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How Long Do Cockapoos Grow? [The Real Truth]

Do you like a small Cockapoo that you can carry around or a big Cockapoo that you can wrap your arms around? Find out the real truth about how long Cockapoos grow!

A Cockapoo’s full-grown height can range from 9 inches to 18 inches, depending on its Cockapoo breed: Standard, Miniature, Teacup, or Toy. Read on to know which Cockapoo is for you.

How Long Do Cockapoos Grow?

how long do cockapoos grow -

Cockapoos grow depending on the type of their breed. The four different types of Cockapoo breeds are the:

  • Standard Cockapoo
  • Miniature Cockapoo
  • Teacup Cockapoo
  • Toy Cockapoo

Each breed has different full-grown heights. Do keep in mind that this will also depend on the food you are feeding them as well as their genetics. 

Cockapoos don’t have a standard size when it comes to their growth because of their mixed breed nature. Let’s dive more into detail about Cockapoo sizes below. 

Standard Cockapoo

Standard Cockapoos can grow up to 15 to 18 inches in height. Several factors come into play in terms of their growth. This includes exercise, nutrition, and the environment. 

Instead of enjoying the outdoor life, Standard Cockapoos prefer to stay indoors most of the time. This makes them feel more secure under your care instead of venturing outside.

Although you can still teach them some light exercises, don’t go too overboard because that will make them too tired. A Standard Cockapoo can weigh up to 19 pounds. But this can still change depending on its nutrition and diet.

Miniature Cockapoo 

As the name suggests, Miniature Cockapoos don’t grow big as much as Standard Cockapoos. They only grow up to 11 to 14 inches

Unlike Standard Cockapoos, Miniature Cockapoos love to spend their time outdoors. They love to play outside, especially if you go along with them. Pro tip: don’t forget to bring some treats too! 

Miniature Cockapoos can weigh up to 13 to 18 pounds. And this can still change if you have let your mini cockapoo do some workouts. The more frequent the exercises, the heavier the weight from the Cockapoo’s muscle mass.

Teacup Cockapoo

Just when you thought Miniature Cockapoos are already small, wait until you see Teacup Cockapoos. This Cockapoo breed can grow to only less than 10 inches.

Teacup Cockapoos are often seen as a lap dog and not the active type. They love being pampered and they stay by your side wherever you go at home. 

This Cockapoo breed weighs around 6 pounds or less. Because of its small size, it almost feels weightless when you try to carry it. 

Toy Cockapoo

Toy cockapoos have striking similarities with Teacup Cockapoos. But there’s a small difference in their maximum size. This breed can grow up to 9 to 10 inches.

Toy Cockapoos have almost the same traits as Teacup Cockapoos because they are also known as lap dogs.

Toy Cockapoos can weigh up to 12 pounds. This may come as a surprise considering that this breed is small.

Which Cockapoo Is For You? 

These four Cockapoo breeds are almost identical. But you can clearly differentiate them by their weight and size.

But if you want a Cockapoo that loves outdoor activities, then a Miniature Cockapoo is for you. If you want a lap dog, then the Toy and Teacup Cockapoos suit you best. But if you love bigger pets that are clingy around you, then a standard cockapoo is a perfect choice.

How Fast Does A Cockapoo Grow?

how long do cockapoos grow -

Cockapoos grow faster depending on how they are pampered in the environment they are in. So as a fur parent, you should know how to take good care of your Cockapoo.

What’s surprising is that smaller Cockapoos (Miniature, Toy and Teacup) become full-grown faster compared to Standard Cockapoos.

One contributing factor for a Cockapoo’s growth is its parents. If it’s your first time to get a Cockapoo, it’s best to know their parents. This gives you an idea of the type of Cockapoo you have and its growing influence.

An estimated time period for Cockapoo growth is about 9 to 12 months for the smaller ones. Although it’s the same for Standard Cockapoos, they continue to fill up and grow larger during this time period. 

They will only stop growing until they reach the 12th month. Should you have more concerns about your Cockapoos growth, a trip to the vet is your best option.

Do keep in mind that Cockapoos can easily contract health complications that are the same with Poodles and the Cocker Spaniel breeds. Although the chances are low, it may affect your Cockapoo’s growth.

Another contributing factor to a Cockapoo’s growth is their nutrition, so it’s best to choose the right foods to feed them.

Best Dog Food For Cockapoos

There are a plethora of commercialized dog foods for Cockapoos. However, you should not rely on these alone. Instead, try feeding them with raw or lean meat too, especially beef or salmon. 

Raw or lean meats have high amounts of protein which is essential for your Cockapoo’s diet to make them grow stronger. But if you want to try dog food first, here are some of the best dog food you can give to your Cockapoo!

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free, Puppy Recipe

Rich in protein and improves digestion

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food

Made from real chicken and filled with vitamins and minerals

Iams For Adult Dogs, Chicken & Whole Grains Recipe

Uses natural ingredients and contains omega 6 to nourish your Cockapoo

Wellness Core Grain-Free, Natural Dry Dog Food

Improves your Cockapoo’s digestion, gum health, and fur shine

Try to experiment when feeding your Cockapoos with dog food and see which ones they like and don’t like. You need to be careful when doing so because they might be allergic to some ingredients. 

When Is A Cockapoo Full Grown?

It’s not easy to determine if your Cockapoo has fully grown. But you will notice this by the way they move around you. Full-grown Cockapoos are very active and playful.

You can also determine it with the estimated time it takes for them to be fully-grown: 9 to 12 months.

It is important is to feed them right to help strengthen their bones and muscles as they grow. If you have a Standard Cockapoo, encourage him/her to do exercises with you outside the house, too.

However, avoid letting them do intensive activities such as prolonged jogging or obstacle course exercises. It may tire your Cockapoo and can lead to health complications if not prevented early on.

It’s also important to socialize more with your Cockapoo while they are still young. Building a relationship with your Cockapoo makes them feel loved. It’s also a way to let them know that they are part of your family.

An easy way to know if your Cockapoo is fully grown is by asking the previous owner what month it is born. You can also do the same if you bought it from the pet store.

They are easygoing and love to be with you round the clock. The best part? Cockapoos are smart and obey easily, making it feel less like a chore to train them.

FYI – Does your pup love to bite? Here’s how to stop your Cockapoo puppy from biting.

In the end, there’s no definitive answer for your Cockapoo’s full-grown size. But you can do some research, ask for advice, or have a pet specialist help you out.

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