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How To Stop My Cockapoo Puppy From Biting

Want to know how to stop your Cockapoo puppy from biting? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including the reasons why your Cockapoo puppy is biting you, when you should be concerned, how you can help your Cockapoo get over it, and more.

How To Stop My Cockapoo Puppy From Biting

how to stop my cockapoo puppy from biting

No, your Cockapoo pup is not rabid or crazy, and their constant biting is not a sign that they’ll grow up to be aggressive dogs.

Almost all pups bite, no matter what their breeds are. It’s all part of being a puppy. Dog experts call it “play biting” and is not a display of aggression. However, because of your pet’s razor-sharp teeth, their bite can be quite painful.

The good news is, with patience and hard work, you can curb your Cockapoo pup’s biting inclination.

Why Is My Cockapoo Puppy Biting Me?

how to stop my cockapoo puppy from biting

Biting is your pup’s way of exploring the world. Like human babies, puppies learn by investigating things around them. Tiny tots use their hands while dogs use their mouths and teeth.

Another reason your Cockapoo pup likes to bite is because of teething. The process lasts for around 2-3 months, and during that time, chewing somehow relieves the discomfort in their gums caused by the eruption of new teeth.

Just like kids, puppies also love to play. Roughhousing with their littermates is part of their daily activities. Such play involves a lot of biting and nipping. Because of their thick skins, their siblings can tolerate those nips and bites.

Puppies aren’t yet aware that humans have more delicate skins than those of their littermates, so they apply the same force when they bite you. As they become stronger, the biting may hurt.

What Age Do Cockapoos Stop Biting?

how to stop my cockapoo puppy from biting

At around two weeks of age, puppies get their baby teeth, and tiny those teeth may be, they’re a lot sharper than adult teeth. Combine that with your pup’s tendency to mouth everything as they explore the world, and that sets the stage for an irksome scenario for you and your fur baby.

But take heart. If your pup’s biting is because of teething, by the time their adult teeth had replaced the puppy teeth, the biting usually stops. That typically happens when your Cockapoo turns six months old.

As mentioned above, your pup’s baby teeth start growing when your pet is two weeks old. As your pooch turns three or four months old, their baby teeth fall off, to be replaced by their adult teeth.

The process causes extreme discomfort to your fur baby. Their gums will be sore, and they’re looking for something to relieve the pain.

When your pet is teething, you might notice a lot of drooling and even see blood spots on their chew toys. That’s how uncomfortable the process is for your little buddy.

Because biting soothes those sore gums somewhat, Cockapoo pups bite as their teeth grow out.

Once your puppy reaches the age of six months, their baby teeth should have fallen off, and if teething is the reason behind their nipping and biting, you can expect the problem to lessen and, eventually, to stop completely.

Take note, however, that teething discomfort may not be the only explanation behind Cockapoo biting, so be prepared to look for solutions if your pet continues to nip and bite long after they’ve turned six months old.

Signs That Your Puppy Is Teething

Knowing that your fur baby is experiencing an uncomfortable phase in their life will help you understand their behavior, and you can then find ways to alleviate their discomfort.

Here are some signs that indicate that your puppy is teething.

  • Swollen gums
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bad smelling breath
  • Chewing and gnawing
  • Lethargy

Cockapoo Teething Age

Like human babies, puppies are born without teeth. The baby teeth usually start to grow when your pet is around 2-3 weeks old. By the time your fur baby is six weeks old, they would have gotten the full set of 28 baby teeth.

A few weeks later, the transition from puppy teeth to adult teeth sets in, and by the time your Cockapoo turns six or seven months old, they’ll have 42 adult teeth.

It is during this teething period that biting is usually intense because of the discomfort your pup feels.

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When Should You Be Concerned About Biting In Cockapoo Puppies?

how to stop my cockapoo puppy from biting

Almost all puppies bite, especially during the first few months of their life. Luckily, this is just a phase they soon outgrow. It is also not a sign that they will grow up to be aggressive dogs.

If your Cockapoo pup bites, that’s normal behavior. You can even expect the biting to intensify during the teething phase.

But even if biting can be considered normal behavior for puppies, there are instances when you should start being concerned about the issue.

Here are some signs that the biting might turn into a problem in later years.

