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How to Stop Your Cockapoo From Chewing [Full Guide]

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How To Stop Your Cockapoo From Chewing – 8 Tricks

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Move The Item Away

Most of the time, you will notice that your Cockapoo has developed a special interest in a particular item. The best way to stop them from chewing and destroying them is to move it out of the site.

If you can’t move the item, you can crate or cage the Cockapoo depending on their age.

Ensure your house is tidy and in perfect shape so that your dog doesn’t get access to items that they might destroy. Cleaning after yourself is paramount when living with a pet in the same room.

Otherwise, not only will your items suffer, but sometimes careless chewing can wreak havoc in the health of your furry friend.

Buy Them A Toy

Keeping the Cockapoo away from items might not stop them from looking for something to chew. If this looks like a habit, they’re not stopping soon; you might want to try the redirection method.

Get a toy or an object that is not so valuable to you or too dangerous to them when they chew. In this case, a toy will be the most appropriate.

To keep them interested in that particular object, you should try staffing it some treats such as dog-safe peanuts so that they stick to it. A fresh borne can also act in place for a toy.

Repel Them

If the puppies or the adult dog still insists on chewing your valuable items, such as the expensive leather you just bought, you might want to try repelling them from the item.

Just ensure you buy a dog-friendly repellents or sprays to avoid putting them on harm’s way.

You can then spray items they chew. The repellent will not cause any harm to your lovely Cockapoo but will taste or smell so bad that they will keep away from it.

Once they smell and taste it for a day or two, they will always associate the item with a bad taste and stay away from it even after you stop spraying.

Be Gentle

Sometimes the chewing behavior can be so irritating that you feel like shouting to your little furry friend. Hey! Control yourself because shouting and throwing things at them won’t help.

Don’t punish them in an inhumane way like hitting, shouting, or putting a tape on their mouth.

None of these methods will help you stop the behavior but will create a rift between the two of you. Find a nicer way of stopping the habit, such as directing their attention to something else like playing or exercise.

Mental And Physical Stimulation

Cockapoos need some form of entertainment because they can get bored easily. These are dog breeds that explore a lot, especially when they are young, and their curiosity may lead them into chewing.

If they don’t find something to do, they will resort to chewing anything they come across.

One of the ways to stimulate them either physically or mentally is to play or exercise with them from time to time. Engage in a different activity or go to different places for a walk to satisfy their curiosity.

If you can’t find the time to play every day, get them a toy or something stimulating that can keep them busy for a long time.

Be Firm About it

Standing your ground on things you don’t like may work well in stopping that annoying chewing habit. At times, other methods such as redirection, playing, or moving the items away might not be effective.

Make them understand that you don’t like them chewing and don’t give them a chance to do it even when you’re not watching. Train them often and don’t give up on trying to stop the behavior.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you become harsh on them.

See A Vet

Some chewing problems your Cockapoo is portraying might need a vet’s intervention to diagnose. You might assume that the chewing is normal when there is a serious underlying problem behind it.

The issue can be because of separation anxiety or ill health.

If you suspect that your Cockapoo might be depressed, anxious, or sick, get an appointment with your vet as soon as possible to solve the problem. The vet might advise a change of diet, medication, therapies, or exercise depending on the issue.

Understand The Motivation

Sometimes all the methods to stop your Cockapoo from chewing might be futile. You might cage or crate them, but they still chew whenever they get the chance.

Try to understand what motivates your furry friend to chew and work on addressing the motivation. Revisit the reasons for chewing by monitoring your pooch and start the training afresh.

Difference Between Destructive Chewing And Normal Chewing

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Before thinking of ways to stop a chewing problem, you need to distinguish destructive chewing and normal chewing. It’s not only your Cockapoo who’s chewing. All dog breeds chew at different times in their life.

You must understand that chewing is a behavior of all dogs regardless of age or breed. Puppies may chew to ease the irritation that comes with teething, while older dogs may chew to strengthen their jaws and clean their teeth.

Some dogs chew for fun, stimulation, or to pass the time. Others chew because they are sick or are psychologically disturbed.

Therefore, Chewing is normal only that there are different motivations behind it, and sometimes they may direct it to inappropriate items such as furniture, clothes, papers, etc.

One way to differentiate between the two types of chewing is to identify the motivation behind it. The presence of food or odor might motivate your Cockapoo to raid garbage or food counters to get something to chew.

Some might just be curious about things they come across hence display exploratory chewing.

Others may chew on doors or cages attempts to try to escape their confinement. You need to keep a diary of your dog’s chewing to identify the motivation behind it. This way, you can record when and where they chew and what happens before that.

You can also set up a videotape to monitor their behavior while you’re away. Sometimes the Cockapoo might not be chewing when you’re around, but you often come back home to chewed objects.

Monitor them closely where you’re away or at home if you want to understand how to stop your Cockapoo from chewing.

Do Cockapoos Chew Furniture?

how to stop your cockapoo fr/om

Yes! Your Cockapoo can chew on any objects in the house, including your furniture, door rug, carpet, and just anything they come across.

If you live them in the house alone for a few minutes, you might come back to find your expensive furniture in total disaster.

You don’t want this, right? You need to ensure your house is dog-proof. This is the first step to keep your dog and your furniture safe. Moving the furniture won’t be an option here. The best thing to do is to train you on what to chew and what not to chew.

What Not To Do If Your Cockapoo Chews Your Furniture

Sometimes you can get so irritated when you find your Cockapoo chewing and destroying your expensive furniture. Don’t overreact on this and end up doing something stupid. Here are things you should not do to your chewing dog.

Don’t spank or show them the damage. Scolding or punishing your Cockapoo for chewing the furniture won’t help as they might mistake the action for something they did minutes ago.

Crating may help to keep them away from the furniture when you’re not around, but you can’t keep them there for a long time as they might get restless and anxious. Anything more than 6 hours is not recommended.

Punishing your dog will only instill fear on your furry friend, and they might start to keep distant from you. If you must do it, make sure you punish them when you catch them in action and use the most humane way possible.

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