your pup. 

Size Of Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are a hybrid breed resulting from a mix between poodles and golden retrievers.

However, the size of the parents and specific versions of the breeds they may have crossed with will determine the adult size of your Goldendoodle, and what “type” of doodle you have.  


Miniature goldendoodles will reach an average adult weight of 15-35 pounds, and will grow to 13-17” in height. 


Medium goldendoodles will reach an average adult weight of 35-50 pounds, and will grow to 17-21” tall. 


Standard goldendoodles will reach an average adult weight of 50-75 pounds, and will grow to 22”+ in height. 

Appropriate Crate Size For Goldendoodles

The specific type of goldendoodle you have as your canine companion will determine the size crate you will need. 

Crate Size For Mini Goldendoodle

For these smaller breeds that come from a toy-poodle cross, you will need a small-medium crate, at least 30”. 

The Crate Size For Medium Goldendoodle

Medium goldendoodles can vary a bit in weight and height, but generally you will need a medium crate, at least 36”.            

Crate Size For Standard Goldendoodle

Standard goldendoodles are a large breed so you will need a large crate, at least 36-42”. 

5 Best Crates For Mini Goldendoodles

EliteField Soft Crate

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com
5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

These 5 best crates for Goldendoodles come in many different sizes (and colors!) so you can find the perfect fit for your pup.

This spacious crate has soft sides and breathable mesh so your dog will be comfortable and able to stretch out and move with ease. 

This is also a great option for bringing your dog with you in the car. Try it out the next time you take your Goldendoodle on a car trip.

Check out the Elite Field Soft Crate on Amazon.

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AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel

5  Best Crates For Goldendoodles That You Can’t-Miss

Amazon takes on the heavy-duty stackable pet kennel which is a compact version made of durable metal bars.

This one is unique because it has top access which can be fully opened for easier in/out access of a pet and/or when adding or removing bedding, food, water, a litter box, or other supplies.

It also has a convenient tray that can be removed and cleaned in case of accidents. This crate is by far one of the most affordable options too.

Check out Amazon Basic Pet Crate on Amazon.

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Internet’s Best Indoor Dog Kennel

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

Looking for a crate that is a little extra? This is the one for you! The “Internet’s Best” dog kennel is not only a comfortable and durable crate for your pup, but it also doubles as a fashionable piece of furniture.

It is sturdy enough to double as a side table or night stand! 

This eliminates the issue of having a crate that sits around unused when your Goldendoodle is out, since this crate can be in constant use in one way or another. Plus, this crate comes with a padded dog bed for added comfort.

Check out the Internet’s Best IndoorDog Kennel on Amazon.

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Pet Nation Port-A-Crate

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

This lightweight crate is the perfect indoor/outdoor solution for pets who need to be crated in the home or on the go.

The soft sides and breathable mesh screens of this crate are comfortable and cozy for your Goldendoodle, and you’ll love the easy fold-down/pop-up setup. 

This could also be a great first crate option for your goldendoodle puppy- consider purchasing one before you bring your pup home.

Check out the Pet Nahtion Port a Crate on Amazon

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Dog Goods Folding Soft Dog Crate

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

For the smallest of mini goldendoodles, this soft crate could be the perfect fit. Your goldendoodle can curl up and get comfy in this ultra lightweight crate.

It is easy to set-up quickly without any tools, plus it is washable which is great for puppies who are still learning how to crate correctly. 

Check out the Dog Goods Folding Soft Dog Crate on Amazon.

The 5 Best Crates For Medium Goldendoodles

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

MidWest has created the perfect starter kit with all of the “creature comforts” to help your goldendoodle get used to crating.

This kit comes with a spacious wire crate that has a food and water bowl attached to the door, so your goldendoodle has everything he needs for longer stays in his crate.

The crate is also made cozier and more secure with the crate cover included in the kit. 

Check out the Midwest iCrate Starter Kit on Amazon.

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Carlson Pet Products Metal Crate

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

If you are in need of a very basic crate that gets the job done, this is that crate! It is a perfect size for medium goldendoodles, and comes with a removable tray that can be cleaned easily. 

Plenty of room for stretching out and relaxing, this crate also folds up for easy storage. 

Check out the Carlson Pet Products Metal Crate on Amazon.

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Amazon Basics Soft Crate

Amazon’s version of a soft crate for medium dogs has plenty of ventilation from mesh windows and is ideal for travel. 

While it is comfortable and great for goldendoodles, it is not recommended for use for dogs that are not already crate trained, as it isn’t as easy to clean as some other crates.

Check out the Amazon Basics Soft Crate on Amazon.

