first week with a goldendoodle puppy

First Week With A Goldendoodle Puppy [Ultimate Guide]

Are you excited about welcoming a new furry friend into your home? Getting ready for the first week with a Goldendoodle puppy is an adventure filled with joy and anticipation.

It’s a special time when you and your new companion begin to build a lifelong bond. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to make that first week a success.

From preparing your home to introducing your Goldendoodle to their new environment, establishing routines, and addressing common challenges, we’ve got you covered.

When my wife and I got Kobe, we watched and read hours of videos and blogs to help us!

Below, I add the best of it all in one place.

So, get ready to start this amazing journey with your adorable Goldendoodle puppy!

Preparing Your Home For Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Getting ready to bring home your Goldendoodle puppy is an exciting time!

To make sure your new furry friend feels safe and comfortable, let’s prepare your home together.

Start by creating a designated space where your Goldendoodle can have their own cozy bed or crate. This will be their special spot to rest and relax.

Next, it’s important to puppy-proof your home.

Puppies are curious explorers, so take some time to tuck away any electrical cords, secure toxic substances like cleaning products, and remove small objects they could swallow.

By creating a safe environment, you’ll prevent accidents and keep your puppy out of harm’s way.

Gather all the essential supplies your Goldendoodle will need. This includes food and water bowls, a collar and leash, chew toys, and puppy pads or outdoor potty training supplies.

Having everything ready beforehand will make the transition smoother for both of you.

Decide which areas of your home will be off-limits for your Goldendoodle puppy and use baby gates or barriers to block access. This will help them understand boundaries and prevent them from entering rooms or areas that may pose a danger.

Accidents happen, especially during the early days of potty training.

Have some cleaning supplies handy to quickly and effectively clean up any messes. This will help maintain a clean and odor-free environment for everyone.

By preparing your home in advance, you’ll create a safe and welcoming space for your new Goldendoodle puppy.

Introducing Your Goldendoodle To Their New Home

The moment has finally arrived to introduce your Goldendoodle puppy to their new home! It’s an important and special occasion, so let’s make it a positive experience for everyone involved.

When you bring your Goldendoodle puppy home, remain calm and avoid overwhelming them with too much excitement. Keep voices soft and movements gentle. This will help them feel secure and at ease.

Show them their safe space, such as their crate or bed. Allow them to explore and become familiar with this cozy spot. Encourage them with gentle praise and treats.

After your puppy has settled into their safe space, gradually introduce them to the other areas of your home. Start with one room at a time, always keeping a watchful eye on them.

During the first week, it’s important to supervise your Goldendoodle puppy’s interactions with the rest of the family, including children and other pets. Ensure everyone is gentle and respectful, giving your puppy time to adjust.

Offer plenty of love and reassurance. Moving to a new home can be a little overwhelming for a puppy, so be there for them with lots of love, cuddles, and positive reinforcement. This will help them build trust and feel secure in their new environment.

Remember, every puppy is unique and may take different amounts of time to adjust. By introducing your Goldendoodle to their new home with love and care, you’re setting the stage for a lifelong bond.

Establishing A Routine for Your Goldendoodle Puppy

A routine is like a roadmap that helps your Goldendoodle puppy feel secure and know what to expect. By establishing a routine from the start, you’ll create a sense of stability and make their transition smoother.

Start by setting consistent meal times for your Goldendoodle puppy. Check with your veterinarian for the appropriate feeding schedule and portion sizes based on their age and size.

Establish regular potty breaks throughout the day to help with their potty training. Take your puppy outside or designate an indoor area with puppy pads for them to use.

(For us we would take Kobe out every 2-3 hours during his first few days – even overnight – to develop a potty schedule and treat him when he went in the grass).

Plan daily exercise and playtime. Goldendoodles are active and energetic, so they need opportunities to burn off their energy. Take them for walks, play fetch, or engage in other fun activities to keep them happy and healthy.

Include designated rest times in your routine. Puppies need plenty of sleep and downtime to recharge, so provide a comfortable and quiet space for them to relax.