  • Your Cockapoo pup growls, snarls, snaps, or bites when you reach for their food bowl or if someone walks by while they’re eating
  • Their bites are strong enough to break the skin
  • Your pet stares at you and stiffens before biting
  • Your pooch growls and nips at new people coming into your home
  • They growl or snap at children

Seeking professional help for such behaviors can help you avert a problem with your Cockapoo.

Cockapoo Puppy Biting Substitution

how to stop my cockapoo puppy from biting

Because teething discomfort is one reason puppies bite, giving your pet something to gnaw on instead of your hands and fingers will save you a lot of pain and trouble.

Puppy Teething Toys Help Soothe Your Fur Baby’s Gums

Biting lessens the discomfort your teething pup feels. Here are some great toys you can give your Cockapoo pup.

Nylabone Puppy Dental Dinosaur Chew

nylabone puppy dental dinosaur chew toy

This chew toy not only relieves sore gums but also cleans your pup’s teeth and freshens their breath. Your Cockapoo pup will have trouble resisting the enticing chicken flavor of the Nylabone Puppy Dental Dinosaur Chew.

However, it’s not intended for aggressive chewers, and chunks can be torn off, which poses choking risks. So supervise your pup when they play with this toy.

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Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

petstages cool teething stick dog toy

Cool your fur baby’s aching gums with this teething toy. The cooling stick provides a soothing crunch when frozen, providing relief caused by those developing teeth.

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NWK Freezable Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy

nwk freezable cooling teether chew toy

If your pooch is an aggressive chewer, this freezable toy is one of your best bets. It has a thick ring that’s filled with purified water. You can freeze it to provide your pup with cooling relief as they chew. The NWK Freezable Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy can withstand even the most aggressive chewing.

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Puppy Kong Goodie Bone

kong goodie bone dog toy

This is a dual purpose teething toy. Not only does it gives your pup something to chew on to relieve their gum’s soreness, the Puppy Kong Goodie Bone also dispenses treats, which gives your pet something interesting to do.

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What To Avoid When Your Cockapoo Puppy Is Biting

how to stop my cockapoo puppy from biting

Harsh punishment is never a good option when you’re training your Cockapoo pup not to bite, so avoid slapping, yelling, or spraying your pooch to get them to stop biting. Using a reward-based training method is more advisable.

The thing is, puppies need to bite. Not only do they use their mouth to explore the world, but biting also teaches them bite inhibition. Bite inhibition refers to a dog’s ability to control the strength of its bite.

If you observe puppies while they play, you’ll see plenty of biting and nipping. Inevitably, one pup’s bite will be strong enough to hurt. Their playmate’s reaction will likely be a loud yelp. Play also sometimes stops.

The lesson is not lost on the biting pup. Repeatedly experiencing the same reaction teaches puppies to temper the force of their bite to avoid inflicting pain.

They learn bite inhibition naturally as they practice nipping and biting. As such, it’s important not to suppress the behavior.

However, it doesn’t mean that you must endure your pup’s painful bites. Training your Cockapoo puppy to stop or temper their bite is the key. 

Helpful Tips To Curb Your Puppy’s Biting

Here are some things that may help you curb your puppy’s biting tendencies.

Provide clear feedback to your puppy.

Let your Cockapoo pup know when they’ve caused you pain.

Like their littermates, you can yelp and move away from your dog when their bite is strong enough to hurt. That gives your pup a basis of how much force humans can endure, and over time they learn the kind of bite that they shouldn’t use.

Keep still, and don’t move your hand or foot that your pet is biting.

This might be hard at first. After all, your instinctive reaction to pain is to pull away from the source of the discomfort. But try to override this response.

Moving your hand or foot arouses your pup’s interest all the more, and something that moves is definitely exciting to a curious puppy. So keep still and be ready to yelp at the first hint of pain. 

Give your puppy toys that are made for chewing.

Instead of sacrificing your hands and fingers, offer your Cockapoo puppy chew toys to gnaw on.

Keep those toys nearby whenever you’re playing with your pooch. In that way, when they get excited, you can pick one of their favorite chew toys and offer it as a substitute for your hands.

Hope you enjoyed this post about how to stop my Cockapoo puppy from biting.

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