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7 Best Grooming Clippers for Cockapoos [Top Picks You Can’t Miss]

Want to know best grooming clipper for Cockapoos? Then, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including the types of dog clippers, the reasons why you should get one, and more.

Best Grooming Clippers For Cockapoos

The best grooming clipper for Cockapoos is specifically engineered to trim their very luscious hair. This is not an easy task for regular trimmers that are being used by humans. 

As we all now know that Cockapoos are low shedding dogs due to their coat type. It is not actually that they do not shed at all, it is because most of the hair that they shed gets stuck on their coat. 

Due to this, extra care needs to be provided to our Cockapoos to avoid tangles and mat formation. But as mentioned earlier, not all clippers are up to the task. 

That is why we will be providing you with the list below of the best grooming clipper for Cockapoo that you can purchase online:

Oneisall Grooming Clippers

best grooming clipper for cockapoo


This low noise rechargeable clipper is powered by a built-in Li-ion battery which guarantees you a longer operational life. But do not worry since this can be used while it is charging as well. 

The blades are detachable and are very easy to replace and clean. The fixed blade is made out of stainless steel while the cutting blade is made out of ceramic which gives the best performance when it comes to grooming your dog’s hair.


The pros for this product are that it can be very handy when in use to its ability to be operated wireless. It also has a wide range of detachable combs measuring from 3 mm to 18 mm.


The cons would be that you might need to replace the batteries once it reaches its peak cycles. Acquiring the replacement may prove to be quite of a challenge depending on its availability and support.

Why We Like It

What we like about this product is its wide range of detachable combs as well as its low noise and vibration output. Operating only under 50 dB, your dog may feel at ease during grooming when compared to clippers that are noisier. 

So if you like this best grooming clipper for Cockapoos from Oneisall, click on the link below to check the product specifications and availability on Amazon. 

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Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

best grooming clipper for cockapoo


This kit is your dog’s best friend and has everything that you need from a dog grooming kit. It comes with adjustable blades, trimming shears, stainless steel comb, nail clipper, and file. 

It is made for professionals and is engineered from premium materials. The clipper is also ergonomically designed and is capable of cordless operation.


The pros that we see for this grooming kit are that it comes with everything that you need to groom your pet at home. Not only that, but it also has low noise and low vibration output which is good for pets.


The cons for this set is that it requires experience to fully maximize all the tools that come with this kit. Using a clipper will always be safer than using shears for grooming. 

Why We Like It

What we like about this grooming kit is its completeness. As a user, just make sure that you use all the tools responsibly to avoid getting your Cockapoo injured.

To know more about this product, you can check out their specs and purchase them here.

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Ceenwes Dog Clippers

best grooming clipper for cockapoo


This clipper is packed along with the other grooming essentials that you would need. An AC adaptor, a cleaning brush, 3 to 12mm comb attachments, stainless steel comb, scissors, dog shears, nail file, and a nail clipper kit. 

It has everything for the home grooming needs of your dog. This kit can also be used for other pets as well. 


The pros for this product are that it is the most complete kit so far that is available on the market. The clipper is also lightweight and operates with very low noise output allowing your dog to feel at ease. 


Its main con is that the comb attachments have a very limited range. Our cockapoos normally have long hair so when you groom your dog, you would need to trim first before switching to hair clippers.

Why We Like It

What we like about this clipper is that its blade is made out of titanium that is coupled with a ceramic movable blade. These are very sharp and can go through your dog’s hair easily. 

What’s more significant is that this best grooming clipper for Cockapoos also has after-sales support. So what are you waiting for, you can reach out to them here

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Wahl Dog Grooming Kit

best grooming clipper for cockapoo


This clipper features a patented power drive system that guarantees to add 30% more torque when compared to other brands. This means that it has more than enough power to easily plow through your dog’s coat. 

It also has color-coded guide combs which make it easier for you to identify the size that you would need when grooming your pet. 


The pros of this product are that it is cost-effective because you do not need to replace its blade often. It features high-carbon steel blades that retain their sharpness for a very long time. 


For its cons, this product is pricey when compared to other grooming kits that can be purchased online. 

Why We Like It

We like this product because of its self-sharpening blade feature. You do not get this kind of feature from other brands. 

