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Is A Cockapoo A Pedigree?

Want to know whether a Cockapoo is a pedigree? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything from the definition of a pedigree dog, the confusion over pedigree, mixed breed, and crossbreed pets, the origin of Cockapoos, and more.

Is A Cockapoo A Pedigree?

is a cockapoo a pedigree

Just like most hybrid dogs, the Cockapoo is not recognized as a pedigree. There are no currently existing registries for this dog type which is one of the major standards that most organizations consider.

The most common reason for producing hybrids between breeds, aside from their exceptional charm, is the health benefits that they may possess. Cockapoos were bred to produce a healthy companion dog.

Both Poodle and Cocker Spaniel have impressive attributes that many dog owners and breeders wish most dogs have.

It then gave Cockapoos various combinations of fur colors, personality, hairstyles, and such that many people loved up until this day. 

What Is A Pedigree Dog?

is a cockapoo a pedigree

A pedigree dog is a puppy born with two dogs of the same breed. It is most commonly known as purebred too, but a pedigree is registered to an organization that seeks to ensure the dog’s welfare, health, and training.

Among the most well-known organizations for dogs is The Kennel Club, which is currently the largest one in the United Kingdom. 

To be classified as a pedigree, the requirement is to be born from parents of the same purebred breed. For example, if your dog has both Poodle parents, then you can call your dog a pedigree Poodle.

Pedigree, in particular, usually refers to the origin and the family tree that shows the specific traits and inherited attributes of an animal, especially if it is impressive.

When a dog is considered as one, it will be much easier to determine the breed’s possible health issues and personality by looking at their ancestry. 

Insurance companies often consider the pedigree characteristic of a dog before issuing insurance. However, there are still some that do not care whether they are recognized by The Kennel Club or not. 

What’s The Confusion Over Pedigree, Mixed Breed, And Crossbreed Pets?

is a cockapoo a pedigree

Probably, the main reason why there is confusion between a Pedigree, a Mixed Breed, and a Cross Breed is because of the different definitions of various organizations.

Some people like to consider their dogs as a pedigree because they came from parents of the same breed, while some only consider the ones recognized by The Kennel Club.

One thing that confuses most people is the similar meaning of a pedigree and a purebred. Same as with the implications with crossbreed and mixed-breeds.


A Pedigree dog means that its breeding history and origin have been recorded as well as its common health issues, native country, physical evolution, migration, and such. 

Mixed Breed

A Mixed breed, on the other hand, is a result of intentional breeding and has no definite percentage of which breed it came from. They do not belong in a particular group of dogs nor are recognized by most organizations.


Crossbreeds are the offspring of two different distinct dog breeds. Most people prefer this type of breed due to their unique appearances.

They also tend to be healthier and have interesting names that you will not hear from other pure breeds.

However, they most likely cost more than a regular dog as they are often called “designers”, meaning fashion-inclined individuals include them as accessories in their day-to-day outfits.

It is important to know your dog’s origin first before taking insurance and remember to use the definition given by the company itself to avoid further discussions.

Failure to state the correct characteristics of a dog, whether a pedigree, mixed, or crossbreed can result in costing more than the regular price or worse, rejected. 

What Makes A Cockapoo?

is a cockapoo a pedigree

A Cockapoo is a hybrid between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They are among the first to be recognized as “designer dogs” and already existed in the 1960s.

Unlike most toy dogs, there is a big chance that you will be able to find them in shelters and rescue centers. Always remember that it is better to adopt than shop dogs because they are living creatures and deserve to be treated as one.

One thing that most people love about this crossbreed aside from their cute and adorable appearance is their super interesting personality. Cockapoos are intelligent, loving, and affectionate pets.

If you prefer dogs that are easy to train and hardly shed, they are a perfect choice! But, if you are the one that likes to have a companion and a pet that would always give you love especially in times that you are alone, then Cockapoos are still your best choice.

Some Basic Facts About Cockapoos


The average size of a Cockapoo ranges around 25 to 38 in its adult phase. Their dimension is mostly inherited from their Cocker Spaniel parent which is a small dog breed.


A Miniature Cockapoo weighs between 13 and 18 pounds depending on the type and amount of food that they eat while a standard one can grow for over 19 pounds. There are also toy Cockapoos, and they only weigh less than 12 pounds.


Cockapoos can come in a variety of colors and combinations. The common solid colors that most Cockapoos come with are cream, white, red, black, chocolate, and apricot.

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Food Requirements

An adult Cockapoo should be fed about 1/4 to 3/4 cup of dog food divided into two meals per day. But, it is important to take note that every dog has different needs so it may differ depending on your dog’s demand.

If you are still not sure how much you should be feeding your Cockapoo, you can always consult a Veterinarian. You can also ask them which type of food is best for your furry pals.

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Cockapoos are pretty active despite their small size. A 15-minute walk or other sorts of activities like fetch and running per day is enough to keep up with your small friend’s liveliness.


To understand a Cockapoo’s unique personality, you must also know the original breeds that they came from:

What Is A Cocker Spaniel?

A Cocker Spaniel is a breed of dog that originated in Spain and is known for its long hair and small body structure. They are usually gentle among people and are very easy to train.

This breed also often seen in dog competitions due to its beautiful flowing hair that can be styled in various appearances. They are great athletes especially when trained well and a fun playmate for kids.

What Is A Poodle?

The poodle is another popular breed among dogs. Their curly hair makes them look glamorous especially when groomed with show styles. Their size and strength are just perfect to be candidates for shows and competitions.

They are also very easy to train because their common personality includes obedience and agility. Despite having such beautiful appearances, they are great when it comes to hunting activities.

Poodles are the national dog of France but they originated from Germany as retrieving water dogs. They are considered the natural entertainers of the doggy world.

With this hybrid, you can expect a lot of running around the house or backyard for both breeds are pretty energetic.

Although they are not exactly lap dogs, they will probably love spending more time in your lap – especially at night when you’re watching your favorite show. 

What Does A F1, F2 Cockapoo Mean?

Many people get mixed up when talking about the F1 and F2 Cockapoos, but in simplest terms, they refer to the generation the hybrid currently has. F1 is the first-generation offspring from a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle parents while F2 is the puppy of two first-generation Cockapoos.

The generation of Cockapoos is an important factor in determining their mating capability and vigor. It also explains the difference in appearance between Cockapoos as the generation continues.

F1 is known for its good health and life longevity. They possess the greatest visuals among dogs of the same breed.

F2, on the other hand, shows the result of consistent breeding. Two puppies from the same parents

One F2 Cockapoo may shed a lot due to the genes mostly inherited from Cocker Spaniel, while the other may have curly hair just like a Poodle’s even if they came from the same parents.

Remember that hybrids don’t always show similar attributes and images for every dog. It still depends on which parent they inherited most of their characteristics. 

Are Cockapoos Recognized By The Kennel Club?

It has been mentioned earlier that Cockapoos are among the dogs that are considered as designers. Unfortunately, these types of breeds are not recognized by The Kennel Club.

The organization only recognizes pedigree dogs, which are around 218 breeds as of today.

For their registration system, they categorize these breeds into 7 groups namely the Working group, Terrier Group, Pastoral group, Hound group, Toy group, Utility group, and the Gundog group.

Currently, the Cockapoo hybrid is not recognized by any major kennel organizations. However, they are still a favorite among crossbreeds and are also often called Miniature Poodle.

The Cockapoo is a great pet to have. They have a great mixture of athleticism, intelligence, and sweetness that would steal anyone’s heart.

This bright-eyed, fluffy furry pal is a natural charmer.

Hope you enjoyed this post about is a Cockapoo a pedigree.

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