How To Shave A Labradoodle [Step-by-Step]

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how to shave a Labradoodle. Learn how to do it efficiently while making it comfortable for your dog.

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How To Shave A Labradoodle

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Labradoodles make great pets. Besides being loyal and affectionate, they have low-shedding coats, which work best for people with allergies. However, even if they don’t shed a lot, you’ll still need to groom your lovable Labradoodle. There may even be times when your pet will require shaving.

If you have a system in place, shaving your Labradoodle is not as challenging as you may think. The hardest part is getting your pet to sit still. That’s quite a feat considering how active Labradoodles are.

Here’s how to shave your Labradoodle.

1. Inspect Your Dog

Begin by running your hands through your pet’s body. This gives you an idea on which areas need special attention.

Feel around for tangles and knots. While you’re at it, examine the general condition of your Labradoodle.

Does he have any scratches, bumps, or wounds? Is the skin dry, red, or inflamed?

Grooming time is an excellent opportunity to determine if your pet shows signs of some medical issues or is otherwise in good health.

2. Get Rid Of Shed Hair

Using a de-matting rake removes loose or dead hair from your pet’s coat.

You can also go after difficult mats with this tool. Brush your Labradoodle’s hair in the direction it grows. Smooth, steady strokes will do the trick in getting those shed fur.

It may take a while to finish this step but don’t lose your patience. Resist the temptation to tug hard at the dense coat, as this could hurt your pet’s skin.

A good quality de-matting rake will quickly loosen the dead hair without irritating or hurting your Labradoodle.

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3. Spritz On Detangling Spray All Over Your Pet’s Coat

The detangling spray makes it easier to comb your pet’s hair, and, as the name implies, it detangles knotted fur. Many detangling sprays also condition the coat and help keep your dog’s fur sleek and shiny.

Spritz your dog’s coat evenly with the spray, adding a couple more pumps with the nozzle if you encounter stubborn knots or tangles. Don’t forget to shield your dog’s eyes as detangling sprays can irritate them.

4. Brush Your Dog’s Coat Using A Slicker Brush

Starting with the feet, brush one area at a time until the hair is smooth. Continue the section by section brushing until you’ve gotten all the tangles out.

A broad slicker brush works best for the body, while a smaller one is suited for combing the fur on the face and legs.

5. Comb Your Dog’s Coat

Run a dog comb throughout your Labradoodle’s coat. This ensures that you smoothen out all the tangles you might have missed with the slicker brush. Keep on combing until there are no knots left.

6. Trim The Hair With Scissors

Carefully trim the fur in areas that may be causing discomfort to your Labradoodle, such as those around the eyes. This ensures that the fur doesn’t bother your dog or obtruct their vision.

Trimming the hair inside your Labradoodle’s ears can help prevent wax build-up and infection. Cropping the hair short at the lower portion of the ears creates a neater look than letting the fur grow out.

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Tidy up the chin area by trimming the hair. Cutting the fur short helps keep your Labradoodle’s hair from getting into their food and water bowl.

If this is your first time performing the task and you’re not confident of doing a good job, you can watch some video tutorials. Or you can bring your dog to the groomer if you’re worried about accidentally hurting your pet.

7. Shave Your Dog’s Fur

Using smooth, steady strokes, run the clipper over your pet’s body. Shave or trim close to the private areas.

Using the clipper for long periods can turn the metal hot and hurt your pet. If your clipper becomes hot, spray some coolant and wait a few minutes before you resume shaving.

The Tools You Need To Shave Your Labradoodle

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Having the right tools help make shaving your pet as straightforward as possible. So if you intend to perform this grooming requirement yourself, investing in the essential supplies and equipment is a wise move.

Here are the tools you’ll need:

Undercoat rake

This grooming tool burrows through the topcoat and effectively removes dirt and loose hair underneath. It also smoothens out the tangles. A dog rake keeps your dog’s coat looking good and minimizes the formation of bothersome knots close to the skin. You’ll need to use this tool before shaving because the hair needs to be tangle-free before you run the dog clippers through the fur.

