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How To Demat A Labradoodle [Step-By-Step]

In this article, we will enumerate the steps on how to demat a Labradoodle effectively, by using the right products and tools, bathing, and grooming.

A Labradoodle requires utmost love and care to be as cuddly as it can be. Especially when it comes to its fur! What is matted hair and how does it affect your Labradoodle?

What Is Matted Hair?

how to demat a labradoodle -

Matted hair forms when the individual strands tangle and wrap around each other forming clumps held together by dirt and other stuff. Matting occurs in animals that have fur and feathers.

Mats tend to form in parts of your dog that experience friction. It could be around the neck where you put the collar, the areas they usually scratch, such as those behind the ears and chin, their armpits, the feet, or the back of the hind legs.

Shedding occurs when dogs lose their seasonal coats. Matted fur usually happens during shedding. Find out how much Labradoodles shed.

Allergies could cause matting as the dog tends to lick and chew its fur.

This condition also usually occurs with dogs that swim a lot or just love to frolic in the rain. When moisture dries up, it causes the fur to curl and wrap around each other.

Clumping together of the fur happens when the Labradoodle is not properly brushed and groomed after getting wet.

Although most Doodle breeds are praised for their minimal shedding, they are still prone to matting.

What Matting Is Not

Some owners mistake cords as matted fur. There are dog breeds that were bred to be “corded”.

Think of it as dreadlocks but for dogs. This is done carefully by hand to make sure that the dogs will not be hurt in any way.

Dogs who have corded fur are usually dubbed as “mop dogs”, typically because they do resemble one. A corded coat is usually done on dogs that work with livestock as it somewhat serves as camouflage.

Corded coats are also done for aesthetic reasons. It is undeniable that cords look great on a dog with long fur.

These are some of the dogs with corded coats:

  • Komondor
  • Simpsons Premium
  • Bergamasco Shepherd
  • Puli

How To Demat A Labradoodle

how to demat a labradoodle -

Professional dog groomers and vets recommend the use of a sturdy metal Greyhound comb (a metal tooth comb) and a slicker brush.  This is to avoid stubborn mats from reforming.

Those tools help in detangling the clumps. There are other products like shampoo or conditioner that help in dematting your pooch.

Adding to that, here is a simple process on how you can demat your adorable Labradoodle.

Step-by-Step Home Treatment

If you can’t take your dog to the vet or groomer for some reason, you can initiate the untangling of the clumps by yourself. Just don’t use water because the mats act as a sponge.

Step 1: Product Application

Gently apply a detangling spray to the mat to unclump the area.

Start off with the tips then work your way down. Use your fingers to pull the clumps of fur apart.

Step 2: Use The Right Tools

Brushes are really great in detangling but you have to start off with your fingers first. It could be a simple matting that your fingers can handle.

If the matting is more complicated, resort to using a brush. This method could be painful so you have to constantly reassure and praise your dog for being calm and brave.

Hold the matted fur at its base and use the slicker brush to remove the matting. Be careful not to touch the skin with the brush because it might cause irritation.

You might want to try the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, which is perfect for removing tangled hair without hurting your Labradoodle. Plus it’s easy to clean.

Brush your dog’s fur in the direction that the hair grows.

Be careful when removing the matted fur because it could be painful for your dogs.

Step 3: Bath Time!

When you are done removing clumps and untangling matted fur, it’s time for a bath. As mentioned before, matted fur is held together by dirt.

Giving your dog a bath is not so different from any previous baths you gave. Do make sure that grit, dirt, and grime are removed.

Your dog doesn’t have to be squeaky clean, it just needs to be clean enough to prevent matting from occurring again.

It is advisable to use conditioner and detangling shampoo. Such products are sold anywhere—just be sure its ingredients are not harmful to you and your dog.

Check out the Top 10 Best Shampoo For Labradoodles [Ultimate Guide]!

Step 4: Grooming

After the bath, groom your dog properly. Other than strengthening the bond between the two of you, it can also be your chance to check your dog’s overall condition.

Lastly, you can apply a leave-in detangler to prevent mats from reappearing.

(Optional) Step 5: The Last Resort

After meticulously attempting to remove the mats and it still did not disappear, you might as well bring your dog to the vet. Your Labradoodle could use a nice shave.

Do not try to shave matted fur all by yourself. You need a professional’s hands for such a task.

Some dogs have to be sedated and given a full body clipping if the matting is so severe that you hardly recognize the dog. Such circumstances mostly happen to rescued or abused dogs.

If you do encounter a dog exhibiting the same condition, collaborate with the nearest vet and animal rescue center. The professional knows how to handle such situations.

Does Matted Hair Hurt Dogs?

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Matted fur hurts your pets, whether a cat or a dog.

It is not just uncomfortable to touch, but it can also restrict your dog’s movement. If it is located on your dog’s face, his mouth movement such as licking or chewing could be restricted as well.

In severe cases, it could cause hematoma as it cuts off blood circulation on the skin.

A hematoma is a collection of blood outside the blood vessel. It is also called a blood blister commonly caused by a bad injury on the skin.

A hematoma usually affects the dog’s ear since it causes swelling. A vet treats it by making a surgical incision on the affected area to drain the mass of blood.