Consistency is key when it comes to training. Dedicate short training sessions each day to teach basic commands and reinforce positive behaviors. Use rewards and praise to encourage good behavior.

By establishing a routine for your Goldendoodle puppy, you’re providing structure and stability in their life. This will help them feel more secure and confident as they settle into their new home.

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Bonding And Socialization With Your Goldendoodle Puppy

One of the most important things you can do in the first week with your Goldendoodle puppy is to build a strong bond and promote socialization. Bonding helps create a loving and trusting relationship between you and your furry friend.

Spend quality time with your Goldendoodle, cuddling, playing, and gently petting them. This will help them feel secure and loved in their new home.

Socialization is also crucial during this time.

Introduce your Goldendoodle to new experiences, people, and other animals in a positive and controlled manner. Take them for short walks in safe areas, allowing them to explore their surroundings and encounter different sights, sounds, and smells.

Gradually increase their exposure to new environments and situations, helping them become confident and well-adjusted.

Basic Training And House Rules For Your Goldendoodle

During the first week, it’s essential to establish basic training and house rules for your Goldendoodle.

Start with simple commands like “sit” and “stay.” Use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, praise, and rewards to motivate and encourage your puppy.

Be patient and consistent, as it takes time for them to understand and follow commands.

Set clear boundaries and establish house rules to prevent any unwanted behaviors. Decide where your Goldendoodle’s designated areas are, such as their sleeping spot, eating area, and potty spot.

Use positive reinforcement to encourage them to follow these rules. For example, reward them when they go to their designated potty spot or when they stay off the furniture.

Goldendoodle Health Care In The First Week

Taking care of your Goldendoodle’s health is crucial from the very beginning. In the first week, it’s essential to schedule a visit to the veterinarian for a thorough check-up.

The vet will examine your puppy’s overall health, provide necessary vaccinations, and discuss preventive care, such as flea and tick prevention and heartworm medication.

Additionally, you should establish a grooming routine for your Goldendoodle.

Start by gently brushing their fur to get them accustomed to the process. Check their ears regularly for any signs of infection and gently clean them if needed.

Trim their nails carefully to prevent overgrowth. Remember to reward them with praise and treats during and after grooming sessions to make it a positive experience for them.

In the first week, it’s also important to introduce your Goldendoodle to good dental hygiene habits. Begin by gently brushing their teeth with a dog-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste. This helps maintain their oral health and prevent dental issues later on.

By focusing on bonding, socialization, basic training, and health care in the first week, you’re setting a solid foundation for your Goldendoodle’s well-being and happiness in their new home.

Remember to be patient, loving, and consistent, and enjoy this special time with your adorable new furry family member!

Playtime And Exercise For Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Playtime and exercise are essential for your Goldendoodle’s physical and mental well-being.

During the first week, it’s important to engage your puppy in appropriate play and provide regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Goldendoodles are active dogs that love to play, so it’s important to provide them with plenty of opportunities for physical activity.

Take them for short walks or play games like fetch in a safe and secure area. These activities help burn off their energy and stimulate their minds.

Remember, your Goldendoodle puppy is still growing, so avoid high-impact activities that could strain their developing joints. Be mindful of their limits and gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise as they get older.

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Goldendoodle Challenges And Troubleshooting In The First Week

Having a new Goldendoodle puppy can sometimes come with challenges, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the learning process. Here are a few common challenges you may face during the first week and some tips to overcome them:

House Training

It’s normal for accidents to happen while your Goldendoodle is adjusting to their new environment. Establish a consistent schedule for potty breaks, reward them when they eliminate in the right place, and clean up accidents using an enzymatic cleaner to remove any lingering odor.

Chewing And Biting

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, so it’s common for them to chew on objects and nip during play. Provide appropriate chew toys to redirect their chewing behavior and teach them bite inhibition by yelping or redirecting their attention when they bite too hard.

