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How Many Puppies Does A Cockapoo Have?

Want to know how many puppies does a Cockapoo have? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including the period for which a Cockapoo is pregnant, at what age they can have puppies, what determines their litter size, and more.

How Many Puppies Does A Cockapoo Have?

how many puppies does a cockapoo have

The average litter size of a Cockapoo usually ranges in 4 to 7 puppies. As a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, their average size varies around small to medium. 

Larger dogs tend to have a larger number of puppies. According to the Guinness World Record, the largest litter ever recorded was 24 puppies from a Neopolitan Mastiff in 2004 named Tia.

How Long Is A Cockapoo Pregnant?

how many puppies does a cockapoo have

Compared to humans, dogs only have an average gestation period of 58 to 68 days. With this, there’s not much time to prepare before you recognize the changes happening within their bodies unless you are expecting it and continuously monitoring their status.

However, if you are aware of which symptoms to look out for, you will be able to spot them right away. 

Early Signs That A Cockapoo Is Pregnant 

Sudden Appetite Changes

If your pet has mated with another dog recently, you should monitor for the sudden changes in their appetite. Pregnancy can cause erratic changes that affect the mental and physical aspects of the dam (female dog).

Appetite change can mean a lot of things other than potential pregnancy, like underlying diseases and depression. So, make sure to consult a Veterinarian when this occurs often.

Changes In Behavior

Another symptom that can be related to pregnancy is the changes in behavior. When an active dog becomes sluggish all of sudden, puppies in her tummy might be the main reason why.

Also, there are cases that your pet will be more affectionate or aggressive during this time. Every case differs for every dog, so it still depends on how your pup is going to respond to the changes that they are feeling on their bodies.

Physical Changes

Aside from their enlarged tummy, you might also notice their nipples getting bigger. This is due to the production of milk in their mammary glands. 

Dogs that already had a history of giving birth may have drooping nipples which sometimes contribute to its enlargement.

The Activity Of Relaxin

Relaxin is a compound produced by the placenta and ovary during pregnancy. It has major effects on the female reproductive organ especially in the preparation for birth. 

Relaxin helps in relaxing the muscles around the cervix and pelvis for a much easier delivery.

Taking Care Of A Pregnant Cockapoo

If this is your first time experiencing the pregnancy of a pet, it can be a bit challenging. However, Cockapoos in particular is a pretty friendly hybrid, so they are less likely to be aggressive when they are expectant. 


The puppies inside their mother’s belly develop rapidly so they will need to be provided with food that has an adequate amount of protein for their energy. 3 to 4 meals a day is enough for her to support herself.

Also, remember not to give her big servings for the puppies can press her stomach resulting in difficulty when digesting food. 


Exercise is especially important during pregnancy. Short walks and minor activities are enough to keep their bodies in shape when the delivery comes. 

Remember not to overwork them as this might cause some problems to her offspring. 


Annual vaccines are a necessary measure to keep your pet healthy and free from any potential harm. A mother dog needs to be fit to provide quality care and milk to her puppies. 

Viruses are a common cause for the premature death of most canines. Herpes virus, specifically, can be passed on from the mother to the puppies if it is not taken care of earlier.

Some vaccinations apply to pregnant dogs and would not cause any problems so it will be in the least of your worries.


Worms are a common internal parasite among dogs and this can be cured through working treatment. Regularly going to your local de-wormer will help your pet avoid potential diseases and health problems.

It is also commonly available without a prescription as it is very easy to do in the hands of an expert. Fenbendazole is often used in this matter since it is a great remedy against tapeworms, whipworms, roundworms, etc.

It is advisable to take Fenbendazole every day starting from day 40 of pregnancy up to the 2nd day after the delivery. This is to avoid the puppies from getting the worms from their mothers. 

Preparing For The Whelping

Whelping is the term used for the delivery of a pregnant dog. It can be just as painful as a human delivery so it is essential to be ready and prepare everything your pup’s going to need during the session.

  1. Prepare a space for your pet’s whelping
  2. Put sturdy cardboards and cartons inside the whelping box to provide support when your dog lies down
  3. Provide warming components like heating pads or a hot water bottle to the box
  4. Trim the hairs around their belly and nipples in advance
  5. Prepare suitable disinfectants for the puppies’ umbilicus
  6. Conduct abdominal radiographs before the delivery to know what to expect
  7. List down emergency phone numbers related to your dog’s case

The labor can last for hours but the normal delivery usually takes up to 20 to 60 minutes, given that there are no complications. Assist the mother as she gives birth to her puppies but don’t force them or pull them harshly as they come out.

At What Age Can My Cockapoo Have Puppies?

how many puppies does a cockapoo have

A female Cockapoo goes through two (2) heat cycles per year. Between the age of six months and one year old, she will experience her first heat season and it is the best time to start her breeding.

Taking Care Of Newborn Puppies

The first few weeks of a puppy’s life primarily consist of feeding, muscle growth, keeping warm, and learning how to be social. Some dams provide great care for their offspring, but there are cases where mothers neglect their pups or early separation from the family. 

In these cases, you can feed them using baby bottles or a syringe with puppy formula. Never give them fresh milk from cows and goats or even a human formula for it has different properties that might not be suited for them.

Feeding Guide

Puppies will need to be nursed upon at least every two hours in the first week. During their first month, they will start to transition from drinking milk to eating solid foods.

Gradually assist them as they adapt to solid foods by soaking kibble in warm water before serving. If you are not sure about the exact amount of food they need to eat in a day and every meal, you can always consult a Veterinarian.

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Factors That Determine The Number Of Puppies In A Litter

The number of litter for each dog differs and various factors might contribute to that. Some of those are:

Human Intervention

Breeders are one great reason for the number of puppies there will be in a litter. When they have a lineup of people wanting the specific breed, they can alter the fertilization through artificial insemination.

Although this doesn’t always guarantee a change in the number of puppies the dam will conceive due to the likelihood of the sperms dying during the process, it is still a common method being used.


Litter born during the spring season is most likely to be relatively larger than the litter delivered during the other seasons of the year, according to the American Kennel Club.


Genetics are generally more related to the traits of the puppies such as eye color, coat, and size. The percentage of this contributing to the litter size is only around 15%.

Breed Size

The breed of the parents is probably the largest contributor to the size of the litter. Larger dogs tend to have a larger litter size mainly because their body can support more puppies.

Small to medium dogs can only carry up to seven (7) puppies in one season. Big litters can also be dangerous at times due to the exhaustion that the dam might experience during pregnancy and in the course of whelping.


Smaller litter can be a result of poor nutrition as well. Dams with an unhealthy diet are less likely to conceive more puppies due to the lack of nutrients they have in their bodies.

A high-quality diet enriched with vitamins and protein will help strengthen their chances of producing a larger litter.


The litter size from the first and second pregnancies tends to be smaller compared to next ones. This is due to the process of maturation of the dam’s eggs and the male’s sperms.

For male Cockapoos, the 5th year is the peak of their chances when it comes to producing a larger litter. For a female dog, their 3rd and 4th pregnancies will produce a relatively bigger litter than the previous ones.

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