What Does A Cockapoo Look Like? [25 Examples]

Many are wondering: what does a Cockapoo look like? In this post, we’ll show you 25 examples of how cockapoos look like, plus, show you their different fur colors.

What Does A Cockapoo Look Like?

What Does A Cockapoo Look Like? When you breed a poodle and a Cocker Spaniel the resulting mix is called a Cockapoo. They are known for their medium length curly coat with minimal shedding. Famous for retaining their puppy-like charm into adulthood, they have become more popular as time goes on.


You can see this dog standing elegantly in the field with its off-white fur and darker patches of fur around the ears, staring proudly towards the camera.

This is the perfect example of a medium-sized roughly 25-pound adult Cockapoo. And you can see how stylish they look with the cross necklace its owners placed on them.


We can see the range of further colors the Cockapoo breed can display with this example of the dog.

Around its chest is somewhat wider patches of fur, but mostly it is a brownish-red. Its coat is medium length, and while not entirely curly, it displays at some feathery appearance. This particular dog is a medium-sized medium weight adult.


In this image; we can see the two parent breeds of the Cockapoo hybrid. It’s easy to tell that it is the result of its parents’ combination of genetics by looking at its color and coat.

 This style of fur is inherited primarily from the poodle with its medium length curly appearance while the coloring is from the cocker spaniel with its reddish-brown hues.

The final height and weight are more variable with Cockapoo’s ranging from medium-small to medium-large depending on genetics.


Yes, Cockapoo’s can be downright adorable whenever they are young too. We can see even more of the color options available in this breed and the fur patterns.

This puppy still has medium short length wavy for rather than curly for with darker brown hair that has subtle red undertones. Obviously, as a puppy, this dog is still both tiny and very lightweight.


Here, we see some of the variety available in the facial features of this breed.

This Cockapoo displays the characteristic mustache of the cocker spaniel while the rest of its coat is more similar to the poodle.

 It has a lighter reddish coat displaying traits from both the poodle and the spaniel. This particular dog is a little bit taller than some of the other images and is likely a little over 30 pounds.


In contrast to the cocker spaniel dominant Cockapoo previously described this image shows us a Cockapoo with poodle dominant genetics.

You can quickly tell by looking at its fur coat with the distinctive curly medium length fur of the poodle, and it is almost entirely white except for darker patches of hair around the mouth and ears.

The size of this dog is comparable to an adult poodle in both height and weight.


Finally, we get to look at a Cockapoo that shows us some of their darker color patterns. The hair is almost a perfect cross between the cocker spaniel and poodle with the medium wavy appearance.

This is a tiny puppy. Its small patch of white fur on the chest is definitely inherited from a poodle.

 It’s hard to tell how tall and large it will be by the time it becomes an adult but it will likely be a medium-sized dog in the end.


This adult Cockapoo looks like they would belong right at home on a large farm helping to corral some sheep.

Lying elegantly on the grass, we get to see a clear view of the face with many of the cocker spaniel’s traits prominently on display.

The muddy red color of the coat with the medium length wavy fur is distinctive of this breed. It is a medium-sized and medium weight dog.


The Cockapoo has such a range of possible appearances it’s hard to know what you will get by the time they are an adult.

This dog has hair that is nearly golden in appearance, most likely a perfect mix between the poodle and cocker spaniel.

It is a shorter dog and is likely around 20 pounds.

The hair on the face is a distinct trait inherited from the cocker spaniel owing to the mustache.


At first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference between this puppy and a cocker spaniel puppy.

When a Cockapoo is born, they often appear more like one of the parent breeds than the other but over time will usually develop into their characteristic traits.

This particular puppy has a medium-short coat with wavy hair that is light blonde in appearance with darker patches on the edges of the ears.

Because it is a puppy it is likely very tiny.


Here, we have a medium-small adult Cockapoo displaying distinct traits from both parent breeds.

Its short stubby arms are adorable and give us the perfect place to see their orange coat of medium length fur.

This dog, in particular, is relatively short overall and is probably around 20 pounds in weight.


Here, we have an example of a Cockapoo that shows they can be smaller dogs.

