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Do Labradoodles Have To Be Groomed?

Want to know whether Labradoodles have to be groomed? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including when you should start grooming your Labradoodle, why it is important, how you should do it, and more.

Do Labradoodles Have To Be Groomed?

do labradoodles have to be groomed

The direct answer is yes. Labradoodles are highly recommended to be groomed every six to eight weeks by a professional groomer. 

The details of the grooming depend on what kind of coat your doodle has as it varies from one dog to another due to its hybrid nature. But one thing is sure though, all Labradoodles have thick coats, and it needs to be taken care of. 

Normally owners prefer to have their Labradoodles groomed whenever the hair starts to cover their eyes. That is why many owners already have a designated groomer before they purchased or brought their doodle home.

Coat Types And Grooming Needs

Although Labradoodles do not have a set standard yet, over the years, followers of this hybrid dog have seen three different coat types. Due to the nature of these cross-bred dogs, there is always that chance of seeing more than one type of characteristic.

Straight Hair Coat

There are doodles with straight hair coats. It highly resembles a purebred Labrador Receiver. But there could be slight variations to their coat’s characteristics. 

Sometimes there are random curls to it, but they are normally soft to touch and silky. This type of coat requires minimal grooming, but normal brushing is a must. 

Fleece Coat Or Wavy Coat

The next type is the fleece coat or wavy coat. This is the most common and the most preferred form of Labradoodle enthusiasts. 

This is the type of coat that many people can easily associate with a Labradoodle. There might be a mix of curly and straight hair here and there, but it is very minimal.

Curly Or Wool Coat

The last type of Labradoodle coat is curly or wool coat. This type of coat is made up of tight curls that feel a bit dense to touch. 

This is the coat that closely resembles a poodle. And as the hair gets longer, the curls also become tighter. 

A possible variation to this type of coat is a fleece-like structure when it is cut shorter. It may be very curly, but this coat is still soft to touch. 

Now you must probably be wondering why we included the coat types in the discussion. The answer is simple, the type of coat your dog carries determines the degree of maintenance it needs to have. 

Out of the three, the one that needs the most grooming is the wool coat. Daily brushing avoids mat formation. 

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When Do You Start Grooming A Labradoodle Puppy?

do labradoodles have to be groomed

Most owners start to have their Labradoodle puppy groomed by the time they reach four to six months. Puppies normally do not need much brushing and trimming but as they grow older, they also need to get used to the routine. 

Although there is no need to bring them to a professional groomer at a very young age, you can start doing to introduce the grooming routine at home. Labradoodle puppies should be brushed, and have their teeth and ears checked. 

Their nails requires trimming every day. When they are about nine months up to a year, their coat will start to grow. 

Even if their adult coat starts to be more dominant, their puppy coat will not fall out. You should be mindful of this since it may cause mat formation.

During this stage, regular brushing is needed to assist in pulling the puppy coat away from the new adult hair. This is also the best time to consider giving the puppy trim to make the transition easier for you and your puppy. 

Introducing your puppy to their groomer is also an important process and this needs to be done in the early stages. It is much more difficult to introduce a grown dog to a groomer and the whole grooming process in general. 

By the time your puppy is done with all the required shots, that is when you can start to introduce them to their groomer. Not to worry, since most veterinary clinics already have groomers as well. 

You only need to let the groomer know that you will be taking your puppy over for an introductory visit. You can take your puppy for a nail clip just for them to get accustomed to its new environment. 

What Is The Importance Of Brushing And Combing?

do labradoodles have to be groomed

Regardless of the breed or coat type, dogs, in general, need to be combed and brushed to aid them in keeping their coats clean. And it is quite essential for Labradoodles given the coat type they are born with. 

Aside from the grooming aspect of brushing, it also creates a bond between the owner and pet. The more activities you do with your dog, the more you would earn their trust.

Brushing And Combing Process

Now, as discussed earlier, combing and brushing are critical in keeping your dog’s coat healthy and clean. The whole process keeps your dog’s hair from being tangled, and it also removes excess hair. 

Brushing also helps in promoting oil stimulation on their skin and this aids in keeping the skin healthy in general. 

Using Slicker Brush

Now moving on to the grooming process, you may want to start by brushing your Labradoodle. You must use a slicker brush. 

This type of brush is engineered specifically for dogs and is capable of moving through their coat. Once you are done with the brushing process, you may then proceed with combing using a stainless pin comb.

Introducing The Brushing Process

Keep in mind that not all dogs want to be combed that is why it is essential to introduce this process slowly without agitating your pet. 

When brushing, you need to be very gentle and should have good ambient lighting. Several areas are sensitive and a dog owner should be wary about them. 

These are your dog’s armpits, tail, ears, mouth, and the space around their eyes. These areas are quite prone to injury if you do not handle the process lightly. 

If ever there are tangles and mat formation, brushing is a good solution for this. You can bathe your dog and apply some leave-in conditioner after drying. 

