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Top 25 Best Doodle Mix Dogs

Want to learn about the best doodle mix dogs? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you the top 25 best doodle mix dogs, including the most popular, the calmest, the smartest, the largest and the smallest, and the healthiest mix.

We also present to you the reasons whether you should get a doodle mix dog or not, and the reasons behind their expensive price.

Best Doodle Mix Dogs [Top 25]


best doodle mix dogs -

The Maltipoo takes most of their color from their parents. They may have striking colors like white, cream, or silver with a curly coat.

The coat is fluffy and can wave or curl. The coat sheds lightly and has a wool-like texture.

Most Maltipoos are small in size, weighing less than 30 pounds. They also range from medium to long length.


best doodle mix dogs -

The Goldendoodle has a low shedding coat, which comes in various colors such as white and cream. They weigh between 15 to 30 pounds on average.

Measured at the shoulder, they reach heights of 13 to 24 inches. Most of these features are determined by their parents.


best doodle mix dogs -

The sweet cockapoo has color coats ranging from silver depending on their parents. They are small in size with lengths of 25cm-38cm.

They have curly or wavy coats that have very long hairs. The weight averages at 10-30 pounds.


best doodle mix dogs -

Labradoodles have double colors with a height ranging from 22-25 inches. They may weigh up to 75 pounds, depending on the parent’s traits.

Their coats are curly and long or medium. More colors include brown, chocolate, black, white, and cream.


The Yorkipoo has a height ranging from 7-15 inches. They are small with weights of 14 pounds.

They are available in different colors such as brown or white. Their coats are long and wavy.


best doodle mix dogs -

The Schnoodle can grow up to 10 to 26 inches when measured at the shoulder. They also weigh in the range of 10-20 pounds.

They have different colors dictated by their parents, such as white, cream, or brown. Their small weight is reflected in their small sizes.


Pomapoos are lovable dogs with striking colors such as brown, whites, mix black and white that come from their parents. They have long curly or wavy coats.

They weigh about 15lbs since they are small. Their heights range from 8-10 inches.


best doodle mix dogs -

They may grow to become big and weigh up to 60 or 80 pounds. With a height range of 16-24 inches, they make perfect herders.

They have various colors such as white, black, and sometimes a mixture of both. Their coats are long and can be wavy or curly.


Poogles are favorite dog pets with small weights ranging from 10-25 pounds. They may grow to reach heights of 9-16 inches.

They have coats of several colors, mostly brown and white. Their coats may be curly and extended depending on their parents.


The gentle Peekapoo weighs around 8-20 pounds. They have varying lengths in height but do not exceed 20 inches.

Their coats are long and wavy, while some are curly. They also have numerous colors, such as brown, cream, and white.

Saint Berdoodle

best doodle mix dogs -

Saint Berdooodle is a reasonably big dog with heights ranging from 24″ to 30″. Due to their size, they weigh up to 200 pounds while the lowest may weigh 50 pounds.

They have various colors, and their coats tend to mix colors such as white and brown. Their coats are long and wavy, while some may be curly.


best doodle mix dogs -

The small Shihpoo weighs around 7 pounds, but they can grow up to 20 pounds. Their heights range from 8-15 inches when measured at the shoulder.

They have long, wavy or curly coats. Shihpoos may vary significantly in colors such as chocolate, white, and cream.


Chipoos are mid-sized and take most of their characteristics from Chihuahua parents. They have fluffy coats that may be curly or wavy and more near the ears.

Being mid-size, they weigh less and may not exceed 30 pounds. Their heights also differ with their small feet.


With a wool-like coat, Poochons have wavy and curly long coats that are very attractive. They range in colors such as white or cream.

They have different sizes, and most are medium-sized. Their height also varies with parents’ traits but never exceed 20 inches.


Bossi-poos weigh around 25-50 pounds when fully grown. Their height does not exceed 15 inches at a senior age.

Their coats are not very long, but they have floppy ears. They come in various colors such as brown or white while sometimes, they are mixed.


Aussiedoodles have weights ranging from 25-70 pounds. They can be very tall depending on their parents and can have up to 20 inches’ height.

They have different colors and mostly white and grey. Their coats are very thick and long.


Cavapoos are small doodles with heights ranging from 9-14 inches. They may weigh up to 12-25 pounds when fully grown.

They have floppy ears and large eyes that are covered by a medium-size coat. Their colors range from cream, chocolate, fawn, chestnut, gold, and white.


Jack-A-Poos weigh around 13-25lbs. They have different heights and may grow up to 10″ minimum with a maximum of 16″.

The coats are short, curly, coarse, fluffy, and straight. They have different colors too that range from white, cream, brown, or gold.