Crying Or Whining

Your Goldendoodle puppy may cry or whine when they feel anxious or lonely. Create a comfortable and secure sleeping area for them, and consider using a stuffed toy or a ticking clock to mimic the warmth and heartbeat of their littermates.

Remember, patience and positive reinforcement are key when addressing these challenges.

Seek guidance from a professional dog trainer if you need additional support.

Enjoy The Journey: First Week With A Goldendoodle Puppy

Bringing a Goldendoodle puppy into your life is an exciting and joyful experience. Enjoying the journey means creating cherished memories and building a lifelong bond with your furry friend.

Here are some tips for making the most of your time with your Goldendoodle:

Spend Quality Time Together: Set aside dedicated time each day to bond with your Goldendoodle. Cuddle, play, and engage in activities that strengthen your connection.

Capture Moments: Take photos and videos to document your Goldendoodle’s growth and milestones. It’s heartwarming to look back on these memories as they grow older.

Learn and Grow Together: Take the time to learn about your Goldendoodle’s breed traits, temperament, and specific needs. This understanding will help you provide the best care and training for them.

Be Adventurous: Explore new places, go on walks in different environments, and introduce your Goldendoodle to new experiences. It enriches their life and strengthens the bond you share.

Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge and reward your Goldendoodle’s successes during training and milestones they achieve. Positive reinforcement encourages them to continue learning and growing.

Remember, the first week with your Goldendoodle is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. Embrace the challenges, cherish the moments, and celebrate the love and joy your furry friend brings into your life.


Here are frequently asked questions about the first week with a Goldendoodle puppy:

What Can You Expect When You Get A Goldendoodle?

When you bring home a Goldendoodle, you can expect a playful and friendly companion who will quickly become a beloved member of your family.

In the first week, they may feel a bit anxious or unsure in their new surroundings, so it’s important to create a calm and welcoming environment for them to settle in.

Do Goldendoodle Puppies Cry At Night?

Yes, it’s common for Goldendoodle puppies to cry or whine at night, especially during the first few nights in their new home. They may feel anxious or miss their littermates.

To help calm them, ensure they have a comfortable sleeping area, try using a stuffed toy or a ticking clock to mimic company, and establish a bedtime routine that includes a potty break before bed.

If you’re crate training, then it’s okay to let them cry it out and just see if they calm down. Kobe cried the first night and then was fine after that!

How Do You Calm A Goldendoodle Puppy?

To calm a Goldendoodle puppy, it’s important to provide a secure and comforting environment.

Spend quality time with them, offer gentle petting, and engage in calming activities such as slow walks or playing soothing music.

Creating a predictable routine with regular meals, exercise, and rest will also contribute to their overall calmness.

How Do You Introduce A Goldendoodle Puppy To Children?

When introducing a Goldendoodle puppy to children, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and positive experiences.

Teach children to approach the puppy gently, without overwhelming them. Supervise all interactions and teach children how to properly pet and handle the puppy.

Encourage children to be patient and allow the puppy to come to them at their own pace.

How Do I Introduce My Goldendoodle Puppy To A Crate?

Introducing a Goldendoodle puppy to a crate should be done gradually and positively.

Start by placing treats and toys inside the crate to make it inviting. Allow the puppy to explore the crate at their own pace and reward them for going inside.

Gradually increase the time they spend in the crate, always ensuring they associate it with positive experiences.

Finally practice closing and eventually locking the door while repeatedly treating to associate the crate as a safe place.

Never force or use the crate as a form of punishment.

Conclusion: First Week With A Goldendoodle Puppy

As you conclude the first week with your Goldendoodle puppy, take a moment to reflect on the progress you’ve made together. You’ve created a safe and loving home, introduced them to new experiences, established routines, and built a strong bond.

Remember, this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. Embrace the challenges that may arise, seek guidance when needed, and always approach each day with patience, kindness, and a sense of adventure.

Your Goldendoodle puppy is counting on you to be their guide and companion, so enjoy every moment and savor the unconditional love they bring into your life.

Hope you enjoyed this post about the first week with a Goldendoodle puppy!

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