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Do Cockapoos Like Water? [Ultimate Guide]

Want to know whether Cockapoos like water? Then, you’re in the right place.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll show you everything including tips on introducing your Cockapoo to the water, safety ideas when swimming with your fur baby, what to avoid, what you’ll need, and more.

Do Cockapoos Like Water?

Cockapoos don’t like water. They LOVE it. Oh, they may be a little wary at first, but once they get accustomed to swimming, there’s no stopping them.

The Cockapoo’s love for aquatic activities comes as no surprise. They’re part-Poodle and part-Cocker Spaniel, after all, and both breeds are water-oriented. The Poodle was bred to help retrieve waterfowls from lakes and rivers.

Meanwhile, Cocker Spaniels were used for hunting in the woodlands, which have puddles and streams. As such, dipping in water is nothing new to them.

Due to their Poodle heritage, some Cockapoos have webbed feet. This gives them the ability to power through the water with ease, making swimming easier for them compared to dogs who don’t share the same physical trait.

Even their coat is suited for swimming. They may not have an undercoat, but their fur is slightly water repellant, which provides a bit of protection against cold water.

Can Cockapoos Swim?

do cockapoos like water

With both its parent breeds comfortable with water, it’s natural for Cockapoos to be great swimmers. Of course, you can’t expect your pup to be an expert at the outset.

Some Cockapoos need a gentle introduction to swimming, but that’s just to prevent them from having a negative experience that might put them off the activity.

When it comes to swimming ability, a Cockapoo that falls accidentally into the water with a depth that goes over their head will instinctively know how to paddle and stay afloat. Other dog breeds may make the right leg motions, but some still sink anyway.

However, although all Cockapoos can swim, there are those who may find it difficult to do so. Old dogs, those with injuries or other health conditions are among those who might find swimming a challenge. 

Tips On How To Introduce Your Cockapoo To The Water

Even though Cockapoos are at home in the water, they won’t automatically be proficient the instant you get them into a pool or lake. They might even be scared at first, but that’s normal with most dogs.

If you want your Cockapoo to be an expert swimmer, you’ll need to give them some training. It’s best to introduce them to water when they’re young. They’ll be more open to new adventures during that time.

Besides, the more experience they have being in the water when they’re still pups, the higher the chance they’ll turn into keen swimmers when they’re older.

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Tips On How To Help Your Cockapoo Love The Water

Be Patient

When you introduce your Cockapoo to water, remember that your pet is experiencing something for the first time. As such, they may be scared and reluctant to dive into the pool, lake or pond. By patiently coaxing your fur baby, you’ll be able to avoid traumatizing your pet.

It helps if you have another dog who enjoys the water come along for your Cockapoo’s initial exposure to swimming. Your pooch may be more inclined to test the waters literally, if they see their buddy happily paddling in the pool or lake.

Make Sure You’ve Trained Your Pet To Come When Called

There may be situations when obeying your command to come can mean the difference between life and death. For example, your Cockapoo may get excited at the sight of water even without experiencing what it’s like to swim in it.

You can stop your pet from rushing headlong into the pool, pond, or lake by calling them to you, thereby preventing any potential risks.

Get Into The Water With Your Cockapoo

Loyal creatures that dogs are, your pet is likely to follow your lead and jump right in. As such, the initial training sessions should ideally take place in a pool. A pond will do if there are no pools nearby.

You don’t need to force your pet into the pool or pond but when they do get in, play around with them to make them realize that being in the water is fun.

Bring along some toys to help coax your pup into the water and make the activity more enjoyable. And don’t forget the treats.

Swim With Your Pup Regularly

Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes. So, make swimming part of you and your Cockapoo’s routine to hone your pet’s skill and make them feel more at home in the water.

Try to take your Cockapoo out on a lake or pool weekly and in no time, they’ll likely become the expert swimmers they’re meant to be.

Safety Ideas For Swimming With Your Cockapoo

Safety should always be a concern even if your Cockapoo is already an expert swimmer. Here are some ways to ensure that your pet won’t come to any harm when they’re out in the water.

Make Your Pet Wear A Water-Resistant Swimming Jacket

One with a handle works best. In that way, you can grab the handle and pull your Cockapoo out of the water in case of emergencies, such as when your pet gets entangled in weeds or you realized that they’re getting tired.

You should also get your pet used to wearing the jacket first before taking them swimming.

Stop Your Pup From Drinking Pool Water

The water in swimming pools has been treated with chemicals to kill germs. These chemicals may not agree with your pet’s digestive system and can lead to sickness.

