How Much Does A Labradoodle Cost? [Full Breakdown]

How much does a Labradoodle cost? Before buying, it’s important to know the full breakdown.

In this article, we will cover everything about the costs associated with a Labradoodle. We will talk about how much the dog costs, how much a puppy costs, and how much you need to spend when taking care of this breed.

How Much Does A Labradoodle Cost?

So you’ve decided on a Labradoodle as your family’s new best friend. But just how expensive is a Labradoodle?

In this article, we’ll talk about the cost of Labradoodles directly and indirectly. You’ll first need to plan for the upfront cost of purchasing the dog, then the secondary costs like vet costs, food, training, toys, and more.

Buying From A Breeder Vs Adopting From A Shelter

Getting a dog from a registered breeder or pet store can cost $1,000 or more. That generally doesn’t change depending on the breed, either.

In other cases, you may be able to find a Labradoodle “looking for a new home” on craigslist or something similar Oftentimes, a rehoming fee is massively cheaper than a breeder or pet store fee.

The last option would be a shelter; however, you will almost surely never find a Labradoodle in a shelter setting. That’s because this dog breed is highly sought after and typically kept within “tight” breeding circles.

So, you’ll most likely want to pick up your Labradoodle from a breeder or pet store. This will come with the added benefit of the dog already being spayed, neutered, and given vaccinations according to its age.

Some breeders and stores may have already begun training as well. In some cases, puppies as young as eight weeks old can already be fully potty-trained.

Either way, given the “designer” aspect of the Labradoodle breed, you should expect to pay around $3,000 for the dog. This often means the dog comes from a breeder with “health tested” parents and genetic records in place.

Those documents will ensure your Labradoodle is 100% purebred, and in the best health condition possible for the Labradoodle breed.

Planning A Budget

The aforementioned won’t be the only costs. You’ll also want to plan a budget for vet costs as well. You can expect higher costs the younger the dog and annual visits amounting in several hundreds of dollars.

You may also want to think about pet insurance, a budget for toys (you’ll need to constantly buy new toys), as well as other costs like grooming, daycare, vacation care, and food.

How Much Do Labradoodle Puppies Cost?

How Much Does A Labradoodle Cost? -

Generally speaking, a Labradoodle puppy will cost roughly the same amount as an adult. You should expect to pay $3,000 for purebred.

However, in some cases, if buying from a rescue, for instance, you could pay as little as $50. However, that likely won’t guarantee the dog is purebred, and the parent’s information will be unknown.

Vet costs are also highest as the dog is young. That’s because puppies require more vaccinations, checkups, and examine to ensure health.

So you should budget anywhere from $100 to $300 every few weeks while your Labradoodle is still a puppy. And don’t forget training lessons, toys, daycare, and food!

If you’re wondering exactly what those other costs will look like, then keep reading!

Labradoodle Cost Of Ownership

After getting a Labradoodle, you will have to think about the other costs related to owning the dog. Think of the food it needs, the toys, the crate, and other miscellaneous expenses.

How Much Does A Labradoodle Cost? -

How Much Does Labradoodle Food Cost?

Your Labradoodles food cost will vary massively depending on the type of diet. To learn more about diets, read our article about it here (insert a link to food article about Labradoodles)!

A Labradoodle diet can consist of kibble, wet food, raw food, homemade food, or some combination of those styles.

With all of those possibilities, by far, the most common is kibble with occasionally wet food or some combination. Even then, there are price differences among different brands of food, and different quantities will affect the price as well.

To give a general idea of the cost though, one study suggests the average daily costs of food for a Labradoodle was $2, or $730 a year.

Keep in mind that it is primarily for brand name kibble and does not include any wet food or treats.

How Much Do Labradoodle Toys Cost?

Labradoodles, in general, are not unique in the toys you buy them. Other dog breeds can also enjoy and use the same toys.

With that said, your particular Labradoodle may enjoy certain kinds of toys over others. In general, it seems Labradoodles to enjoy “chewable” toys the most.

