how to clean a labradoodles ears -

How To Clean A Labradoodle’s Ears [Step-by-Step]

Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to clean a Labradoodle’s ears!

Learn why you need to clean your pup’s ears and the best products to use for soothing and effective cleaning.

How To Clean A Labradoodle’s Ears

how to clean a labradoodle's ears -

Dogs are prone to ear infections due to their narrow ear canals.  For Labradoodles, this is even more so because of their long ears and curly coat. 

Earwax can get stuck on their ear hair, so that is one thing you need to watch out for. Follow these steps to learn how to clean a Labradoodle’s ears and keep them safe from discomfort. 

1. Get Your Cleaning Materials Ready

You will need q-tips, tweezers, a cotton ball, and your cleaning solution. The solution shouldn’t contain any alcohol or steroids. 

You can make your solution at home out of Apple Cider Vinegar and water but it has to be approved by your veterinarian. 

2. Remove Dead Hair Around Its Ears

You can do this with tweezers or your fingers. This usually doesn’t hurt the dog but it’s best to do it gently. 

If this hair is left unattended to, it can lead to infections caused by hair and wax buildup.

3. Remove Hair On the Ear Flap

Continue with the tweezers until you see the pink skin. This plucking is to allow the circulation of air. 

You can get your dogs used to having their ears handled by giving them regular ear massages. If you get them used to being touched then they will be more manageable when the time comes for them to be groomed.

4. Soothe Your Dog’s Ears After Plucking

Plucking may cause inflammation or discomfort for your Labradoodle. You can use a natural balm to soothe their ears. 

Some people use talcum powder, but there are also commercial plucking powders available in the market. 

5. Clean Inside The Dog’s Ear Canal

Tip some cleaning solution into the dog’s ear and massage the base. You can also use q-tips to remove wax that builds up in the ear canal. 

Make sure all liquids are expelled. You can do this by allowing your dog to shake its head after cleaning. 

6. Clean The Rest Of The Dog’s Ear

Dip the cotton ball into the cleaning solution and rub it around inside the ear. This removes debris and excess solution. 

Labradoodles are prone to infections due to their long and floppy ears. That is why all responsible owners must know how to clean their dog’s ears and initiate proper grooming.

Removing Wax From Your Labradoodle’s Hair

how to clean a labradoodle's ears -

Sometimes, wax can spill out of the ear canal and get stuck on fur. You should also know how to clean this if you encounter it on your dog. 

You need a fine-tooth comb and an oil-based cleaning agent. Baby oil can be a good substitute. 

You must wait for the wax to be at room temperature. Apply the cleaning agent then pick the wax away with the fine-tooth comb. 

You may shampoo your dog after removing most of the wax. If it leaves a stain on your dog’s fur then consider trimming the hair in that area. 

How Often Should I Clean My Labradoodle’s Ears?

A gentle cleaning every 2 to 3 weeks will be enough to keep your Labradoodle healthy and happy. 

This can vary depending on your dog, though. Some may need more attention than others because of their lifestyle.

The closeness to Poodle anatomy, baths, and swims can all affect the need for a dog’s ear cleaning. 

Wax builds up in the Labradoodle’s ear canal. Some of the bacteria caught in the wax are chromogenic, meaning it gives it a dark color. That is why Labradoodle ear wax is usually black, dark brown, and even green. 

The wax can also cause your Labradoodle’s ears to smell. If it is unbearable, it may be a sign of infection. 

How Can Ear Cleaning Benefit My Labradoodle?

how to clean a labradoodle's ears -

Proper ear cleaning can save your pup from discomfort. Dogs of all ear types need to have proper ear care but those with ears flat on the head, like Labradoodles, need extra attention. 

Flat ears trap debris, dirt, and moisture against your dog’s head with no airflow. Add this with your Labradoodle’s thick coat, and you will need to be extra vigilant for cleaning time. 

Ear cleaning is a skill any pet parent should know, but if you are not comfortable and you feel like the work is too difficult, then you can always enlist the help of your veterinarian. 

Do Labradoodles Have Ear Problems?

Yes, Labradoodles may inherit the sensitive ears from the Poodle side. Wax and hair build-up are common among this breed. 

If you see your Labradoodles constantly scratching then it may be a sign of an ear infection. You must bring your dog to the vet right away since it can cause deafness if left untreated. 

Products For Labradoodle Ear Cleaning

A gentle cleaning solution is crucial for the proper grooming of your Labradoodle’s ears. There are so many choices out there, but we have chosen what we think is the best for your precious pup. 

Vet´s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit

It contains aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil, and clove oil. It is alcohol-free and it can soothe raw and smelly dog ears. 


It is made of natural ingredients and it dries into a powder inside your dog’s ears. There won’t be any excess moisture and it keeps your Labradoodle’s ears fresh. 


There are two different products in the kit; a wash and a dry. The application instructions might be a little complicated for some owners, especially those with busy lifestyles. 

We think this ear cleaning solution is great for your Labradoodle. It is affordable and very highly rated by users on Amazon. 

Customers also say that this ear cleaner smells great. It is truly a high-quality brand!

If you want to learn more about this product you can browse through other reviews here

Virbac Epi-Optic Advanced Ear Cleanser

This cleanser is specially formulated for dogs with sensitive ears. It has a low pH level and monosaccharides to give it a soothing effect. 


It is gentle and it doesn’t interfere with the functions of the ear. It also dries the ear canal which can prevent infection. 


It is hypoallergenic so it may not be strong enough for some dogs. It also has a slight vinegar odor. 

This product is quite expensive considering its size. 

We love this ear cleanser because it won’t have any negative effect on our sensitive Labradoodles. It is simple to understand and extremely effective! What more could you ask for?

The simple instructions include just putting a few drops in your dog’s ears and massaging the base. 

Scroll through Amazon and check out the other reviews here.

Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse For Dogs

This cleanser is designed by veterinarians. It is gentle and provides relief to itching from fungal infections and eczema. 

It contains aloe vera and lactic acid to keep your dog’s skin hydrated. 


It is formulated by professionals who know what is best for our dog’s health. It is also very affordable!

Nutri-vet is a trusted brand in dog care. 


It contains some alcohol which isn’t the best option for Labradoodles. It could leave their ears too dry if you apply a large amount. 

We think this ear cleanser is great! It gives you quality dog care at an affordable price. 

It is easy to apply and owners love this brand because it is useful and practical. That is why we love this ear cleaner too. 

This ear cleaner has a pleasant smell and it is gentle enough to use on puppies. Customers agree that it is effective in removing wax and ear dirt. 

Are you looking for more information? You can read all the positive reviews on Amazon here.

ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solution

This product contains Hydrocortisone to relieve itching. It is specialized to remove yeast, fungi, and bacteria from your dog’s ears. 

It has patented microbial LP3 Enzymes to help clean ear secretions and promote healthy ears. 


It has a no-sting formula that will ensure the comfort of your Labradoodle. 

The patented LP3 Enzyme Solution means that there is no need for pre-cleaning and digging around your dog’s ear before applying this product. 


This ear cleanser contains a little Benzyl Alcohol. It is also quite oily so it’s best not to apply it on your dog near the furniture. It will leave stains when your Labradoodle shakes its head. 

We love this ear cleanser! This is great for dogs that already have a slight ear infection or need heavy cleaning. 

It’s a great way to treat your Labradoodle’s ears at home. That is why we love this brand!

This ear cleaner is a wonder! It is easy to apply and it can remove the built-up wax in your Labradoodle’s ears. 

You can find more Amazon reviews about this brand here. Hurry up because stocks get used up fast!

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