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12 Best Toys For Goldendoodles You Must See

There is so much to love about Goldendoodles, from their energetic and loving personalities to their adorable fluffy faces. But do you know what the best toys for Goldendoodles are?

As major chewers who are tough on toys, it is important to pick things that will be durable enough to last.

Plus, they are very intelligent dogs that are easily bored, so their toys can’t just be cute or fun, they need to be challenging and engaging too. Here are some of our best picks! 

Best Chew Toys For Goldendoodles

Best Toys Fro Goldendoodles -

Like we mentioned, Goldendoodles are real chewers! When they are growing, they will need to chew toys to help them soothe gum pain from cutting teeth, and later on, these toys will help stave off boredom and let your pup work his powerful jaws!

Hurley Dog Bone

hurley- Best Toys for

This brightly colored bone chew toy from Hurley is tough enough to withstand hours of chewing from the strongest of dogs!

This toy is a great option as it is safer than rawhide or plastic bones, plus it bounces and even floats in water for plenty of entertaining playtime with your dog.

It also comes in a small and large size, so you could get a smaller one when your dog is a puppy and upgrade as he ages! The bright color makes it easy to find in tall grass or the pool.

Check out the amazing reviews for the Hurley Dog Bone here. 

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Benebone Dental Chew Toy

benebone- Best Toys for

Fans rave about the Benebone line as an excellent alternative to traditional rawhide bones, which can pose a choking hazard and are not great for your dog in the first place. Benebones are not edible, but instead are great for chewing and provide a few different benefits.

The ridges and ergonomic shape make it easy for your dog to chew on but also provide some “stimulation” for your dog’s gums.

This means that the bone acts like a toothbrush and helps keep your dog’s oral health in check while allowing them to chew and chew!

These bones come in many shapes, sizes, and even flavors, including bacon, chicken, peanut butter, and mint. Which of the flavors do you think your dog would enjoy?

Check out the awesome nearly 3000 reviews for Benebones for Goldendoodles here!

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MKB Cupcake Treat Dispenser/Chew Toy

cupcake- Best Toys for

This non-toxic, biodegradable, dishwasher-safe cupcake chew toy from MuttsKickButt couldn’t be cuter- but that’s not why it’s one of the best toys for goldendoodles.

This toy covers two different needs that these dogs have- the need for mental stimulation and the need to chew!

You can place a treat into the cupcake, or smear peanut butter on the inside, and your doodle can enjoy trying to get the treat out.

It’s also a great chew toy on its own, made from durable natural rubber compound that is tough but still comfortable for dogs to chew on. Great for separation anxiety and boredom as well!

Read reviews about the cupcake here. 

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Best Puzzle Toys For Goldendoodles 

In addition to their fun-loving nature and energetic personality, goldendoodles are known for being incredibly smart dogs.

They are easily bored and need to be entertained and presented with challenges, which makes puzzle toys the perfect option!

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

squirrels-- Best Toys for

An adorable tree trunk with squirrel toys peeking out- need we say more?!

There’s more to this cute toy than meets the eye- hidden squeakers inside the squirrels make it irresistible for goldendoodles to play “hide and seek”!

This is a great interactive option so you can have them fetch the squirrels after he pulls them all out, reset it by hiding them all again, and starting over. 

You can also add a challenge for your pup by attaching the removable tree trunk top, making it harder to get the squirrels out. This will keep them entertained for hours, and if you’re looking to change things up, you can also find a bee, bird, hedgehog, or rainbow version of this same toy!

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Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

bob-- Best Toys for

This nearly indestructible toy does double duty as a puzzle toy that can also encourage exercise! 

Perfect for Goldendoodles who are easily bored, the Bob-A-Lot toy keeps pups’ interest by continually moving as they try to get treats out of the bottom of it, so they have to wiggle around and chase it, trying to keep it still long enough to dispense treats! 

The durable plastic ensures that this toy will last, and it’s a great option for strong jawed chewers.

It can also be used to feed dogs who eat too fast to help them slow down and prevent throwing up kibble. If your dog has a tendency to eat quickly, learn more about how the Bob-A-Lot can help with that. 

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Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

ball-- Best Toys for

The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball is a classic for a reason- it is one of the original forms of mentally-stimulating toys for Goldendoodles, and they can’t get enough! 