Additional Dangers of Matted Fur to Your Pets

The dangers of this condition depend on its severity. Here are some of the things that matted fur could do to your dog.

Matted fur could be home to fleas and ticks. It causes irritation, dermatitis, and sores which encourage the dog to lick or chew their fur. 

This is an invitation to infestation as well. Mats promotes infection which, in severe cases, could be home to maggots.

Feces could be stuck to mats located in their hind legs or near the vent which sometimes impedes defecation.

Matted fur could wrap around the dog’s legs or feet, cutting off  the blood supply. In worst cases, cutting through the skin or bone, resembling a string tightly tied around it; the leg may have to be amputated if that were to happen.

Lastly, it traps moisture which causes more mats, and it cuts off the air supply to the dog’s fur.

How To Prevent Mats

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Thoroughly and regularly brushing your Labradoodle’s fur is the best way to prevent mats. This can be done weekly or daily.

Different types of brushes must be used to ensure a healthy coat.

These are some of the brushes you might want to use:

  • Slicker brush – used for long-coated dogs that are more prone to matting.
  • Metal tooth comb – essential when detangling the fur.
  • Pin or wire brush – helps in untangling silky coats and drying long fur.
  • Large-tooth – designed for dogs with heavy undercoats. It helps in removing excess undercoat.

Keep in mind that when you are brushing your dog’s coat, follow the direction of hair growth. It keeps the fur from clumping.

Apart from brushes, a hound glove is also useful in helping them remove their seasonal coat.

Professional Maintenance Tips

There are other ways that should be followed other than brushing. Here are the experts’ advice regarding preventing your dog’s fur from matting.

Bathe your dogs regularly to wash out the filth. However, never bathe your dog if it experiences matting – even just a mild one. Untangle the clumps first, or better yet: consult a professional.

Master Groomer Deana Mazurkiewicz suggests the use of cornstarch to loosen the matted fur. It eases the clumping of fur.

Having regular visits to the groomer and vet is a great way to seek help about matting. Also, remove the collar when not in use since it contributes greatly to this condition.

Keep your dog’s fur at a manageable length. Matted fur is common in dogs with long coats.

Keep track of their diet. Dogs need plenty of Omega-3 to keep their coat healthy and have a strong immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to demat a labradoodle -

Here are commonly asked questions about taking care of your Labradoodle’s hair.

How Do I Stop My Labradoodle From Matting?

Your Labradoodle’s coat needs to be regularly brushed to avoid matted fur.

As your dog grows older, its hair becomes longer. Without proper grooming and care, they are getting more prone to matting each day.

In addition, Labradoodles exhibit three types of coat depending on their generation. These coat types are hair coat, fleece coat, and wool coat.

Out of the three, the wool coat has to be highly maintained often to prevent matting. As it gets longer, the curls become tighter.

The fleece coat is prone to matting as well but not as much as the wool coat.

If you are a reputable dog owner, you would groom your Labradoodle regularly to keep them healthy. 

Is It Okay To Shave A Labradoodle?

There is nothing wrong with shaving your Labradoodle as long as you consult a professional pet groomer and/or a vet in doing so. If you do it on your own, you could hurt your dog or yourself.

Moreover, Labradoodles tend to have double coats.

The topcoat is tough and hard to protect your dog’s skin from the outside environment, especially the sun’s heat. It doesn’t shed as well.

The undercoat is characterized by soft, fluffy fur that helps in keeping your dog warm in the colder seasons. It sheds to keep it cool in the summer.

Shaving a dog with an undercoat is bad as you are somewhat stealing their way to cope with the temperature of their environment. Both coats have specific functions to keep the dog’s body temperature stable.

Moreover, the top coat or “guard hairs” can become thin and bristly. The older your dog is, the fewer chances the guard hairs will grow back.

If the guard hairs are too thin, then the skin could become more prone to bug bites and the sun’s rays.

You have to be critical in shaving your dog’s fur as it doesn’t grow back as often as we think.

What Type Of Brush Is Best For Labradoodles?

Veteran Labradoodle owners and groomers would pick the slicker brush as it has thin pins and soft ends. A slicker brush is perfect to help them clear away their undercoat when they shed and are soft enough to not hurt their skin.

This type of brush is wide enough to cover a big space of the coat when brushing. It also untangles clumps of fur easily.

There are other brushes that are perfect for a Labradoodle’s coat. Here are a few of them that you could consider:

  1. Bristle brush – it has rubber tips to prevent you from hurting your dog.
  2. Combs – used in untangling fur.
  3. Hound gloves – helps in removing bits of fur when your Labradoodle is shedding.

Which Grooming Equipments Can I Use For Labradoodles?

If you are skilled enough or have a background in pet grooming, you can use salon equipment. Thinning shears and small salon scissors could be helpful if you know how to cut your Labradoodle’s hair.

In choosing the best brush for your puppies, you have to know them first to an extent that you can predict their adult coat.

You can also use slicker brush for the puppies. Poodle or Greyhound comb, are great for their coat as well.

Brushing your dog’s coat regularly promotes a healthy relationship between you and your dog. Aside from keeping it healthy, you are also preventing the shedding and matting from getting out of hand.

Hope you enjoyed this post about how to demat a Labradoodle.

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