The Eskipoo weighs about 15 pounds when they are fully grown. They are usually of medium size and may not exceed 20 inches.

They have thick, long coats that are curly or wavy. Their colors range from white, black, or a mixture of both.


Lhasapoos are amazing doodles with a weight of about 10 to 20 pounds. Their sizes are very comfortable, making them act as watchdogs and may have heights of up to 9″ to 11″ inches.

They have very thick coats with wavy and long hair. They also have several colors, such as brown, chocolate, gold, and cream.


Papipoos weighs around 6-14 pounds. Their sizes vary from small to medium with very long ears.

They have long, wavy, or curly coats making them very striking. Their colors include black, red, grey, tan, or sometimes a mixture.


Boxerdoodles have a wavy or curly coat that may be longer than their face and ears. Their coats have varying colors such as white, brown, fawn, black, and cream.

They may grow to substantial sizes, but this depends on their parents. Their weight will also vary with the different sizes they inherit from their parents.


Bassetdoodle is very small in size and may weigh about 10 pounds. Their heights reach 12-16 inches when fully grown.

They have mostly straight coats with enormous and floppy ears. They have varying colors, such as brown, chocolate, gold, and white.


Bernedoodles have different sizes depending on their parents and may weigh about 10-24 pounds. They grow to 12-29 inches since they may be tiny or large.

Their coats also vary very much from one another but are mostly long, wavy, or curly. The coat is too thick with different colors such as black, white, brown, chocolate, which is a mixture.


Rottles are medium-sized doodles that take most of their characteristics from their parents. They weigh about 60-90 pounds and grow up to 12-27 inches at old age.

Most coat colors of Rottles are a mixture of brown, black, white, red, or grey. They have fur that is thick and curly.

Reasons For Getting The Best Doodle Dogs Or Not

There are many personalized reasons why you should get a doodle or not. All these reasons may depend entirely on you as a pet parent who wants to have a new experience with these fantastic dogs.

Doodles Are Very Intelligent

Doodle dogs are brilliant. Their wit is one of the main reasons they have become prevalent in many states, and people want to have a better experience with them.

Doodles Are Allergy Friendly

It is best to get a doodle because they are hypoallergenic. As much as some doodles may shed lightly, good grooming can keep you safe from any allergens caused by dogs who shed a lot.

Most allergic pet parents find it very easy to be near their doodles at all times with no fear of getting attacks. Veterinarians highly recommend them to anyone susceptible to dog’s hair allergic reactions.

Doodles Are Perfect Company

Doodles are the best company to have around in the house or walks through the park or streets. Some love attention and will warm you up as they lay on your laps to get that evening warmth from your body.

They are also adorable and remarkable. Anyone who loves teddy bears would do so well with doodles since they act like living teddy bears with cute eyes, soft and silk fur, and outstanding personalities.

Doodles Are Affectionate Lovers

Most people also love doodles for their gentleness and calmness. However, some may act as guard dogs; with proper training, they remain so calm and attentive all the time, giving you time to finish your tasks while providing you quality company.

They are also very hilarious and will keep you smiling all day long with their mini jokes and tricks they do around the house. Be ready to brighten up your day with laughs as the doodle make you feel at home after a long day at work.

Doodles Are Very Loyal

The best trait of a doodle is loyalty. Doodles are very loyal to their pet parents and other family members who pay attention and time for playing and grooming.

Can Be Carried Easily

Most people also prefer doodles since some are very small lapdogs. You may also find large lapdogs who go well with walks and any vacation you may want to go as a family.

Easy To Train

Most dogs are trained by professionals who will take your dog away for days. The case is different with doodles, and you can train them alone in the house and retain the teachings for the longest time.

Doodles Have High Energy Levels

However, before buying a doodle, you have to assess yourself if you will give them enough attention they seek. Doodles have high energy levels, and you have to take them out almost every day for exercise and run around.

Doodles Require Medical Assessments

Also, consider being around the dog more and look for any possibilities of complications with their health. Some have severe health issues that you must resolve immediately.

Doodles Need Constant Grooming

Doodles may also become dirty quickly due to their playful nature. You have to be ready to groom them effectively often to keep them tidy and avoid them having a foul smell.

These top reasons may give you a thought on whether you should get a doodle or not. Ensure you have understood each and consider your position as a pet parent before settling for the idea to buy these fantastic cute dogs. If you are a doodle enthusiast, your preference may determine your selection from an assortment of the best doodle mix dogs.

There are numerous popular doodle mix dogs that most pet parents cherish. The main factor in getting a doodle dog is more personal than their outstanding personalities.

