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Best Way To Groom A Goldendoodle [Step-By-Step Guide]

Want to know the best way to groom a Goldendoodle?

How can you groom your goldendoodle?

How do you handle the thick fur?

Keeping your pet clean is easy, but you have to know what to do. Cleaning a goldendoodle involves trimming the nails, washing the ears, and brushing its coat.

 If you can follow this step-by-step guide, you will be a proud owner of a well-groomed dog.


The first step to the best way to groom a Goldendoodle is to handle the thick fur coat. You require a brush.

You have to untangle all the fur by brushing it from the bottom, a small portion at a time. Brush coat, gently until you can see the dog’s skin and the hair feels smooth under your fingers.

Goldendoodle Brushing Tips

  • Brush the Goldendoodle frequently, if possible every day
  • Get a slicker brush from a pet store
  • Ensure all the debris in the fur has been brushed off

Trim The Fur

Most people make a mistake of using grooming scissors on the goldendoodle. You should avoid this blunder because you could accidentally injure the dog.

To get rid of the knots and overgrown fur, buy an animal clipper from your local pet store. It is safe and will trip evenly. You can use the clipper combs to help you determine the length of trimming.

1. Fur Trimming Tips

  • Always use a clipper
  • Avoid grooming scissors
  • Ask for professional help
  • Learn from DIY blogs or videos

2. Clipping The Head

When fur overgrows on the face, it might cover the dog’s eyes or make it hard for the pet to feed. The best way to groom a goldendoodle is to create even trimming.

If you decide that it is a clean shave for the face, then avoid long hairs in some areas. The dog will appear neat and well-groomed.

A dog clipper is generally safe to use on your pet, but you must be careful when trimming around the eyes. Keep the dog calm and do it gently to avoid an eye injury.

3. Shaving The Ears

You should handle the ear delicately. Ensure that no trimmed hairs or debris falls into the ear canal. You should cut hair near the ears when the dog is not restless.

You must trim the hair in the ear canal for neat grooming. Besides, use an ear cleaner that is recommended by a vet to avoid causing injury during cleaning.

If you suspect that you have injured your dog in the ear, take it to a pet care specialist.

4. Trimming Legs

Using the clipper on the legs, especially the feet and the paws can be tricky. You can use the grooming scissors carefully and make sure the dog is relaxed.

Comb the fur upright to get the before and after length right. Hairs on the feet are often tangled; hence, you might need to straighten them with a brush before you cut them.

You should cut the long fur around the toes so that the dog does not collect dirt when walking around. The trimmed coat also allows the dog to walk uncomfortably.

5. Trimming Nails

Another best way to clean a goldendoodle is to trim the paws. The paws have sharp nails, and the shorter they are, the neat and clean the dog will be.

Use the recommended pet nail trimmer available at a pet supplies shop. If you have soft furnishings in the house, then keep the goldendoodle’s nails short.

A clipper is safe, but if the dog is restless, then you need to exercise extra caution. If your dog is injured during the nail clipping process, it might be harder to groom it in the future.

You should also take some time to learn the anatomy of the dog’s feet, especially the paw area. If you trim deeper into the nails, you might cause a bad injury.

If this happens, take your dog to a veterinary clinic. You should take pet injuries seriously and treat them before the wounds develop severe infections.

6. Trimming The Belly

You should not overlook the belly area even though it is a little hidden. If you allow the fur to become too long, it will be entangled as the dog plays on its belly.

You can use the 2.5 cm clip on the belly and groin area. Cut the fur as much as you can so that you can brush the hair easily and prevent excessive shedding.

7. Clipping The Tail

Trim as much as you can on the tail and the butt area. The shorter the fur around these areas, the easier it becomes to groom the dog.

However, uniform trimming is recommended for a neat appearance.

Types Of Goldendoodle Coats

Goldendoodles have a beautiful fur coat that makes them so lovable. These coats can be in several colors and varying textures. Biological genes determine the type of hair that your dog has. Here are some standard goldendoodle coats.

1). Curly Coat

Wavy hairs that do not straighten characterize the curly coat. The gene that determines this type of wool is known as KRT71.

If you are buying a puppy, you can ask about the parents so that you can tell what kind of fur it will have, as it grows older.

2). Long Hair

If your dog has long straight fur, then it carries the FGF5 gene. This type of coat will not shrink and will be upright when brushed.

3). Improper Coat

As the name suggests, the coat is uneven. Some parts have longer hair, especially the face. This makes some Goldendoodle dogs appear scruffy.

Basic Goldendoodle Grooming Tools

1). Hertzko Slicker Brush

best way to groom a Goldendoodle -

A slick brush is an essential item you require if you are looking for the best way to groom a Goldendoodle. This brush is gentle on the fur and untangles long hair without causing discomfort.

The fine bristles get in the fur no matter the length. It will remove knots and smoothen the hair in minutes.

The soft brush will not cause any injury even if it encounters the dog’s skin. The brush is also simple to clean.

When you are done, you can retract the backside and pick out the hair. Many dog owners like this brush because it massages the dog’s skin and makes the pet look neat.