So what are you waiting for? To know more about this best grooming clipper for Cockapoos, check it out here

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Bojafa Dog Grooming Clippers


This grooming clipper boasts a 2000 mah capacity Lithium-ion battery that allows you to operate up to three hours even after just two hours of straight charging. Its blade is made out of titanium which is perfect for the coat type of our Cockapoos. 

It is also equipped with a 3.7-volt 15W motor that is powerful enough for the toughest of grooming work. 


Its main pro is its large battery capacity and fast charging capabilities. It is hard to groom your dog if you can not easily move around your tools.


The only con that we can see for this clipper is its limited detachable combs. It only has a range of 3 to 12 mm and comes in four different sizes. 

Why We Like It

What we like about this product is its fast charging ability. In two hours, you can already use this clipper for three hours straight. 

This product is one of the most highly rated clippers in Amazon as best grooming clipper for Cockapoos and stocks do run out quickly, make sure you get yours here

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OMORC Dog Grooming Kit

best grooming clipper for cockapoo


When talking about a professional-grade grooming kit, this product always comes out as one of those that are highly recommended. This product can be considered as an upgrade to traditional clippers due to its stronger motor and top-notch blade design. 

This kit can rotate up to 6000 rpm’s and is powerful enough to consistently run its blades without the risk of clogging. It also comes with a cleaning brush and eight different comb attachments. 


The main pro for this product is its power output. This clipper is engineered to be used in grooming animals with long and thick hair making it perfect for our Cockapoos. 


The only downside to this product is that it is not wireless so you would need an extension cord to make the grooming process more convenient for you and your pet. 

Why We Like It

What we like about this clipper is that it is specifically built for professional grooming use and features an R-shaped blade. This means that the blade is safe for use and does not pose any harm to your pet. 

Furthermore, it also has a 3 to 25mm range of detachable combs. 

When it comes to professional grooming kits, this product’s price is the same as with traditional clippers that is why it is always in demand. So before stocks run out, get your best grooming clipper for Cockapoos here

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Bousnic Dog Clippers

best grooming clipper for cockapoo


This product leans on the side of the more affordable grooming kits. This kit includes everything that you would need to do the grooming at home—clippers, four assorted combs, scissors, stainless steel comb, a cleaning brush, and a charging cable. 


The pros about this grooming kit are that the clipper comes in two-speed settings. This allows the clipper to operate in a much quieter setting especially when you are clipping the sensitive parts of your dog.


The cons for this kit is the charging cable that comes along with the set. It has a USB-type charging cable which, in our experience, is prone to loose contact and can easily get damaged.

Why We Like It

What we do like about this product is the low vibration setting. This is especially useful when you are trimming the face of your dog, or in other sensitive areas. It helps keep the dog calm through the grooming process. 

Kits of this product are selling out fast on Amazon. Click here if you want to get your best grooming clipper for Cockapoos now. 

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Types Of Dog Clippers

There are several kinds of dog clippers that you can purchase in the market, and the choices that we have given above come from different categories of clippers. Deciding what to get might be quite a daunting task, but it does not have to be that way. 

To further expound on the types of dog clippers, we will be segregating them per category in the following items below. 

Corded Grooming Clippers

Corded dog grooming clippers are those that come with a power cord. This design is the same as with traditional clippers that are being used in salons. 

These corded clippers are still in demand among newbie and professional groomers and their price range still expands from the cheaper variants to the expensive ones.  One advantage of having corded clippers is the consistent power supply which translates to better and faster rotation speeds. 

Another pro for corded clippers is that they can easily allow groomers to attend to other dogs in succession. Charging your tools can be a bit time-consuming which is why many professionals still prefer to use corded ones. 

The downside of corded clippers is that they are not as agile as cordless ones. The power cable tends to touch the dog in several places during the grooming process and may add to their anxiety. 

This situation may cause the dog to move and this can be quite tricky when you are trimming parts that are critical and sensitive. You would also need to plug the clipper in incase the need arises to use them, unlike the cordless ones that you can use anywhere. 

Cordless Grooming Clippers

This type of clipper operates on a rechargeable battery that could be removable or built-in into the clipper itself. It is also used by both amateur and professional groomers alike. 

Some cordless clippers do come with an AC power cord which you can use in case the battery runs out. There are also cordless clippers that you would need to recharge or replace the battery before you can continue using them. 