However, some doodle mixes stand out to be the best among others. If you are considering getting a new puppy, you could look at the following list of most popular doodle mixes.

Cockapoo – Poodle Cocker Spaniel Mix

Cockapoos are famous for their affectionate love and intelligence. It has a striking shaggy look that fits in a single home or family.

They are the best lap dogs and very friendly. It would be best to get cockapoos when you have kids who love dogs’ attention since they will give them the best company.

Maltipoo – Maltese Poodle Cross

The Maltipoo is your furry best friend and very popular for good company. You can go for long walks in parks and busy streets without fear of your dog running anywhere.

They are calm, gorgeous, and love fun. Most pet parents love them due to their instant love falling and cute personality.

Labradoodle – Labrador Poodle Cross

The Labradoodle was first bred to be a guide for blind people. They are the most popular breed of doodles on earth since then.

They are beautiful and brilliant to carry any tasks that you train them to do. Being guide dogs makes them very social and have natural affection.

Goldendoodle – Poodle Cross Golden Retriever

The Goldendoodle is a smart and good-looking dog famous for most pet parents who want small doodles. However, some Goldendoodles may grow bigger and still make the best family dogs.

They are also used for multiple services like guard dogs, guide dogs, sniffer dogs, and therapy dogs. They are very loveable and provide perfect company.

Schnoodle – Schnauzer Cross Poodle

With high energy levels, the Schnoodle is the perfect dog for fitness enthusiasts who want to train for long periods. They have a fun personality and will keep you company as you go through your daily business of becoming more fit.

They are also friendly and love being cuddled after long days of work. You will relish the perfect moment with this fantastic and popular family dog.

The Calmest Doodle Mix Dog

Every doodle mix dog has a unique personality. It would be best to ask the breeder the personality of the dog you want to buy before settling to take it home.

But most doodle mixes are calm dogs. Here are the calmest doodle mixes you can get from any breeder.


Cavapoos are very playful and calm. They are also very quiet and rarely make noise through barking and scratching, making them outgoing and social.

They quickly settle in any environment as long as they have enough attention. Cavapoos make the best company for young kids.


They are brilliant yet have a very calm personality. Bernedoodles are the best breed for allergic people since they rarely shed.

You can have the dog as your family member, and they socialize well with others, especially children. Due to their calmness and intelligence, training them is very easy and efficient.

Goldendoodles and Mini Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are sweet, smart, calm, and loyal dogs. They are useful for a family with young kids due to their unique personalities.

They can be reliable therapy dogs and make an excellent company. They also shed very little, making them the best family dogs for allergic people.


Labradoodles vary in size depending on their parents and are considered one of the most popular doodles on earth. They are very calm, toy, and loyal to every family member.

They assist autistic people and have been used for several therapy sessions. The dogs can help through depression and other mental conditions.

Saint Berdoodles

If you want a sizeable calm dog, then Saint Bernadoodles is your perfect choice. They are also very affectionate to all the family members, making them the most popular large breed of dogs.

They are, however, dependent and do not like being alone. You will have to give Saint Berdoodles quality time every day or have other pets around to keep them company.

The Smallest Doodle Mix

Most small doodle mix results from crossing a miniature poodle with another smaller breed. Here are some of the smallest doodle mixes.


They result from a cross between a cocker spaniel and miniature poodles. They have a curly coat and are very cute.

They are delightful to be around and weigh very low at 6-18 pounds. They are also intelligent and will make your company worthwhile.

Bichon Poodle

They are a mixture of Bichon Frise and miniature or toy poodle. They are very mini, weighing about 6-12 pounds only.

You will need to be close to them for more extended periods to keep them company. They may get noisy after being left alone.


They result from crossing Maltese with miniature poodles. They weigh about 5-15 pounds and are very small in size.

A Maltipoo provides excellent company but also crave quality attention. They are very reliable for allergic pet parents since they do not shed their coat.


A pomapoo is a result of a mixture of Pomeranian and a Toy poodle. They are very tiny, weighing about 3-9 pounds in their old age.

They are very loyal and mix freely with other pets and people. You have to keep petting and giving them enough company to make them calm since they get anxious with nobody around them.


They are a mixture of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with any miniature poodle. They may grow to weigh about 10-18 pounds.

Cavapoos are steady and enjoy cuddling. They are also very loyal and can be defensive when they feel the pet parent is in trouble.

Largest Doodle Mix Dogs

Doodle mix dogs grow differently depending on their parents. Classifying them based on the largest may be cumbersome since some grow more than expected by the breeders.

However, some doodle mix dogs grow naturally to become bigger. Here is a compilation of some of the largest doodle mix dogs.