If you’re out swimming in freshwater lakes the dangers presented by drinking water contaminated with bacteria shouldn’t be disregarded.

Be On The Lookout For Signs Of Dehydration And Fatigue

Swimming can be tiring. Your dog may not know enough to get out of the pool to rest and get a drink of clean water, so it’s up to you to encourage them to do so. Call your pup regularly and offer them fresh water to drink and to stay by your side to rest.

Make Sure The Water Temperature Is Just Right

Don’t make your Cockapoo swim when the water’s too cold. Not only can it make your pet sick, but the negative experience may also turn them off what should have been a fun activity.

What To Avoid When Swimming With Your Cockapoo

do cockapoos like water

Swimming with your Cockapoo is undoubtedly a very enjoyable activity. But there are things to keep in mind while you have fun with your swimming buddy.

Avoid doing the following when you’re out for a swim with your pup.

Taking Your Eyes Off Your Pet

Even if your Cockapoo is an able swimmer, he or she can still get fatigued when going after the toys you’ve tossed into the water. Watch out for signs that your pet is having trouble staying afloat and be ready to dive in for a quick rescue.

Going Into Deep Water Without A Life Vest

Even accomplished human swimmers recognize the importance of wearing a life vest when venturing into deep water. Your dog should have some sort of floating device, too. Shop for one that fits them well and get them used to wear the safety gear.

Disregarding Signs And Safety Instructions

In many areas, there are usually lifeguard flags or notices posted around. Understand what the signs mean. Don’t let your pet swim if there are warnings that the current is too strong or if the bacterial count is high. 

Being Unaware Of Your Surroundings

There may be other people in your swimming area, and they may have their pets with them, too. Watch out for other animals that may bother your Cockapoo or those that your pet may bother and keep your pup at a safe distance.

Tossing Your Pet Into The Water

This is especially true if you haven’t introduced your Cockapoo to the water yet. Even if your pup does manage to swim, the shock caused by the experience may traumatize them. 

What To Do When Your Cockapoo Is Scared Of Water

Not all Cockapoos take to the water at once. Because each dog is unique, even though Cockapoos descended from water-loving breeds, some may be scared of getting into the pool or lake. 

The important thing to remember is not to force the issue. Otherwise, you might end up intensifying that fear. Instead, here are some things that may help your pup conquer their hesitation in dipping into the water

Make A Slow And Gentle Introduction

Get your fur baby accustomed to the water first before taking them to a lake or pool. At home, make a game of enticing your pup into a tub of warm water.

What’s important is that your pet associates the water with something fun. Giving treats and toys are great ways to tempt a frightened pooch into the tub.

Be Patient And Calm

There really is no need to rush your Cockapoo into getting over their fear as this might agitate your pup. Instead, take a deep breath and force yourself to remain calm. Dogs are sensitive to their owner’s moods so by being calm you encourage your pet to stay calm, too.

Show Your Pup That Being In The Water Is Fun

Fill the tub with delightful water toys and a few of your Cockapoo’s favorite playthings. You can even get into the tub. Chances are high that your pet will jump right in to be with you.

5 Best Cockapoo Beach Essentials

To make your pet’s stay at the beach safe, fun, and exciting, here are some things to take along.

West Paw Floatable Ball

do cockapoos like water

A durable dog toy that’s perfect for a game of fetch. Because it floats, you can throw the ball into the pool for your water-loving Cockapoo to retrieve. The texture of the West Paw Floatable Ball makes it easy to grab, so your pet won’t have trouble hanging on to it with their mouth.

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Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray For Pets

do cockapoos like water

Even though they’re covered with fur, dogs need protection from the sun, too. Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray for Pets is the only FDA-compliant pet sunscreen. It keeps those harmful UV rays from harming your Cockapoo as it conditions its coat.

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Excello Bone Dry Microfiber Dog Bath Towel

do cockapoos like water

Dry your pooch quickly and easily with this bath towel that’s two times more absorbent than cotton, absorbing almost seven times its weight in water. It comes in different fun colors and designs you’ll surely love.

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Asenku Dog Life Jacket

do cockapoos like water

Keep your pet safe while they’re in the water. The Asenku Dog Life Jacket is designed with an under-chin float that helps keep your Cockapoo’s head above the water even during rough weather. What’s more, the rescue handle lets you easily pull your dog to safety.

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H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle

do cockapoos like water

Your dog needs plenty of water while they’re playing in the sun. The H2O4K9 comes with a two-in-one lid that functions as a bowl. This water bottle is made with durable stainless steel, lightweight, and comes with a leak-proof water seal.

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