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PetMate Sky Kennel 

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you like to bring your medium goldendoodle with you on your adventures? This is the perfect crate for you! 

The PetMate Sky Kennel is made of a heavy-duty plastic that is rated for air travel, but can also be used in your home for dogs that are tough on their crates or have a tendency to chew.

Do you have a trip coming up that you need a crate for? Try this one out!

Check out the PetMate Sky Kennel on Amazon.

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Nova Folding Soft Dog Crate

If metal crates aren’t for you, this soft-sided crate is perfect for your medium-sized Goldendoodle. 

With a cushy dog bed and three roll-up doors, this luxurious dog crate has windows on all sides to improve ventilation and allow your dog to see in all directions. It folds up small which is perfect for taking on the go, or moving between rooms.

Check out the Nova Folding Soft Dog Crate on Amazon.

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5 Best Crates For Standard Goldendoodles

MidWest Homes iCrate

While these 5 best crates for Goldendoodles is a simple design, the MidWest iCrate is a great fit for owners of young Goldendoodles who are still growing. 

It features a divider that can be used to make the crate smaller for puppies or young dogs, and gradually made larger as your pup grows. It’s easy to assemble and has two doors for ease of access. 

Check out the MidWest Homes iCrate

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Merry Pet Products 2-in-1

A truly versatile crate made with pet owners in mind. This wooden crate by Merry Pet Products is an attractive wooden crate with a secure lock, thin bars, and a removable tray. 

But it’s also much more than that- it can be used as a piece of furniture such as a side table or nightstand while assembled, but it can also be re-configured and used as a gate.

This “2-in-1” is really more like a 3-in-1! Could you use this in your home?

Check out the Merry Pet Products 2 in 1 on Amazon.

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PetMate Great Crate

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

If the two-door crates weren’t enough for your goldendoodle, how about a three-door crate? This one is also great for escape artists- it has a system of 5 locks to make this a very safe, secure crate. 

It also has a divider to accommodate growing dogs, as well as a removable tray for easy cleaning. Would this crate work for your goldendoodle puppy?

Check out the PetMate Great Crate on Amazon.

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New World Folding Crate

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

Looking for a basic, no-frills crate for your standard goldendoodle? Go with the New World Folding crate. 

It has everything your doodle needs: a roomy spot to curl up and relax, along with two doors. The crate folds up for easy storage and has a removable tray. Sweet and simple.

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Slivery Lake Heavy Duty

5 best crates for goldendoodles-thedoodleguide.com

Is your Goldendoodle a chewer? Are you looking for a crate that can be easily wheeled from one place to another in your home? 

Slivery Lake has the crate to suit your needs: their heavy duty crate is made with a steel frame and sits on four wheels positioned beneath a removable plastic tray for cleaning up messes with ease.

Excellent for standard goldendoodles who need a slightly more durable crate to stand up to their powerful jaws!

Check out the Slivery Lake Heavy Duty on Amazon.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Crating Goldendoodles

You should crate your Goldendoodle when…

  • You are leaving the house for an extended period of time. This will keep them safe while you aren’t around to keep an eye on them
  • Your dog is overexcited and needs to calm down. Give them a toy and only keep them crated for a few minutes.
  • You are traveling with your dog in a car. If they are loose in the car, they might hurt themselves or distract the driver.
  • You are introducing a new dog to the home. Each dog should have their own crate, and you should keep the new dog crated for short periods throughout the day to give your other dog time to get used to their new friend.

You should not crate your Goldendoodle…

  • When they are in trouble. If you yell while crating them, or they feel scared or threatened, they will associate that will the crate and will not want to go in. This can lead to great difficulty when crating in the future.
  • Never yell when crating your dog, and never crate them as a punishment. 
  • For more than 4-5 hours at a time (not including crating them at night). Then you have to be out of the house all day, you will need to go home around lunch to let them out. If you can’t get home, arrange for someone else to let them out. 
  • If your dog has separation anxiety. Crating them will make this much worse, and they may injure themselves trying to get out of the crate. Discuss alternative options with your vet.

Do not crate your dog too frequently. If they are left in their crates for extended periods of time very often, they will start to become depressed and may start to act out.

Only crate them when necessary, and never longer than a few hours at a time. 

Make sure you let your dog out to relieve themselves and run around a bit outside before crating them. This will prevent accidents and make them more comfortable laying down to nap for a while.

While every individual dog’s needs differ slightly, the advice offered in this guide will give you a good idea of which crates are the best for goldendoodles, and how to properly crate your dog.

Consult your veterinarian for additional details about your dog specifically. 


Hope you enjoyed this post about the best crates for goldendoodles.

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