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes typically have fine, short bristles on a flat surface. They are used to remove loose dirt and debris on your dog’s coat and remove knots and tangles. There are different kinds of slicker brushes in the market, so choose the size that’s right for your pet.

Be gentle when using a slicker brush. Exerting too much pressure can hurt your Labradoodle caused by the firm wire bristles digging into the skin.

Steel Comb

The Labradoodle’s thick coat makes it easy to miss some of the knots and tangles when you brush them. A steel comb can work through those tangles, which is essential before you can shave start shaving your Labradoodle.

Choose a high-quality stainless-steel comb with narrow pins on one side and broader pins on the opposite end. The varying pin sizes work with grooming the large and small areas of your dog’s face and body.

Detangling Spray

Sometimes, no matter what you do, knots and tangles still form in your dog’s coat. Pulling on those tangles can cause your pet a great deal of discomfort, so instead of tugging hard at the knot with a brush or comb, you’ll need to use a detangling spray first.

A few spritzes can loosen stubborn knots, which you can then easily comb out. Aside from untangling the mats on your pet’s coat, most detangling sprays also work to condition your Labradoodle’s hair, making it soft and shiny.

Trimming scissors

Trimming shears are used to cut only small portions of your dog’s hair. You usually need it to neaten up certain areas or remove tangles and mats that won’t come out.

There is a wide array of trimming scissors, so you can easily choose the kind that suits your needs budget. You may also want to pick out different types which are designed for various cutting needs. There are straight or curved trimming scissors, straight-edged or ball-tipped scissors, thinning shears, and so on.  


You’ll need clippers that are specially designed for dogs to shave your Labradoodle. Dog clippers come with different blade sizes, with each size intended to cut the hair a specific length.

With this grooming tool, you can quickly trim your pet’s coat to make them comfortable, especially during the hot summer months.

There are different models of dog clippers to choose from and various factors to consider when choosing one. The type of blades that come with the clipper, the noise level, heat dissipation, and rotations per minute are some of those considerations.

When shaving your dog using clippers, make sure the blades don’t get too hot as they may hurt your pet. Use a coolant and wait until the blades cool down before you resume shaving.

Why Should You Shave Your Labradoodle?

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Although letting your Labradoodle’s hair grow won’t hurt them, there are also great reasons why you should shave your fur baby.

  • Shaving reduces the knots and tangles that tend to develop on your pet’s coat.
  • It cools down your Labradoodle, especially during hot weather.
  • It saves you money as you don’t need to bring your pet to the groomer for around three months or more.
  • Your pet won’t accumulate as much dirt and debris on their coat as when they have long hair.
  • A shaved Labradoodle will shed considerably less than an unshaved one.

Andis Proclip Blade Clipper

Andis Proclip Blade Clipper -

Shaving your Labradoodle will be a breeze when you use the Andis Proclip Blade Clipper. Its two-speed rotary motor gives a performance that will satisfy even professional groomers.

With its heavy-duty 14″ cord, you can easily move around your pet.

Created with durability in mind, the Andis Proclip boasts of shatter-proof housing.

Moontay Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

Moontay professional dog grooming scissors -

This grooming kit includes 7″ cutting shears, 7″ thinning shears with 17 teeth, a cleaning cloth, and a stylish black leather case. The scissors are crafted from high-quality Japanese steel for durability and razor-sharp cutting performance.

The scissors are equipped with a silencer between the handles, which work best for sensitive pets who scare easily. Their silent operation makes them the perfect alternative to noisy electric clippers.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self-cleaning slicker brush -

Take the nasty knots and tangles out of your Labradoodle’s fur with the Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush. With the fine bent bristles that penetrate deep into the coat, you can give your pet a thorough brushing without scratching their skin.

With its anti-slip and comfort-grip handle, brushing your Labradoodle won’t lead to wrist strain.

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