Since brushing is the first grooming step, using a brush to calm a dog will make the cleaning process more comfortable. You can also do it frequently without irritating the dog.

Give the Hertzko Slicker Brush a try. Click here now to get yours!

2). Clippers

best way to groom a

The best way to groom a goldendoodle cannot be complete without clipping the fur. This makes the dog look clean and neat.

When shopping, you should go for the best that is quality assured by the experts. Goldendoodles have thick long hair. You need the right clipper for the job.

The best clipper comes with varying sizes of clipping combs. This clipper is also cordless, which makes it easy to manage your dog. The ceramic blades are interchangeable.

If your dog has a curly coat, then you can use the blade designed for the wavy fur. These clippers make it possible to trim evenly.

The Dog clipper cuts nails comfortably, so it will not disturb your dog. It is gentle on the dog’s skin and can hardly cause an injury.

The sharp blades will shave the fur fast before the dog becomes restless. The Dog Clippers are also user friendly and safe to use at home.

3). Clipper Blade Cooling Spray

best way to groom a

Your clippers must function well so that the dog is not irritated by the sound. Blunt or malfunctioning blades will also make the goldendoodle uncomfortable.

Long hair requires some time to trim it down. You can use the ShaverAid Electric Shaver to cool the blades.

The coolant makes the clipper feel healthy on the dog’s skin. Keeping your dog calm during the grooming process will make the dog look forward to grooming time

ShaverAid is available online on Amazon. It is essential in your grooming tool. You can pick one that is versatile with all types of clippers.

4). Thinning Shears

best way to groom a

Goldendoodles fur coat is quite thick. You require shears to make it look neat and even. The thinning shears will help you style the fur to look natural and well kept.

If the fur is too tangled and you have tight knots, the shears will make the coat faster smoother.

5). Grooming Scissor

best way to groom a

Grooming scissors can be used to shave the tricky parts that are hard to reach with the clipper. You can use it on the feet and paws.

Experts recommend extra care with grooming scissors, but you can use them where you want to shave clean. The feet have to be shaved completely.

6). Nail Clippers

best way to groom a

Pets tend to scratch soft furnishings around the house or make screechy sounds on the concrete floor as they attempt to reduce the size of the claws.

A nail clipper can help you cut overgrown nails in order t reduce discomfort associated with elongated nails.

Getting a clipper that is not meant for dogs might cause an injury on your pet. You also want to trim the nails neatly.

7). Dog Shampoo

best way to groom a

Grooming your dog means that you will also give it a whole body groom occasionally. Buy a mild shampoo that will clean through the coat of your goldendoodle.

Be careful not to buy one that can irritate your dog’s skin. Go for organic shampoos such as coconut or tea tree products.

8). Grooming Table

best way to groom a Goldendoodle -

Cleaning your dog at home can be fun, but if you are not well organized, it can be messy. A grooming table will make your dog cleaning station, neat and tidy.

The grooming table can also teach your dog to recognize grooming time.

Get the best dog grooming table on Amazon now! Click here to check it out.

9). Mild Conditioner

best way to groom a

The conditioner will help smoothen the fur. The hair will have healthy ends and prevent split ends that create knots.

If you want the coat to be smooth and glossy after a bath, you should use a conditioner. It makes brushing easier. Make sure that you wash off the container thoroughly.

Shampoo or conditioner remnants can irritate the dog’s skin if left on the skin for long. It is also not safe because a dog keeps on licking its body.

Your pet should not ingest these cleaning products.

10). Comb

best way to groom a

When you want to spruce up your goldendoodle fast, you can use a comb. However, you can only use a comb when you are sure that there is no tangle or knots.

A comb is for touch up. You can also use it when you are shampooing the dog. You should be gentle with the comb so that you do not irritate the dog by pulling knots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Groom A Goldendoodle?

The coat defines the beauty of the Goldendoodle. As the dog owner, you want the fur to be smooth and shiny.

You can brush your dog once a week, but give little touch when you notice a knot. If your dog goes to play outdoors frequently, then you have to groom it on a need basis.

Trim the hair above the eyes as soon as you notice that it blocks their ability to see. You can clip the nails as soon as you feel them screeching.

Dogs with long nails will scratch soft furnishings, but you cut the nail after every two months.

Do Goldendoodles Have To Be Groomed?

There is joy in hugging your goldendoodle, but if the dog is unclean, you will not like much. Dogs are also close to humans and mostly live inside your house.

Goldendoodles must be cleaned regularly for your hygiene and the wellness of the dog. If you do not brush the hair frequently, it will tangle and look shabby.

Dogs love the caring touch, and when you brush them tenderly, they bond with you. Brushing improves the blood circulation of the skin.

Grooming protects your dog from diseases and keeps your home clean. Dogs play in the mud or dust.

If you let the dirt accumulate for too long, the dog becomes susceptible to parasites. This can lead to skin problems.

A well-groomed dog means fewer health problems. You do not have to visit the veterinarian frequently, and you will increase the life span of your pet’s life.


Hope you enjoyed this post about the best way to groom a Goldendoodle!

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