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Does My Labradoodle Need A Coat In Winter?

Want to know whether your Labradoodle needs a coat in winter? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including the various factors that contribute to your Labradoodle’s cold tolerance, how to prepare your dog for winter, and more.

Does My Labradoodle Need A Coat In Winter?

does my labradoodle need a coat in winter

Being adventurous and active dogs, most Labradoodles love playing in the snow. And because they’re bred to be working dogs, they tolerate cold weather pretty well.

But during the height of winter, you may wonder if you need to put a coat on your precious pooch before sending them outside to romp in the snow.

With all that fur, a Labradoodle looks quite capable of staying warm and comfy sans a winter jacket. But you can’t be too sure of that because even with their thick fur, withstanding cold weather can still be a challenge for your pet. So when in doubt, better play it safe and give your pet some protection.

Factors That Affect Your Labradoodle’s Cold Tolerance

Various factors determine how much fun in the snow your Labradoodle can enjoy before they start getting uncomfortable.


Labradoodle pups may look as insulated as their adult counterparts but being so much closer to the ground, they’re apt to be affected by below zero degree temperatures.

Add to that, at their tender age, the thermal control capability of their young bodies is not yet fully developed. As a result, they’ll have some issues with retaining body heat.

Senior dogs also need protection from the cold as their aging bodies may have trouble withstanding sub-zero temperatures. Moreover, chilly conditions tend to aggravate some existing medical conditions.

Coat Type

Not all Labradoodle coats are created equal, and some coat types do a better job of providing insulation to your pup than others. 

A fleece-type coat is wavy and shaggy. Because it also tends to be loose, it doesn’t offer adequate protection against cold temperatures. 

A wool-type coated Labradoodle will fare better against the chill because their tightly spun ringlets trap body heat better than a loose, fleece-type coat.

Health Condition

A Labradoodle with health issues will be less capable of tolerating frigid weather. The same is true with weak and malnourished dogs.

Put a coat on your Labradoodle if they have health concerns that can hamper their body’s ability to maintain an ideal core temperature.


A Labradoodle with a heftier build won’t be bothered by the chilly air compared to their smaller and thinner counterparts. That’s because body fat plays a significant role in providing insulation against cold weather.

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How Do You Prepare Your Labradoodle For Winter?

does my labradoodle need a coat in winter

Quite a number of Labradoodles love cool weather and frolicking in the snow is their idea of a super fun activity. Still, you’ll have to give some thought to your pet’s comfort and safety when you let them out during a snowy winter day.

Preparing your Labradoodle for chilly conditions ensures that your pooch won’t get into any harm as they enjoy the cool temperature.

Here are some things you can do:

Dress Up Your Doodle

Even a cold-loving Labradoodle can start to get the chills when the temperature dips to 40 °F. But that doesn’t mean they’ll have to stay indoors if they’re itching to go out and play.

Consider buying a sweater or coat for your Labradoodle to keep them warm on their outdoor trips.

Keep in mind that coats and jackets only protect your pet’s body. You’ll need something to keep their paws snug and comfy, too. Dog booties come in handy, especially since Labradoodles generally have soft feet.

Wipe Them Down

Whenever your Labradoodle goes outside, keep an eye on their feet. Winter is a time when people put salt and anti-freeze in the snow. If your pet licks its paws, it can accidentally swallow some potentially toxic chemicals.

Wiping their feet with a damp washcloth after their playtime or walks works well to remove the chemicals your pooch may have stepped on.

Keep Them Active

Labradoodles need regular exercise. Pent-up energy can lead to destructive behavior, so make sure you keep your pet active even during frigid weather. And while your dog plays outside, check that they’re running around and not huddling in a corner, a signal that your dog has had enough of the cold clime.

Can Labradoodles Stay Outside In The Cold?

does my labradoodle need a coat in winter

The short answer is yes, Labradoodles can stay outside when it’s cold. But that still depends on several factors, and definitely, not for a long time, especially during freezing weather.

Your Labradoodle’s double coat serves as an excellent insulator against the cold air. However, it’s not just the temperature that you need to consider.

For instance, there’s such a thing as the wind-chill factor, which makes it feel colder than what the numbers in the thermometer indicate.

For example, -0 °C with the wind blowing at around 25 mph will feel much colder to your dog than -0 °C in still air.

Rain or snow also affects how cold it is because moisture increases the possibility that your dog will get chilled.

If your pet needs to stay outdoors doing cold weather, check on them frequently to make sure they’re not getting too cold.

Does Age Have Something To Do With A Labradoodle’s Cold Tolerance?

does my labradoodle need a coat in winter

Like humans, dogs who are too young or too old need extra protection from inclement weather. Puppies aged eight weeks old or younger can’t handle freezing conditions. Their bodies have not yet developed the ability to keep an ideal core temperature, so they get chilled pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, dogs who are in their senior years may have some health issues that make it hard for them to endure freezing temperatures.

Conditions like hip dysplasia, for example, sometimes become more painful during cold weather. And like with puppies, an old dog’s body may no longer be efficient in retaining heat.

A Labradoodle that’s at the prime of its life have the best tolerance against cold weather. But even then, they’d still benefit from having some protection from nippy conditions.

Getting a coat for your Labradoodle to wear during winter is a wise move, and your pet will say thanks if they could. But if you’re taking them out for a walk, look out for their paws, too. Dog boots will protect your pet’s feet from the frozen ground.

When Is It Too Cold For A Labradoodle?

It’s too cold for your Labradoodle when it feels too cold for you. Sure, your dog has a thick coat, and you probably think that’s enough to keep them snug. But you have clothes, yet you still feel the chill. 

A dog’s coat is the equivalent of human clothing so when you’re shivering during arctic-like weather, it’s likely too cold for your Labradoodle.

Signs That Your Labradoodle Is Feeling Cold

Signs that your pooch is getting chilled:

  • Their ears and body feel cold to the touch
  • Your pup can’t stop shivering 
  • Your pet has ice on their fur
  • Your dog sits hunched in one corner instead of moving around
  • Your Labradoodle is looking for warm places to snuggle in

It’s essential to get your pet inside when you see signs of distress. The dangers of staying too long out in the cold include hypothermia and frostbite. 

Hypothermia can be dangerous and even lead to death if you don’t address the condition. The symptoms include weakness, stiffness, slow heartbeat and respiration, and lack of coordination. 

Frostbite usually affects your Labradoodle’s tail, ears, and paws, and the symptoms take a while to show up.

Check your pooch for areas that are sensitive to the touch as frostbite can cause pain. Blisters and discoloration of body parts are also typical signs of this condition.

If You See A Dog Left Out In The Cold

Please do a good deed and inform their owner. Some dog lovers may not be aware of the dangers posed by the chilly weather and a simple reminder can save a dog’s life.

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