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How To Groom My Cockapoo [Step-by-Step]

Wondering if you can groom your Cockapoo on your own? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to groom your Cockapoo, from understanding your Cockapoo’s coat, trimming the nails, bathing, detangling, brushing, combing, and styling with the best haircut.

Cockapoo Coat

how to groom my cockapoo -

As we already know, Cockapoo litters may vary in their characteristics since these dogs are not purebred. This is normal when you are dealing with hybrid dogs. 

Three coat types will most likely come out from cross-breeding a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. The first type would be Cockapoos having a tight and curly coat, the next type would show a coat that is wavy and has loose rings, and the last type would show a straighter coat

Any experienced breeder could easily identify the coat type in just a few weeks after the litter was born. Cockapoo coat feels soft and silky to touch and is very dense. 

It is not the same as other breeds wherein the coat feels coarser. But regardless of what traits are prominent, Cockapoos tend to be low-shedding dogs and their fur has low-allergen qualities that owners and dog enthusiasts prefer. 

You can ask a reputable breeder to breed the dog according to your preference. For example, if your preference is for your Cockapoo to have a curly coat, then breeders breed a Cockapoo back to a Cocker Spaniel to get their coat traits. 

Cockapoos with curly coats barely shed any hair which is a convenient trait that is loved by dog owners. A similar process goes to having a Cockapoo with a flat and straighter coat. 

This time breeders would breed a Cockapoo back to a pure Cocker Spaniel to be able to obtain their coat characteristics. 

But regardless of the coat types that your Cockapoos have, they do need regular grooming to avoid tangles and mat formation. 

How To Groom My Cockapoo

how to groom my cockapoo -

Grooming is essential to any dog. And for these hybrid dogs to remain clean and healthy, owners must regularly tend to their grooming needs. 

Regardless of the coat type that your Cockapoo might have, they tend to get very furry in the long run. New owners usually get caught off guard.

Cockapoos in general are non-shedding dogs, which means that they do not have a shedding season. Normal hair shedding does happen from time to time but it is not visible because most of the hair does not fall to the ground. 

These hairs get entangled by the surrounding fur and therefore remain within the coat itself. If the owners do not groom their Cockapoos regularly, this occurrence will eventually lead to fur problems. 

These simple tangles will eventually become massive which could result to mat formation and other skin problems. What should a Cockapoo owner do in this situation?

Well, it is easy. One way to combat this occurrence is for owners to do regular brushing. Find the tangles before they escalate into something worse. 

Worst-case scenarios would entail shaving the dog totally to its skin to fix the problem. 

You can always let professionals handle grooming your dog, but some of these processes are very easy to do and they can be done at home. 

Professionals can do general grooming, but for simple detangling, this process that we are going to discuss can be done at home. 

So how do you groom your Cockapoo?

It is necessary to identify the coat type of your Cockapoo. This will determine the type and frequency of grooming your Cockapoo needs.

The very first thing you should do after you bring home your new Cockapoo is to prepare or purchase all the grooming essentials that your dog needs.

Trimming The Nails

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The nails of your Cockapoo, like any dog nails, can be harmful to you and your dog. You might get injured when you play with a dog with long nails. 

This will also hurt your dog’s paw structure. Your home furniture will suffer the most in this kind of situation. 

Dogs, when regularly walked and given ample playtime outside, will eventually dull their nails from all the outdoor activities. Those who are kept indoors most of the time would eventually grow sharp nails.

That is why it is essential that we introduce nail cutting and filing when they are very young puppies. For trimming, you need a nail cutter designed for dogs, and a nail file. 

Nail trimming is best done after your dog has taken a bath.

Show your Cockapoo the tools that you would need when cutting their nails, and let your dog sniff them. This is an essential step to let them gain familiarity and confidence with these tools.

A grooming table would come in handy so you do not have to stoop down when trimming your Cockapoo’s nails. It would be best to have someone hold your dog in place since any sudden movement might result in injury. 

Once they are comfortable, give them some treats to make them feel at ease.

To start cutting, hold one of their paws firmly. Let the clipper touch their paws and make them hear the sound before you start clipping their nails.

You can now try trimming off a short bit of their nail to let them know how it feels.

Now keep working your way around the paw, doing it gently. Reassure and praise them when they are behaving properly. Be careful not to cut the nails too short, as there are blood vessels at the base of your dog’s nails.


Cockapoos are very adorable dogs and are very good house dogs. But regardless of their fur type, they do have the potential to become dirt magnets. 

That is why it is important to have a regular bathing schedule for your Cockapoo.

Bathing is all about making your dog comfortable with the whole process. So it is best to come prepared. 