One of the unique features of this ball is the adjustable interior disc that enables you to make solving the ball easier or harder. The hard plastic is made to last and it will keep your dog entertained and engaged for a long time while providing a source of exercise and fun.

This toy also has rave reviews! Check it out here!

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AWOOF Snuffle Mat

mat-- Best Toys for

Snuffle mats are a fun alternative to puzzle balls and are a great way to encourage slower eating for dogs that scarf their food down quickly. 

This specific mat from AWOOF provides several different areas for hiding food so your dog has to solve several “puzzles”, not just by snooting through the big central flower, but also by pulling up the felt flaps and digging around in the various areas of the portable mat. 

And we know what you’re thinking- yes, it is machine washable!

Check out similar snuffle mats for Goldendoodles here

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Trixie Pet Treat Puzzle Toy

trixie-- Best Toys for

Trixie has a whole line of puzzle toys in differing difficulty levels so your pup can “advance” once he solves the easier puzzles. This specific puzzle toy is training level 2, and is one of 5 styles that the company offers. 

This flip board requires your goldendoodle to use his nose, paws, and teeth to flip switches and lift cups in order to get to treats hidden within the board.

This is a great way to encourage mental stimulation and enjoy watching your dog problem-solve in order to play a fun reward game.

View the Trixie Pet puzzle toy line here. 

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Best Stuffed Toys For Goldendoodles

For dogs who love squeak toys or just want something soft to cuddle, there’s a stuffed toy out there for every pooch!

Kong Cozies Squeaky Alligator

alligator-- Best Toys for

The filling in many stuffed toys can actually pose a hazard, along with eyes or other stuffed animal components that may come loose while your goldendoodle is playing.

Kong has solved that problem by creating a squeaky toy that is still soft and plushy so your pup can cuddle and love it while still being safe. It features minimal filling and an extra layer of material, but is plush and soft to the touch.

If the alligator isn’t your style, you can choose from tons of cute animals including a rhino, elephant, lion, lamb, rabbit, dog, koala, monkey, or moose!

Check out all the Kong Cozies here!

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Tuffy Ocean Octopus

octopus-- Best Toys for

For the Goldendoodles who just can’t get enough of the stuffing, this might be the best option for them! While it is still soft and snuggly, this octopus is tougher than it looks! 

It is made with multiple layers of durable fabric that stands up to games of tug-of-war and fetch. The squeakers make playtime even more fun, and it floats so your doodle can bring it into the pool for summer playtime as well. 

You can also find this tough toy in a lobster or T-Rex design, or other fun shapes.

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Best Fetch Toys for Goldendoodles

You can’t go wrong with these classics. Fetch toys are great for Goldendoodles who have excess energy to burn off!

Zisc Dog Frisbee

frisbee-- Best Toys for

The perfect toy for playful goldendoodles who are full of energy. This frisbee has many uses that you may not expect- of course you can use it for playing frisbee, but it is also great for teaching your pup to play fetch, as well as tug of war, or as a pool toy (yes, it floats!). 

Plus, when you’re done playing, you can flip it over and it works as a food or water bowl! This saves you from having to bring a separate water bowl to the dog park. 

The Zisc frisbee is incredibly durable and will last for years.

One of our favorite features? It’s dishwasher safe!

Check out the different colors and styles available here. 

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Tugs Stuffingless Dog Toy

rope - - Best Toys for

Sometimes your goldendoodle just wants a cuddly toy to carry around the house or snuggle with in their bed. But why choose a toy that they will just shred up when they’re overexcited? 

These stuffing-less dog toys are the perfect solution! No mess from stuffing being pulled out around the house, but still adorable and snuggly, this toy is multipurpose thanks to the rope that loops around the animals’ head and runs through the body. 

Use it for tug-of-war, fetch, and then watch as your dog adorably carries it around- he’ll love it so much, he won’t want to let it out of his sight!

Explore the different style options here

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Whether your Goldendoodle is a dedicated chewer or a fun-loving fetcher, these toys are sure to excite and entertain your pup for hours on end.

Any one of these toys would make a perfect gift for your furry friend. 

Most importantly, they are all pet-safe and are perfectly suited to the mix of intelligent curiosity and energetic playfulness that characterizes goldendoodles!

Which one of the best toys for Goldendoodles would be perfect for your pooch?

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