How much food does a Cockapoo puppy need -

How Much Food Does A Cockapoo Puppy Need?

How much food does a Cockapoo puppy need? In this post, we are going to break down everything you need to know including how much food, what kinds of food a Cockapoo puppy requires. We will also address some frequently asked questions about feeding a Cockapoo.

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How Much Food Does A Cockapoo Puppy Need?

How much food does a Cockapoo puppy need -

This commonly asked question will often depend on a series of factors.

Those factors being, exactly how old your cockapoo puppy is, what kind of brand/food you’re feeding your puppy, and expected adult size. Otherwise, then those factors, the proper amount of food for a cockapoo puppy, is somewhat uniform as most cockapoos are purebred.

Continue reading on as we’ll explore exactly how much and what kind of food to feed your cockapoo puppy!

What Should I Feed My Cockapoo?

How much food does a Cockapoo puppy need -

The first stage to finding the right food is knowing what your pup is already used to. Before bringing your new best friend home, reach out to the breeders and ask what kind of food they use.

It will be a good idea to look up that particular food brand online. From there, you can purchase some of the same types. Keep in mind that even if this isn’t the best food or what you decide on using, it’s important to use it initially.

This holds true because a dog’s stomach is sensitive, and most dogs respond negatively to sudden diet changes. So, buy a month’s worth of whatever food your pup already knows and loves.

Your next step will be to wean your dog off the old food and onto the new food. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks, so you’ll need to be patient. However, the process is also very simple.

For the sake of an example, let’s pretend your puppy is eating one cup of kibble a day. You’ll want to start day #1 with 90% old kibble and 10% new kibble.

Now, wait a few days and see how your puppy responds if nothing changes then good! Now try slowly switching more new food every day. The next step could be 80% old kibble and 20% new kibble.

Your cockapoo will be accustomed to the new food source before you know it and not have any stomach troubles. However, if your puppy does suddenly get diarrhea, or other related issues, consider introducing more old kibble and making the transition a bit slower.

With that out of the way, what about the type of food you should be using? ‘

First, there are four types of food: kibble, wet, raw, and homemade.

Kibble For Cockapoos

With kibble being the most common, likely cheapest, and easiest to come by, we naturally recommend starting at kibble first. This can also reduce food waste since kibble can sit out or be served several times if your cockapoo doesn’t eat everything.

If you choose kibble, make sure to use a variety specifically for small breeds, which makes it easier for your pup to eat.

You should then ask your vet what brands they recommend. Perhaps the most commonly recommended and bang-for-your-buck brand is Science Diet. However, there are many other great kibble brands.

Also, keep in mind, once you find a good brand, just stick with it. Occasionally change up the flavor, but your dog only needs kibble for a wholesome and healthy diet.

Wet Foods For Cockapoos

You could also consider wet dog food, which contains a lot more water than kibble. This makes it easier for some puppies to eat the food since it’s not as dry.

Wet food is typically more expensive than kibble, but it will also introduce more flavor, supplementary nutrients, and something new for your dog.

More often than not, wet food should be mixed with kibble rather than used on its own. Consider using a mixture since the wet food will get your pup’s appetite going, and the kibble will provide the bulk of calories.

Raw Foods For Cockapoos

Then there is BARF, also known as biologically appropriate dog food. This diet style is typically used for people who believe in the freshest and most organic ingredients possible.

Although no conclusive exists suggesting a BARF diet is better than wet or kibble food, this diet does afford your pup some new food options. It is also massively important that you make sure this diet is well-balanced.

This is one reason why most people don’t use BARF. It costs even more than wet food; it is difficult to plan for and requires lots of ingredients.

Homemade Foods For Cockapoos

Lastly, you could consider a homemade diet, but much like BARF, this diet is less than ideal. You should ONLY consider this diet with close supervision or another expert in dog health.

The homemade diet differs from BARF in that food is usually cooked rather than raw fed. This reduces the chances of your pup getting an infection and reduces Salmonella risk.

The tough part will be planning the diet and ensuring your puppy receives only the best ingredients. Even some foods like chicken broths could contain dangerous or bad chemicals for your dog, so plan accordingly.

You may also want to do some research into foods to avoid and foods to use. A pretty common food people ask about is cheese.

Can Cockapoo Eat Cheese?

This will depend on whether your dog is lactose intolerant or not. Generally, dogs are not, but you should ask your vet to find out. Otherwise, the only other way to know is with experimentation.

With that being said, cheese is NOT bad for your new cockapoo pup. If you do feed your dog cheese as a snack or for fat, try to aim for low-fat cottage cheese.

Either way, make sure to ONLY introduce one kind of food at a time to your cockapoo. Make sure to pay attention to the reaction and any changes in bathroom behavior/consistency.

What Foods Can Cockapoo Not Eat?

How much food does a Cockapoo puppy need -

In general, a cockapoo should stay away from foods than any other dog should stay away from. Avoid chocolates, raisins, grapes, onions, macadamia nuts, and cooked bones.

