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How Much Do Labradoodles Shed? [The Real Truth]

How much do Labradoodles shed? We will share everything you need to know about Labradoodle shedding, how to deal with it, and how best to take care of your Labradoodle’s coat. Get answers from a real owner!

Why Do Dogs Shed?

how much do labradoodles shed -

Shedding is a natural process on a dog’s fur, just like in your hair when you brush or comb after washing. Any dog sheds its hair, but the quantity varies from one to another.

Shedding is a process where a dog loses hair on their skin that may be dead or damaged. After losing this hair, new hair grows in the exact place to replace the lost hair. The new hair firmly provides an excellent cover to keep the dog healthy.


Several factors could make a dog shed more or less. It may not only depend on the breed type but also other factors such as:

  • The age of the dog
  • Pregnancy status
  • Weather seasons
  • The dog’s general health

However, some dogs may shed throughout the year, while some shed more during summer when there are very high temperatures. Some dogs also appear to shed significantly less, or you may not see any shedding at all.

Shedding Is Normal

The shedding is a process inevitable to any dog’s life, and it cannot be prevented. However, in the case of excessive shedding, your dog’s skin will appear irritated. It may show underlying medical conditions, and it would help to visit a veterinarian to check on their health.

Many people prefer dogs who shed very lightly or less to live in a tidy environment free from dog’s fur. You can use several ways to reduce your dog’s shedding process and ensure your room remains tidy all the time.

You can also get light shedding dogs such as the Labradoodles. They are easy to groom, and you can prevent the shedding process easily.

Equally important, shedding also includes your dog’s dead skin cells that need to be replenished by new ones. Most dogs have two coats that keep them warm during the cold season, and the undercoat sheds more during the hot seasons.

Ensure you get the dog that shed very lightly all year round. You will also learn several ways to prevent shedding and how you can manage the shedding process easily for Labradoodles in this article if they ever shed at all.

Do Labradoodles Shed?

how much do labradoodles shed -

Labradoodles originate from Australia, where they were bred as hypoallergenic guide dogs. The primary purpose for breeding a Labrador and a Poodle may not have been to remove all shedding, but its result was a hypoallergenic dog with several other perfect personalities.

It may be impossible to say that a dog cannot shed entirely. Still, the Labradoodles are considered nonshedding since they have a very light shedding that does not occur continuously. Labradoodles are the most hypoallergenic dogs available, and you can relish having them in your house.

Labradoodles are also bred differently, forming different types of the breed. These breeds may shed differently, thus the need to consult before you settle to get a labradoodle when you have dog allergies.

The Poodle, a Labradoodle parent, sheds very lightly, and the hair gets typically trapped on its curls before falling off its body. It makes it a very light shedder since the hoar does not fall off easily.

The fact of less shedding in Poodle makes the Labradoodle a very low shedder too. The Labrador, the other parent of Labradoodle, has a glossy coat that drops all year long.

However, the Labradoodle genetics covers more of the Poodle, making them the perfect light shedding dogs. Shedding is inevitable for growth but significantly less in Labradoodles, so yes, Labradoodles shed but very lightly; it may go unnoticed.

Are Labradoodles Hypoallergenic?

The answer is no for several reasons. Many people have dog allergies that affect them significantly. According to research, about 10%of people are in the world experience allergic symptoms such as coughing, face pain, sneezing, itchiness, and tight chest when they interact with dogs.

The main reason for breeding a Labradoodle, as covered above, was developing a hypoallergenic guide dog. The guide dog helped people with special needs such as visually impaired and had an allergy, or people with partners exhibiting allergic reactions to dogs.

Dogs’ allergens come from several things in their body. They are:

  • Hair or fur
  • Dander
  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • Dust from outside
  • Pollen grains on their fur

These factors make it impossible to say that all dogs are hypoallergenic. Labradoodles, however, are the most hypoallergenic dog breeds known.

Allergic reactions occur due to the reactions of proteins found in the dog’s fluid. The fluid can reach the dog’s hair when they lick it, and the skin dries and falls as dander.

When dogs shed, they increase allergens in the atmosphere, causing instant reactions to allergic people. Labradoodles do not shed often, as shown above, making them very useful to reduce the number of allergens in your home.

Answers From A Real Owner

how much do labradoodles shed -

Here are some real owners of Labradoodles who can help you understand the light shedding in the dogs. They have lived with the dogs for a long time and have numerous experiences with them.

Jamie is a labradoodle owner who dislikes wrinkles and hair shed from dogs that may fall everywhere in the house. She has always been interested in getting the lowest shedding dogs available.

She went on to get the Labradoodle and decided to check if they shed their fur. First, the Labradoodle matter’s genetics make an informed choice on whether they shed or not.

According to Jamie, the F1 Labradoodle resulting from a Poodle and a Labrador may shed more than a multi-generational labradoodle resulting from the mix of two Labradoodles. The shedding is significantly less and sometimes can be viewed as non-existent.

The shedding process occurs all year long and reaches its peaks during high-temperature seasons such as summer. It is very minimal for labradoodle and is equated to how human beings lose their hair when they brush.

Anyone who owns a labradoodle does not have to clean away hair around the house as other dog breeds shed everywhere. Your pants will not have drops of hair everywhere after you have cuddled your dog in your lap.

Jamie is so impressed by the Labradoodle that she says it feels like human beings may shed more hair than them. It is impossible to see their hair even on close look when you pet them.

How Much Do Labradoodles Shed

Labradoodles shed differently according to their breed type. To get the best idea of the severity or how low Labradoodles can shed, you need to know how their genetics occurs from the breeding process.

To understand Labradoodle genetics is very easy for anyone since it involves very cheap steps of mixing one breed to another. Currently, there are two types of Labradoodle bred differently, and here are their explanations.