You may then start with the whole process and remove those tangled and matted hair. You can try using your fingers as well to untangle their hair. 

What Are The Basic At-Home Grooming Supplies You’ll Need?

do labradoodles have to be groomed

The most basic grooming supplies that you would need at home is a brush, comb, clipper, and dog shampoo

As discussed, we can already slowly introduce the grooming process to your puppies during the early stages. The aim is to get the dog accustomed to the routine but most of the grooming activities will be done by a professional groomer. 

Now let us tackle one by one the essential supplies for your Labradoodle puppy’s grooming needs.

Brush And Comb

The first items that you should have is a slicker brush, a stainless steel pin comb, and a dematting comb. Stainless steel combs should work fine and one side should be narrow, and the other side should be wide. 

Combs that are metal work great because they do not create static. Static will provide discomfort and would make your dog uneasy during the process. 

Brushes should be slicker brushes and not some ordinary hairbrush.

A dematting comb is also essential because tangles and mats happen. 

You should be already prepared for the worse. A detangler is also a type of comb for dematting comb that aids in removing coat tangles and mats. 

You can also have scissors if you want to trim your dog’s coat from time to time. Only use ballpoint scissors or any scissors that do not have a pointy tip.

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Shampoo And Conditioner

Having a dog shampoo and conditioner around is also essential. You will never know as to when your dog suddenly becomes dirty and being one with a thick coat, it is very important to wash the dog off immediately.

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Nail Clipper

Nail clippers or dog nail grinders are also good to have around. Dog nails could be harmful to you and your furniture if it is not being taken care of. 

Regularly walking your dog or making them play around outside will naturally keep their nails short but if your dog is mostly indoors, then it’s best to be able to trim their nails as part of the home grooming routine. 

A trained Labradoodle will just sit while you groom them. It is also convenient to have a pet grooming table lying around in cases like this.

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Tips Before Grooming Your Labradoodle

do labradoodles have to be groomed

Before grooming your Labradoodle, it is always best that they take a bath first and their coat dried. This is because it would be easier for you to comb and brush rather than doing this with a dirty dog. 

It is also easier to remove tangles and mats if they have just taken a bath. You can use some leave-in conditioner as this aids in removing tangles from coats. 

Bathing them beforehand also makes it easier for you to spot any abnormalities on your Labradoodle’s skin. Remember, checking them out is part of your grooming routine. 

It is always better to spot potential problems first before they go full-blown diseases if there are some. 

Before bathing, always allow your dog to sniff and go over the tools that you will be using. Treats should also be nearby.

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How Do You Groom Labradoodles?

do labradoodles have to be groomed

Grooming your Labradoodle would involve bathing, combing, brushing, nail trimming, and hair cutting. Although you can always get this done by a professional groomer, you can always do some of the activities at home.

Step-By-Step Guide


To groom a Labradoodle, the first step is to bathe them. Just make sure that you stay away from your dog’s eyes in doing so. 

Tool Preparation

The next step is to place your dog on a grooming table. Prepare all your tools and place them on the table and in plain sight from your dogs. 

You can give your dog some treats as a form of reinforcement.


The next step would be brushing. 

Make sure that you take out all the mats and tangles from their coat, so you would not need to cut or shave through them. Use a slicker brush then comb with a stainless pin comb afterward. 

If you opt to cut your dog’s hair then it should be done with a hair clipper. Start by using the largest size 10 guide for your clipper. 

Start clipping at your Labradoodle’s back. Start from the back of their neck and work your way down to their butt. 

Always clip towards the direction of the hair’s growth, so you will not risk pulling.


The next step is to trim the belly. You can use a size 7 or size 5 to trim this part. 

Start from the chest and clip downwards. It is easier around this area since it is less dense. 

The next step is to trim the legs. Using the same size guides, you can work your way from the top towards the paw. 

Using a size 1 clipper guide to trim the hair on the paw. You can also use shears, but you must be very careful. 

The next step would be to trim the ears and face. You can use size 5 for the ears and size 9 for the face. 

Always keep in mind that you work from top to bottom. And using the same guide, you can now then proceed to the tail. 

Nail Clipping

The last step of the grooming process is nail clipping. You can use a nail grinder or specialized clippers to make the task easier. 

How Often Do You Groom A Labradoodle?

do labradoodles have to be groomed

Grooming frequency depends on the coat type of your Labradoodle. As recommended, this should be done every six to eight weeks. 

The activity could be more frequent for doodles with curly hair. 

How Often Should You Bathe A Labradoodle?

Bathing your Labradoodle should be done every two to three weeks or as needed. Too much bathing will rid your Labradoodle of some essential skin oils that protect them from skin diseases. 

How Much Does A Labradoodle Groomer Charge?

Grooming does not come cheap especially when you are dealing with large dogs. Normally, professionals charge between $40 to $70 depending on the tasks.

Hope you enjoyed this post about do Labradoodles have to be groomed.

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