They normally run on lithium-ion batteries and some do last up to three hours or more of continuous use. This is not the case though for all cordless clippers. 

The main advantage of having cordless ones is that you can use this for quick trimmings on your dog. If you are fond of joining dog shows, then having one around could come quite handy. 

This is one place that you cannot use your corded clippers since you would need to plug the device in. In a grooming scenario, cordless clippers tend to be more subtle when compared to corded ones. 

This is because there is no cord that the groomer would need to move around the dog. Precision grooming could also be enjoyed by the groomer since they can move around more freely. 

As discussed earlier, the battery will always be an issue for cordless clippers. If you are a professional groomer, you could always invest in extra batteries for those kits that you can replace. 

These clippers also tend to be more expensive when compared to corded ones. The batteries also need to be replaced once their charging cycle runs out. 

Hybrid Grooming Clippers

These are the ones that you could operate with or without a power cord. These hybrid clippers also have a built-in rechargeable battery that you can use when full. 

Once the power runs out, you only need to plug it in for you to continue using it. The downside to hybrid clippers is the lack of after-sales support. 

Finding replacement batteries for this type could a bit challenging when compared to what cordless clippers are using. 

Single Speed Grooming Kits

This type of clipper is one that has only one speed setting for the blades. This is normally preferred by dog owners who regularly provide their dogs with quick trims. 

Single-speed clippers are more like traditional clippers and are less expensive. They only have a high-speed setting and normally come with replacement blades. 

The biggest advantage of single-speed kits is that their blades and motor do not heat as much as those with variable speed settings. Having a hot clipper may be uncomfortable to the dog and may cause unnecessary movements. 

But this does not mean that there are no professional groomers that would prefer single-speed kits.

Variable Speed Grooming Kits

Kits like this are highly popular both among professionals and home groomers alike especially those with a higher budget. 

This is because clippers like these can operate at different speeds. The most popular are those that have dual speeds but professionals do get kits that boast up to five speeds. 

The reason is that groomers tend to prefer lower speeds when they work on critical and sensitive areas. Lower speeds mean that there is lesser vibration that would add to the dog’s anxiety during the grooming process. 

Higher speeds are typically used when you are trimming thicker areas. If you use lower speed on these areas, they would tend to get clogged. 

The major drawback of using clippers with variable speed is that they tend to heat up more when compared to single-speed clippers. This is because the motor has to deal with different gears when shifting speed and therefore would tend to produce more heat. 

As discussed earlier, the heat provides discomfort to both the dog and the groomer. 

Low Vibration Kits

These kits refer to clippers that boast to operate quietly and with less vibration. These type of clippers tend to operate at very low speed and is made for dogs that are nervous and could easily get startled. 

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Why Do You Need Grooming Clippers For Your Cockapoo?

As discussed earlier in the article, Cockapoos have low shedding coats. But this does not mean that Cockapoos do not shed at all. 

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They still do but not a lot, and they normally get stuck in the Cockapoos coat. 

Adult Cockapoos have three different coat types. The first is a single coated type that has a coarse to slightly curly coat, the second is wavy to loosely curly, and the third is a double coat of straight to slightly wavy.

Since all of these coat types are non-shedding, then it is required to regularly groom them to keep their coat healthy and free from tangles and mats. 

Dogs tend to shed during the warm season and since our dogs do not shed as much, that is why it is needed that we have grooming clippers in our homes. You can always opt to bring your Cockapoo to a professional groomer, but maintaining a specific cut during the summer may prove to be costly. 

Now for you to save on your grooming fees, we can always learn how to groom our beloved dogs ourselves. Cockapoo hair also tends to grow quickly, and in just a few weeks their coat would be a source of discomfort especially during the warmer weather. 

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Overall Best Grooming Clipper For Cockapoos

Overall, the best of all our choices among the best grooming clipper for Cockapoos is the Oneisall Grooming Clippers. This clipper is also the most rated in Amazon and the product does speak for itself. 

best grooming clipper for cockapoo

It has all the tools that you would need to make the grooming process easier at home. This is a hybrid low vibration clipper that has a wide range of combs making it a very convenient tool to have at home. 

We only want the best for our Cockapoos that’s why we also would only use the best tools that we can acquire for their grooming needs. Get yours now before stocks run out by clicking here

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Hope you enjoyed this post about the best grooming clipper for Cockapoos.

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