F1 Labradoodles

The first generation Labradoodles were bred from a purebred of a Labrador retriever and a purebred form a standard poodle. The resulting breed had traits from both parents alike, and some shared 50:50 in the percentage of their parents’ traits.

Labradors, as explained above, shed all the time very heavily. However, Poodles shed very low, and the resulting breed had all these characters.

The F1 Labradoodle shed slightly low than the Purebred Labrador, but the shedding was still high. Their shedding is more than the Poodle too.

According to breeding Biology, genetics cannot be black and white. There have to be some dynamic factors that come out through any breeding, and this also leads to Labradoodles having features in between high shedding and low shedding.

F1B Labradoodles

The F1B generation of Labradoodles is bred from two Labradoodles who have similar traits. The resulting pup is a very light shedder and makes the best hypoallergenic dog.

The genetics of the F1B Labradoodles are more inclined to the Poodle breed. You will relish a very low unnoticeable shedding in this type of Labradoodle.

The amount of shedding in Labradoodles has been in a constant survey and has brought these fantastic results. They shed very low according to many pet parents who have them.

Apart from the dog breed, other underlying medical conditions can cause excessive shedding on your labradoodle. Many vets recommend that when you see your dog shed unusually, you should immediately seek medical help.

Chances for A Labradoodle To Shed A Lot

As shown above, there are meager chances for a Labradoodle to shed a lot. The higher the breed, the low the shedding you will get.

Also, you can reduce any chance of your dog shedding by proper grooming and medical care. All dogs must be healthy to keep their coats clean and trimmed to minimize any foreign materials that could affect their coats.

You can be sure of no chances for excessive shedding when you practice the perfect grooming on your dog. The Labradoodle will enable you to enjoy your cuddles with no sheds and allergens.

How To Deal With Labradoodle Shedding?

how much do labradoodles shed -

After learning that Labradoodles shed, it is best to look at the strategies you can use to prevent excessive shedding or reduce all available allergens that may be present on your dog’s coat. The first method has to be often cleansing of the coat.

The cleansing process involves brushing, combing, washing, and haircuts. These are covered in detail in this section.

The way you clean your dogs is essential to replacing dead fur by removing them using your brush. Once they are removed, it will take a long period for others to form that you will remove on your next occasional cleaning process.

You can plan to groom and brush your dog every once or twice a week. Most Labradoodles play a lot and can get muddy or wet while playing outside.

When this happens, you can use the gentle dog shampoos that will not affect their regular washing coats. Please keep your dog cute by proper cleaning preserving its coat.

Your choice of brush is also an inevitable factor. It is best to choose a brush as recommended by the breeder, and it should depend on the type of coat your dog has. After selecting the most relevant brush, look for other essential tools like a de-matting rake, slicker brush, wide-tooth comb, and soft brushes for a quality finish when you wash your dog.

These strategies enhance the washing process to be gentle and effective in reducing all sheds by removing unnecessary dead skin and fur. You can also have a frequent vacuuming session for your dog to reduce the shedding.

You can vacuum your dog often around three times every week. The vacuuming process will help your dog remove all the dead skin and falling fur entirely, making it free from shedding until the next shedding process.

It is best to carry out a vacuuming session when your dog is at the peak of the shedding process, mostly during the hot season. Also, train your dog well, and for severely allergic people, you can set some out of bounds room during the high shedding season.

Labradoodle Hair Cut

Haircut for Labradoodles is one of the most time-consuming activities for pet parents. Many are even afraid of it and seek services from professional groomers.

Haircuts may be very cumbersome but will eventually pay off much. As your Labradoodle grows, it is best to pave the permanent adult coat with an efficient haircut.

Giving your labradoodle a haircut is essential to reduce the shedding too. Short hair is also easy to maintain and groom, just like in human beings.

The hairstyle’s styling does not have to be crazy, but it would help get advice from a vet to assist in the process and decide on the cutting style. The haircut must also be efficient and not deprive your dog of the coat to help them stay warm during the cold season.

Shaving your dog also needs professional intervention. Some dogs do not require shaving since it may affect the growth of their undercoat.

Such dogs are Labradors who are not supposed to be shaved. When the trait passes to your labradoodle, it may be impossible to shave them.

Labradoodle Grooming

how much do labradoodles shed -

You need to be aware of the type of coat your Labradoodles have to give them perfect grooming. Some have single coats and fur that may hang loosely and curl or wavy.

Labradoodles have these three types of coats:

  • Hair coat
  • Wool coat
  • Fleece coat

Labradoodles who have wool and fleece coats shed very little. You will require grooming techniques that cater to all of these types of coats.

Bathe your dog always when necessary, as mentioned above. You may not feel any odor from the coats, but good hygiene is inevitable to keep them healthy and shed less.

Grooming also involves checking on your dog’s health often. Care for the ears to avoid any ear infections by drying them with a clean cloth after a swim or bath.

Brush your Labradoodles teeth at least twice a week. Brushing removes all tartar and germs, such as bacteria that can get trapped within their teeth, causing gum infection and bad breath. If you have time, you can brush their teeth daily.

Trim their nails often about twice every month. It would help to seek help from a vet or groomer for nail trimming since it is a very delicate process, and you do not want to hurt your dog.

The grooming process should also help you examine your dog closely. Look for any sores, rashes, and infections in their coats.

Ensure their eyes are clear and have no discharge. With perfect grooming, you will not have any problems with shedding and dog infections.

Make sure to understand how best to take care of your Labradoodle’s hair and health.

Are you a Labradoodle fur parent? Share in the comments about how you take care of your dog!

Hope you enjoyed this post about how much Labradoodles shed.

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