Saint Berdoodle

The Saint Berdoodle is very heavy at around 110lbs-150lbs. Their heights range from 24″ to 30″, making them one of the biggest doodles for pet parents.


They are also huge, weighing about 90lbs-120lbs. Mastidoodles vary significantly in height and even exceed the Saint Berdoodle at 36″ while the smallest value can be graded at 25″.

Irish Wolfadoodle

They weigh in the range of 90lbs-120lbs. They are gentle and calm, with heights at about 24″ to 30″.


Newfypoos are also large doodles weighing around 70lbs-110lbs. They also grow to extended heights of 22″ to 30″.


They are large as dictated by their parents and weigh about 50lbs-90lbs. Shepadoodles grow to a height of 22″ to 28″.

Smartest Doodle Mix

For a very long time, people have been looking for ways to make animals more intelligent. However, there are several naturally smart dogs.

When breeders mix these dogs with poodles, the result is a more intelligent dog that can quickly retain information. The intelligence of dogs is measured by their ability to understand language and do specific tasks effectively.

Doodles are amongst the most intelligent dogs. However, brilliant dogs have high energy drives, and you will need to give them more attention and daily physical exercise.


The Bordoodle is considered the highest intelligent doodle due to being a mixture of dogs’ most intelligent breed, Border Collie. They are herding breeds who take a very keen interest in small details.

They are mostly independent thinkers and can make personalized decisions based on their thinking. The most independent doodle is the Sheepadoodle.

They are excellent herder dogs, and it makes them very intelligent like their counterparts, the Bordoodle. Such dogs pay attention efficiently and carry out tasks as required.


The Goldendoodle is also a trendy and most intelligent dog. They are mostly used in the service industry as the Labradoodles.


As mentioned earlier, Labradoodles were initially bred to help blind people and in therapy. They are also brilliant doodles and have been used widely in the states.

The most intelligence of doodles come from their parents, who are mixed with poodles. It would be best to ask your breeder for more information about the dogs before you settle to buy one.

Healthiest Doodle Breed

Doodles are a result of the mixing of other breeds with the most popular and intelligent poodles. The process is done efficiently to produce more robust and better dogs.

A healthy dog refers to the one with less or no medical conditions. Equally important, it is impossible to stay healthy for the rest of a dog’s life due to environmental effects.

However, healthy dogs have better immune and have the most extended lifespan. Here are some of the healthiest doodles you can find on any breeding site.


Labradoodles make very healthy doodles. They can live up to 15 years or more with proper care.

To take excellent care of Labradoodles, you may need to have daily exercises, perfect grooming, and ensure they have proper nutrition. You may also need to check your dog’s health by taking them to veterinarians to check on their health and recommend more ways to enhance their health.


The lifespan of Goldendoodles ranges from 10-15 years. They are prone to various medical conditions that may inherit from their parents.

Before you purchase them, ask for a detailed medical history of the parents to ensure they are healthy and may not experience complications later in their lives. Always visit the vet if you see changes in the skin or eating patterns.


These intelligent doodles may live up to 15 years with proper care and grooming. They are very healthy and have minimal medical complications that may worry you as a pet parent.

They are larger breeds and may develop complications with hip dysplasia and arthritis as they age. Generally, they are healthy, and you need medical hassle as long as they are well fed and exercise effectively.


The best attention seeker doodle lives an average life of 12-16 years. They are very healthy and live an active lifestyle, pleasing and loving their family.

Most of them may develop eye problems as they age. These problems can easily lead to blindness if not checked quickly and treated effectively by a vet.


They have an average lifestyle of about 12-15 years, where the smaller breeds may live longer. Sheepadoodles are very healthy as long as they are taken good care of with proper grooming and feeding.

The meals should be enough with efficient balancing to boost their immune. Most tend to have stomach bloat caused by gas, which may lead to gastric dilatation.

Reasons Why Doodles Are Expensive

Doodles make perfect family dogs but rarely do many people fail to buy them due to their prices. The main reason may be the production of a single doodle.

According to reputable breeders, you may need a range of $2000-$3000 for one single doodle to make a purchase. Here are some of the top factors affecting the prices of doodles:
• Quality of the parent dogs
• Genetic testing
• Vet care
• Number of generations involved
• Breeding practices

Each doodle will have a different price from another, depending on the above factors. For most breeders, they may range their prices on other factors such as:
• The time that is taken to breed
• Breeding stock
• Costs of genetic testing
• Puppy care until the age of surviving
• Facility maintenance

The rising popularity of doodles may also be a factor creating high demand on the market. However, getting a Doodle is worth every penny, and you will relish all your moments with the fantastic dog for a very long time.

Hope you enjoyed this post about best doodle mix dogs.

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