Let them familiarize themselves with the surroundings, as well as the shampoo and other tools that you might use. Make sure you give them treats and lots of praises. 

Once comfortable, soak their coat with water while leaving the head dry. Do your best to keep them calm during the process.

Apply your dog’s shampoo starting from the back of their head and work your way down to the tail. Don’t forget to include the sides of their body and their belly area. 

When you lather the shampoo, do it in a massaging motion to help them keep their calm. Once done, work your way down their legs and paws. 

Make sure everything is covered and try to massage their paws in the process. Be sure also to check their body for any irregularities as it is hard to spot them once they are dry and fluffy. 

Once done, rinse and dry them off with a towel. Once they are totally dry, it is now time to wash their head. 

The reason for doing this process last is because this is the most uncomfortable step. The steps are the same but make sure that you do not let soap and water into their eyes and ears. 

Looking for the best shampoo for your Cockapoo? Try Burt’s Bees Dog Shampoo!

Brushing and Combing

For detangling, what you would need on hand is your choice of detangling spray, a pin-side or slicker brush, and a stainless steel comb.


First, run your hands through your dog’s coat. By doing this, you can already locate the critical areas that would need detangling the most. 

The next process will be to spray your Cockapoo’s coat with detangling spray. Detangling solutions are widely available online and in pet stores. You can try the TropiClean Tangle Remover, which is made from natural ingredients.

Tropiclean tangle remover -

Detanglers contain moisturizers and other minerals that are healthy for your dog’s fur. They easily remove tangles from your dog’s coat and you do not need to forcefully brush this tangled fur to fix them. Tangle removers also work as a leave-in conditioners. 

After spraying your dog’s coat with the detangler, you can proceed to comb the fur section by section. 

Brushing And Combing Process

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The first tool you will use is a stainless steel comb, like the Shiny Pet Dog Comb. We use this type of comb to ensure that you will be able to reach through the dog’s coat. 

This way, locating tangles and mats would be easier. Now, you would want to proceed with the combing process section by section. 

Every time you encounter a mat or a tangle, stop near that area and proceed with the next step. Brush the tangled area with a brush of your preference. 

You can either use a slicker brush or a pin-side brush for this task. A dematting rake would come in handy as well. 

To make the task easier, you can also spray an ample amount of detangling solution on your brush. Do not worry if you apply too much, because the more slippery the fur is, the better. 

Slowly separate the tangles with your fingers and brush the hair until it gets untangled. You can use the comb to sort through the tangles until they are all straightened out. 

Once you are done with one spot, it is time to move on to the next. In going about this process, it is always best to implement a certain system to make sure that you do not miss a spot. 

One effective sectioning system is the small section method. The first step is to go through both ears. 

If your Cockapoo happens to have long and wiry fur then most often than not you will be able to find knots behind its ears. This is critical since this section is quite sensitive for your Cockapoo. 

The next section is to go under the legs. If you find any tangles there, you can use soft strokes using a slicker brush to detangle this area.

Remember to divide each section into even smaller areas to avoid hurting your dog

The next section is to go through the paw pads and your Cockapoo’s potty area. You can use your stainless fine-tooth comb to brush your dog’s paw pads and softly remove any mat formation. 

Continue to brush the belly of your Cockapoo and working your way towards their potty area. Be careful as this area is highly sensitive for your dog. 

The next section is your dog’s body using either a pin brush or a slicker brush. Keep in mind to use short gentle strokes when you are working on your dog.

The last section to work on is your dog’s face. Use a fine-toothed comb when working on their beard or face fur. 

Keep in mind that like their belly, a dog’s face is also very sensitive, so do it gently per section. This process is essential in keeping your cockapoos look in tiptop shape. 


Many dog owners leave this step to professionals. But if the need arises, these are the steps that you will follow if you decide to cut your Cockapoo’s hair.

The first is to make your dog feel comfortable. Show them the tools, make them hear the sound of the clipper and scissors when used. 

Again, always make sure that you give them treats and praises every time they would conquer a feat. 

Start by using curved shears in trimming the hair of their face. Do it by sections and do it carefully. 

Once done, using the largest guide for your clippers, start trimming the fur at the back of the head and work your way down towards their tail. 

The guide size would depend on your preference, but normally you would use a smaller guide when you trim the fur near the legs, belly, and paws.

How Often Should You Groom Your Cockapoo?

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Cockapoos should be groomed regularly after reaching 6 months because their coat becomes prone to matting. This is especially true if they have wavy or curly coats. It would be best if you groom them at least twice a month or every 2 weeks. You can also brush them 4 to 5 times a week and trim their nails every 3 months.

Hope you enjoyed this post about how to groom your Cockapoo.

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