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Are Cockapoos Good Guard Dogs? [The Real Truth]

Want to know whether Cockapoos are good guard dogs? Then, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including whether your Cockapoo can be a good watchdog and how to make them one.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine two dog breeds that are both social and endearing? Well, if you combine the friendly and loving Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, you get an ultra-friendly and loving Cockapoo (or Spoodles, some people call them that)! 

That’s the same thing, if not better! Now, let’s go through a little bit of history to get to know them a little deeper.

Cockapoos were one of the first designer dogs that were bred. They were alive and spreading love as companion dogs as early as the 1960s. 

Companion dogs are well known for their company. They do not have a specific job tied to them such as herding or hunting.  

Taking into consideration that they were bred to be companion dogs, does this mean that they can be good guard dogs as well? Let’s explore this question below. 

Are Cockapoos Good Guard Dogs?

are cockapoos good guard dogs

Yes and no. They can be good watch dogs but not exactly guard dogs. 

Usually, when you think of guard dogs, you think of Rottweilers or Doberman Pinschers, big dogs that can threaten and chase an intruder away. The reason for this is that they are too amenable and small to be properly considered a guard dog. 

However, Cockapoos being small and cute doesn’t mean that they are no good at guarding your house. They can guard your house in their own little way. 

They can guard the house by watching over it! And no, that’s not redundant. 

Guard dogs bark as a warning. They threaten and, if necessary, incapacitate intruders. 

Meanwhile, watch dogs mainly need to be vigilant. It’s harder than it sounds because if dogs are hypervigilant, it would cause too much stress for both you and your dog.

This is because they may sound the alarm and bark at every little thing that bothers them, even though what bothers them are not exactly threatening. 

Can Cockapoos Be Good Watch Dogs?

Yes, they can. But they are not highly-rated as watch dogs. 

Cockapoos are average watch dogs. Pet trainers rate them a three over five as watch dogs. 

For reference, the similarity between a watch dog and a guard dog is that they both need to bark to alert their owners of intruders or possible threats. Cockapoos are capable enough to do that. 

Despite being friendly, Cockapoos can be vigilant and would bark at an intruder. 

It’s important to note though that they may bark because of boredom or anxiety, so it’s best to be wary of their barking behavior. 

In other words, you should know whether your lovely little baby Cockapoo acts up because of the lack of exercise and attention or because of the presence of an intruder. 

Considering Cockapoos’ ancestry, they need lots of attention and physical and mental activity. Otherwise, they will get bored. 

As you know, boredom is a difficult thing to deal with among dogs as they result in behavioral problems. 

However, as noted above, if you get to know your dog enough and work with each other, boredom won’t be an issue at all.

What Makes Them Good Guard/Watch Dogs?

What characteristics of Cockapoos qualify them as good guard or watch dogs? 

Well, they have their Poodle ancestry. Poodles are, by far, one of the smartest purebred dogs. It would not be much of a reach to assume the same amongst Cockapoos. 

This intelligence trait is a big advantage in being a watchdog because they can associate information easily. They can figure out which would count as a threat and which doesn’t. 

Their Cocker Spaniel ancestry would help well with them being a guard dog. Cocker Spaniels are known for their high prey drive and would chase anything on sight. 

Their hunting instincts are high so they are both alert and agile, which makes for a good enough guard dog, right? Well, not always.

Why so? Because they are friendly, sometimes too friendly and eager to socialize with others. 

Besides playing and without proper training, the only guarding they would be able to do is bark at the front door to alert you that someone is arriving at your home. 

To summarize, based on Cockapoos ancestry, we have justified how they are average guard and/or watch dogs. 

Training a Cockapoo To Be A Guard Dog

Training Cockapoos is necessary if you want them as your guard dog or a watch dog. 

This is because cockapoos have characteristics that are useful in being a guard/watch dogs but they also have traits that go against those. 

They are intelligent and have high prey drive, but they use them more towards playing and socializing. 

They are very affectionate as well. Affectionate to the point of needing to lock the door for privacy.

Cockapoos are playful by nature. They love running around an agility course and they love the attention you would give them if they show you their tricks. 

Here’s a helpful dog agility set you can use while training your Cockapoo.

They are also alert, which is an imperative characteristic when it comes to guard dogs or watch dogs. 

They are intended to warn you of a threat whenever it is necessary. However, they have the disadvantage of being too friendly or social.

They tend to like socializing with other dogs or with humans that they meet. As mentioned earlier, they would excitedly bark at the door if it means that they get to meet a new friend.

They are also loyal and responsive. Another fitting characteristic if you want them as a guard or watch dog. 

How Difficult Is It To Train A Cockapoo? 

Cockapoos, or Spoodles, are easy to train! It’s not that shocking considering their ancestry. 

They are actually one of the most effortless dogs to train. They may be second to the Border Collie as the most intelligent breed, but their appeal is second to none. 

As mentioned earlier, they are playful and social. This means that they prefer the training to be fun.

As an owner, you have to keep it entertaining for them. Unless you want to deal with the prospect of them getting bored. 

Here’s a helpful trainer for your Cockapoo while keeping them entertained.

are cockapoos good guard dogs

No dog owner ever wants to get their little pooch bored because they lead to destructive tendencies. It’s best to not leave your pooch unattended nor leave them feeling bored, especially Cockapoos as they are vulnerable to separation anxiety. 

Although, you shouldn’t be too worried about the negative effects of boredom. Cockapoos are eager to please you so you would not have a hard time in getting their attention. 

They would be eager to play with you and show you what they’ve learned. They are endearing like that, you see. 

Last but not the least, they are loyal. This means that they would likely defend you when the need arises.

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How Long Would It Take To Train A Cockapoo?

For Cockapoo puppies, training takes approximately four to six months. Although, others may take longer.

Others take longer because Cockapoos are not an established breed yet; they are a crossbreed. 

What does being a crossbreed mean? It matters, but why exactly? It means that each puppy from every litter and every generation is different.

They are different in terms of health, physical traits, and even temperament. This means that predicting their general behavioral traits would be difficult. 

Although, most trainers and owners attest to them being effortless when it comes to being trained. Also, most of them disclose that Cockapoos are easy to get along with because they are eager to please, are energetic, and are social pooches. 

What you have to do to train them is be consistent, be patient, and use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement involves using rewards to get your Cockapoo’s behavior to be exactly as you want it to be. 

That involves consistency in rewarding and patience in waiting or teaching them the behavior you want.

This also means that you don’t punish them for not doing the behavior that you want. You give them rewards when they do the behavior, and then they associate the two. 

How Do You Train Cockapoos To Be Guard Dogs?

Obedience Training

First and foremost, your dogs have to respond to your command with utmost obedience. It sounds strict, but it’s necessary if you really want them to be guard dogs.

You can do this using positive reinforcement. Take note that you have to be consistent with the rewards.

You also have to find out which reward works best for your pooch so patience is a must. 


The second thing you need to do is to socialize them. This is Cockapoos’ strong suit so it’s best to take advantage of it. 

Socializing them doesn’t mean that you take them out to make friends. It means that you familiarize them with new surroundings so that they won’t fear them.

When dogs are confident and sociable, they can easily recognize and be wary of a stranger without feeling the need to attack them. 

In short, Cockapoos’ traits and the needed training to be a guard dog are compatible!

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Hope you enjoyed this post about whether Cockapoos are good guard dogs.

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