Toys like Kong’s, dog bricks, and chew combo packs will be especially appreciated by your furry friend, Some Labradoodles also enjoy stuffed or fake animals, and some even enjoy decoy hunting birds.

Furthermore, your toy cost will also depend on how often you like to spoil your pup and how fast they move through toys. You should expect at least $100 a year for toy costs.

How Much Does A Labradoodle Crate Cost?

For some families, it makes more sense to kennel train their dog to avoid accidents, injuries or escapes while the family is gone during the day. In this case, you’ll want to buy your Labradoodle, a crate or kennel.

The Labradoodle is known as a large breed and will, therefore, need a larger dog kennel or crate. These crates vary widely in their pricing due to different brands and materials.

For instance, you can buy a very cheaply made kennel for just $60. Keep in mind, however, that kennel likely will not stand the test of time and will instead just temporarily keep your Labradoodle at bay.

Then there are more comfort-oriented kennels that user better materials and add a little extra space. These kennels can cost upwards of $200 but will last a lifetime.

Other Labradoodle Expenses

Labradoodles will also require other expenses that you should plan for. So far, we talked about food, vet costs, toys, and crates. However, you should also plan for treats, grooming costs, training, and boarding.

Again, all of these variables will vary. If you like to spoil your dog, then your treatment costs will obviously be higher than others.

There are plenty of treatment options as well, from long-lasting bones to training treats, gourmet dog cookies, and more. So, you’ll need to adjust your treat budget as you learn.

Then there are the costs of grooming, training, and boarding. Grooming will depend on how often you get it done and where.

In general, you’ll want to get your dog a bath at least once a month, and their anal glands expressed once a month as well. This could cost you around $30 a month at major pet store locations and $60 or more at smaller mom-and-pop shops.

You can also expect to pay roughly $30 to $50 per class of training. These classes seem cheap because it’s usually one instructor and five or six dogs. Each owner must be there and follow along with the training lessons.

Other class packages may range from $400 to $600, depending on your goals and the length of the program. More private obedience training typically costs $1,200 or more per week.

Finally, you should also consider boarding or daycare for your Labradoodle. Services like Rover make it easy to connect with amateur doggy daycares for as little as $25 per day for full-day dog boarding.

Larger chains generally range around $40 per night and can go up to $85 per night with add-ons and more. These boarding places typically hold several dozen dogs, and each dog is held in a small kennel by itself overnight.

Calculating The Cost Of Owning A Labradoodle Puppy

How Much Does A Labradoodle Cost? -

With all of those costs explained, let’s explore the overall cost for one year of owning a puppy Labradoodle.

Buying the puppy: $3,000

Vet Costs First Year: $1,500

Toys: $100

Treats: $100

Crate: $100

Grooming: $480

Boarding: Depends

So, your minimum costs will be $5,280 for the first year. After your puppy reaches adulthood, you can expect some costs, like the vet bill to decrease a bit.

One thing we didn’t cover is insurance costs, which you should definitely get to cover any accidental injuries or illnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Australian Labradoodle So Expensive

Labradoodles are generally known to be expensive because people keep their breeding circles tight. In other words, most breeders only produce purebreds, and therefore a select number of Labradoodles exist.

This means there is a generally higher demand for Labradoodles than there is supply. It’s economics 101 and explains why Labradoodles, as well as some other breeds, are so expensive.

The popularity of Labradoodles is largely in part because of looks and temperament. The Labradoodle is a very good looking dog with its mix coming from Labradors and Poodles.

Labradoodles are also well known for a very easy going temperament like some of the other gentle giants like Great Danes, Newfoundland’s, and Scottish Deerhounds, among others.

Should I Visit Breeders Before Making My Decision To Purchase A Labradoodle?

The answer is always YES! In fact, it doesn’t matter the breed; you should ALWAYS meet the dog first before buying.

The reason being, you want to make sure you and the puppy are a good fit. Also, visiting the breeder first means you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions as well.

Hopefully this answered the question we began with, just how expensive is a Labradoodle?

Hope you enjoyed this post about how much does a Labradoodle cost?

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