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Do Labradoodles Like To Cuddle?

Do Labradoodles like to cuddle? Find out how you can get more of those Labradoodle hugs!

You’ll also learn about other surprising ways that dogs show their love and affection.

Do Labradoodles Like To Cuddle?

do labradoodles like to cuddle -

Yes, Labradoodles love to cuddle especially if they’re tired. Labradoodles are one of the most affectionate dog breeds and they like to spend lots of time with humans.

They would even love to please their masters! However, how much they want to cuddle depends on many factors such as personality, age, temperament, temperature, and energy levels.

Ways Labradoodles Show Affection

ways labradoodles show affection -

You feel your dog’s love whenever they want to cuddle. But it is not their only way of showing affection. Here are other surprising ways that Labradoodles display affection.

Eye Contact

One of the most common ways that Labradoodles show affection is through eye contact. Eye contact is an intimate gesture most especially on dogs. It displays a dog’s affection and trust in you.

Your labradoodle shows that they are very attached to you if they always maintain eye contact. Your dog releases oxytocin when they look at you.

Oxytocin is the same hormone that helps mothers bond with their newborn babies. It’s even called the love hormone because this makes you feel love and affection.


Nosing is when your dog comes over to you and nudges its nose on you. This is another sign of affection and is a way for your dog to show their love to you!

But there are times when dogs do this to seek attention or let you know that they’re near you. You can, however, know if your labradoodle shows an affection nose nudge if it comes with a soulful stare or a corresponding full-body contact.


We all know that kissing is a universal sign of love, right? Well, the same goes for dogs! But in a slightly different way, which is licking.

You might think that your Labradoodle’s sloppy and drooling tongues are sometimes gross. But it’s another way of your dog saying that they like you.

Licking is another way to show their social status because this means that your Labradoodle acknowledges you as their superior. Licking also means that your dog respects your authority.


Dogs, most especially Labradoodles, love human company. That’s why they do their best to get near your face as much as possible.

Dogs are easily drawn to human faces and jumping is an effective way to get close! It can be a bit annoying at times. But it’s just a way for your dog to see you closer or give you a good ol’ welcoming lick.


Leaning is when your Labradoodle comes near to you and leans its body against your legs. This shows that they completely trust you and that they don’t worry about their body. Leaning is similar to a human’s full-body hug.

But there are also other times when leaning might show signs of anxiety. This happens if they’re shivering or if their tail is bent down. Meanwhile, an affectionate lean is when their mouth is slightly open and their tail wags.

Factors That Affect Labradoodle Cuddling

Factors That Affect Labradoodle Cuddling -

Labradoodles are playful and affectionate. But there are factors that affect how much they like to cuddle.

Energy Level

One of the most common factors that affect labradoodle cuddling is their energy level.

Labradoodles, along with other dogs, are more likely to cuddle with you once they’re done exercising or running around. Tiring them out makes them want to relax and spend time with someone they trust and love.

Life Stage

Labradoodle puppies that are 2 to 4 months old always want to be near you. They don’t want to leave your side. They’ll even cry if you’re far from them! This means that you need to cuddle them regularly.

Labradoodles at this stage also tire out easily, so you need to spend lots of time cuddling with them.

Your Labradoodle will then start to become more curious once they reach 4 to 6 months. This is their pre-adolescent stage and they’ll want to explore. This also means that they’ll prefer to leave your side at this time, which is less cuddling for you!

Labradoodles that are 6 to 12 months old are the ones that need less cuddling. You might even need to lure them with some dog treats and bones so they’ll come near you.

Your Labradoodle becomes an adult dog once they reach 1 year old. This means that they’ll prefer more time relaxing. Expect to see lots of cuddling at this stage and in the coming years!


Labradoodles prefer cuddling in cold weather or if they’re feeling cool. Don’t force them to cuddle with them if the weather is too warm or humid. This is especially true for Labradoodles that have a thick coat.

There are also times when they don’t want to cuddle if they’re still very active. Dogs feel hot during times like these so it’s best to just leave them first to walk around and cool themselves.

Reasons To Cuddle Your Dog

Reasons To Cuddle Your Doge -

Why cuddle your Labradoodle? Cuddling gives lots of benefits for you and your dog!

Improve Your Health

One of the best things about cuddling with your dog is that it improves your health. Dogs and humans have been together since prehistory. And both need physical touch. Cuddling your dog stimulates your brain to produce oxytocin, which is also called the love hormone.

This is also the same hormone released during childbirth, or when mothers breastfeed their babies. It’s associated with feelings of empathy, affection, trust, and bonding.

Oxytocin also lowers down the production of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for weight gain and reduced immune system function.

Cuddling with your dog, on the other hand, does the opposite because it soothes and calms you down. It can even lower your blood pressure and heart rate and stimulate muscle regeneration.

Make Your Dog Feel Loved

Dogs are naturally pack animals. This means that it’s natural for them to bond with other animals, including humans! Giving your Labradoodle lots of affection empowers them and makes them feel secure and loved.

Be sure to give your Labradoodle a loving touch now and then so that they won’t become withdrawn and timid. Not receiving enough human touch can even change your pet’s eating pattern.

Relieve Depression And Stress

Cuddling with your dog helps stimulate serotonin and dopamine production. These hormones are responsible for relieving depression. They also make you feel happier.

Petting your dog also combats anxiety because it creates a calming sensation that helps you focus on the present. Setting a few minutes daily to cuddle with your dog helps you maintain a healthy and happy mind.

The soft and furry texture of a Labradoodle coat also soothes your senses and helps you get rid of stress. It’s the same feeling children get when they play with their teddy bears. Well, teddy bears and Labradoodles are very similar in texture, right?

How To Improve Labradoodle Cuddling

do labradoodles like to cuddle -

Take note of these tips to get more cuddles from your Labradoodle.

Give Them Treats Regularly

An effective way to make your Labradoodle want to cuddle with you more is to give them treats. Don’t just give them treats if you like to.

But instead, give them regularly. Make it a habit to reward them every time they obey your orders. You then cuddle them once you’ve given them a treat. This makes them know what to expect if they listen to you and you give them treats.

Spend Time With Them Daily

Spending time with your Labradoodle daily helps you earn their trust more. This also makes them feel loved and secure.

And once they feel those, they would then crave your presence and would want to cuddle with you. It’s all about making your Labradoodle feel special that you make the most out of them.

You want your dog to be used to spending time with you. Make it a habit to stroll with them around your neighborhood so they’ll feel at ease with you. Doing this daily makes them long for your presence and would always crave some cuddling time.

Don’t Force Them

Never force your dog to cuddle with you. This is a very important rule that all dog owners should remember.

Forcing your dog to cuddle just makes them despise cuddling even more! They might even think that cuddling is bad. Instead, wait for the perfect time to cuddle with them, just like after running.

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