It would likely be considered a medium little dog, and it has grayish orange fur that is relatively rare for the breed to inherit.

 Otherwise, you can see in its facial features many of the traits that are increasingly desired among the Cockapoo breed.


This Cockapoo is standing in the forest and looks to be hunting something.

The brown fur is evenly toned over the body.

It has shorter-length wavy hair.

 It is a medium height and medium weight dog.


This is a tiny puppy belonging to the Cockapoo breed.

This puppy has shorter and less wavy hair than other Cockapoo’s hair.

It is impossible to determine when they are puppies how large they will be as adults because their ultimate height and weight very significantly.


There are two examples of the Cockapoo breed in this picture.

They look fairly similar but display different traits. One has evenly toned for with one solid color over the whole body while the other has a two-toned coat.

One is a little larger than the other while they are both likely between 20 to 30 pounds in weight.


This is a fairly small-sized Cockapoo that displays one of the rarest coat combinations the breed can inherit. This is a blue merle coat dog.

This type of coat shows a blended pattern with waves of different colors appearing throughout the entire body.

This particular dog likely weighs less than 20 pounds overall.


a cockapoo puppy

This Cockapoo puppy looks almost as if it is a golden retriever puppy as it sits with its head cocked slightly to the side towards the camera.

It has the coat of a Cockapoo thanks to its medium length and wavy style even if it does look like it has the coloring of a golden retriever.

Since this the puppy it’s likely very small but it does look like it could become a fairly sizable dog.


This is an example of a particularly rare coat color for the Cockapoo breed.

This dog has an entirely matte black coat with no patches of a different color anywhere to be seen.

It is also fairly large for a Cockapoo and looks to way more than 30 pounds.

It has the standard medium length wavy fur of the Cockapoo.


this is an amazing looking Cockapoo that seems to be enjoying a day at the beach.

Its fur is an off-white color with darker patches towards the ears.

It seems to be a Cockapoo with a longer length fur that is straighter than some of the other dogs in this breed.


This Cockapoo puppy also has the rare Merle coat pattern that is coveted among certain people who love the breed and the particular color pattern.

This puppy seems to be very young because of how incredibly tiny and lightweight it is.

It is hard to tell what kind of coat it will have as an adult but it does seem to have some waviness to it already.


How great would it be to wake up and have a Cockapoo staring at you lovingly the same way that this Cockapoo is staring into the camera with its head laid on the arm of a chair?

We can see an interesting color pattern in this dog’s fur. It seems to display mostly the reddish use that is inherited from the cocker spaniel.

While there is also interspersed among the red colored hairs additional white hair speckled in most likely inherited from the poodle.

The dogs first seem to be nearly as curly as a purebred poodle but there is a little more straightness to it that is the result of the curling nest being tempered by cocker spaniel genetics.


here we have another one of the rare black Cockapoo puppies. It has a tiny patch of white fur in the dead center of its chest giving us just enough of a hint that it also has the poodle genetics.

The first is already long enough to be called medium in length and is beginning to display some of its characteristic curls associated with the Cockapoo breed.

While this puppy is pretty tiny if we look at the paws of the animal we can tell that there is a good chance it’s got a lot of growing to do before it is a full-sized adult.


This Cockapoo seems like they are on an adventure with the background of the image being a mountain top scene that most people would likely die to get a chance to see in person.

This Cockapoo wears their harness rather proudly with their chest puffed out as if to say they are happy to have conquered the mountain.

The dogs reddish further is blowing in the wind as the sides of the mountain no longer provide protection from the elements.

It has a medium length that is easily distinguishable thanks to the heavy winds present during the time of the image.


This is an example of a fairly old Cockapoo that is also pretty small for the breed.

Its coat of fur has been trimmed down so it is not easy to tell how curly it would have been if it were still grown.

It’s jagged tooth smile while some might find a little bit ugly is actually pretty endearing because of how adorable the dog is.


This dog has white tufts of hair on its head and it’s got medium length fur overall.

It is medium height and is likely fairly lightweight.

There are patches of brown fur on the ears.

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