If bones are small or weak enough, they can break apart and splinter in your dog’s throat or stomach. Since most dogs swallow food more whole than humans, those bones could seriously hurt your pup.

That’s because digestion in dogs only begins in the stomach, whereas in humans, it begins in the mouth. So, make sure to stay away from feeding your cockapoo cooked or small bones.

If your cockapoo does eat something it shouldn’t have, don’t panic. Immediately call your vet and try to find out how much was eaten.

In the best-case scenario, you’ll just need to monitor your dog; in others, you may need to rush them into a 24/7 vet emergency service.

Just remember not to panic. Chocolate, while toxic to dogs, typically won’t kill unless your dog consumed 1 oz of chocolate per 1 kg of body weight. Either way, consult a vet right away!

What Are Cockapoos Allergic To?

Besides foods to avoid due to adverse reactions, cockapoos could also be allergic to other materials. In general, cockapoos don’t have breed-specific allergies.

However, like dogs and humans, cockapoos can develop allergies to outside pollens, indoor fragrances, and bites from certain insects.

The only way to know for sure is to pay close attention to when/if symptoms do occur. Try to think about where and what your cockapoo was just doing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feeding Cockapoos

Have some common questions about feeding your cockapoo? We will answer a few common asked questions below!

Are Cocakpoos Fussy Eaters?

How much food does a Cockapoo puppy need -

Cockapoos are well known to be “fussy” when it comes to mealtime. To reduce the “fuss,” you can try several different techniques.

First of all, consider just keeping the same food as the breeder used. If you change up your cockapoos diet too often, they could become especially picky.

Since new foods could upset your pup’s stomach, they could come to learn that any new food equals a bad time. Thus, your cockapoo could train itself into disliking any new foods.

At the same time, your pup could be getting bored of the same food it’s been eating since it first tasted kibble. You could consider changing it up a little, so your pup has some new tastes and smells.

You should also think about implementing a specific “feeding time” schedule for your cockapoo. This reinforces the idea of when it’s time to eat.

This reinforced behavior helps your pup build an appetite around these times, which almost guarantees your pup will devour the whole bowl!

If your cockapoo puppy is still fussy, then think about any recent changes. If your cockapoo just moved into your home, then it may take time for him/her to adjust.

Other changes, like someone from the family being gone for extended periods of time, could also mean less willingness to eat. So, try to work around changes with new rewards, smells, and tastes.

My Cockapoo Won’t Eat

Since cockapoos are fussy little pups, you likely come across a time in which your pup just won’t eat. This can be a little bit disconcerting, but do not fret just yet!

Your first task will be to find something your dog will eat, even if this means it’s not the most “optimal” option. Your puppy’s metabolism is extremely fast since they are growing so fast, so it’s important to get some calories back in your pup.

So, if this means feeding your cockapoo that old kibble or lots of snacks (as long as they’re healthy), then keep doing so. You’ll need to slowly introduce a more wholesome diet, but make sure your dog keeps getting enough calories every day.

If your cockapoo even strays away from snacks, cut up chicken, or other food, then there could be other problems. Again, recent and big changes could be one issue.

At the same time, your cockapoo, in the worst-case scenario, could have a medical condition. So, if your cockapoo goes 2-3 days without eating anything, then it’s time for a vet visit.

However, in most cases, your cockapoo will stop eating because they are either bored with the food, or just want something else. Make sure to have multiple flavors of the food on-hand.

If your pup just doesn’t eat any flavor kibble, then add some wet food. Even mixing in a small portion could be enough to get your dog’s appetite going again!

If you notice some food leftover in the bowl, that could also be a different reason than just “not eating.” In that case, your pup could just have less hunger that day.

In other cases, leftover food in the bowl could also be a miscalculation on your part. Make sure you measure out your dog’s food every day the same.

Don’t forget to adjust the proper amounts as your puppy grows into adulthood. This will change over time from roughly four feedings per day to just two later in life.

So, you may be wondering, how much food does a cockapoo puppy need?

If using kibble, you should use around ¼ to ½ cup per serving. Keep in mind some cockapoos also grow faster or slower and will have different expected adult sizes.

As long as your cockapoo is eating around this amount, then you’re doing it right! At roughly three months of age, your cockapoo puppy can begin eating three times a day and eventually two times a day as an adult.

If you’re using wet food in combination with kibble, then ask your vet for the best mixes. Often times a single can of wet food is about equal to a cup of kibble (this varies).

However, if you are using the BARF or homemade diet, then things will change drastically. Since there is so much variation to consider, we can only recommend that you consult your vet for the best advice.

Aside from measuring the food, pay attention to your dog’s weight over time as well. Your vet will likely schedule more frequent check-ins as a pup to monitor health and growth.

As a pup, your cockapoo weight should never really go down. If you notice it has, then begin feeding more food regularly. If that doesn’t change the trend, then consult with a vet right away!

Hope you enjoyed this post about how much food a Cockapoo puppy needs.

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