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What Does A Schnoodle Dog Look Like? [25 Examples]

Want to know what does a Schnoodle dog look like? Then, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including 25 examples of a Schnoodle, quick facts about this dog breed, its characteristics, and more.

What Does A Schnoodle Dog Look Like?

what does a schnoodle look like

This is what’s amazing about hybrid dogs because most often than not, you would never know what to expect. See this white Schnoodle as an example. This is most likely a second-generation Schnoodle since it inherited some of its poodle parent traits. 

It has a white and wavy coat which is much similar to a poodle’s. This Schnoodle is still a puppy that is standard in size that ranges from 12 to 15 inches. 

The standard variety also can grow up to 13 to 20 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Yes, Schnoodles do look great with beards, don’t they? This is especially true when it comes to the variety that has a wiry coat. Don’t worry since you can always ask your professional groomer to give your dog a beard. 

As you can see, this Schnoodle has a dark brown double-coated coat that is wavy and wiry at the same time. This is quite normal among first-generation hybrid offsprings. 

This dog looks to be of the standard variation as well with a height of 15 to 26 inches. It also weighs around 30 to 40 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Yes, Schnoodles can come multi-colored. This is part of their hybrid nature. In this photo, you can see that this variety has a wiry coat that is black and white. 

You may be wondering why it looks like the dog is wearing boots? Well, that depends on how the groomer cuts their coat. Schnoodles are fun since they are also easy to dress up.

This variety is miniature with a height that ranges from 12 to 15 inches. It can also weigh up to 30 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Yes, standard-sized Schnoodles can grow tall and lanky. This is one trait that they can get from their Schnauzer parent. But some poodles are lanky as well. 

It is just a matter of what traits both parents carry when they are paired together. As you can see, this standard Schnoodle has white and wiry hair. It is well kept and is always groomed. 

This Schnoodle stands around 22 inches tall and weighs around 40 pounds. If you are fond of the bigger variety, you can always request from a reputable breeder to make you one. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Schnoodles can become very hairy especially when their coat is not groomed regularly and is unkept. This may look very cute, but the truth is, it may result in skin complications. 

This variety has a wiry coat and is white and brown. The color “chocolate” as many dog enthusiasts fondly call it is widely popular among dog owners. It is like having a real-life teddy bear right inside your home. 

But going back, ungroomed hair does result in tangles and mat formation. Mat formation often leads to skin diseases and that is what we would want to avoid. 

This Schnoodle seems to be of the miniature variety and has a height that measures around 12 inches. Basing on their body structure, they can also weigh up to 15 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Aren’t Schnoodle puppies so cute? Especially when they are opposites when it comes to color variation. Even their coats are different, one being wavy and the other is wiry. 

The unpredictability of the breed is somewhat amusing. Again, this is perfectly normal among hybrid dogs. One puppy is dominantly a Poodle while the other is dominantly a Schnauzer when it comes to inherited traits. 

These are first-generation standard Schnoodles that normally can stand from 15 to 26 inches in height when fully grown. The larger variation can weigh up to 75 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Schnoodles can have mixed-colored coats too! If you look at this Schnoodle closely, you can see that it has different variations in hair color. You can see strands of brown, silver, gray, and black hair. 

Yes, Schnoodles can be very interesting when it comes to their hair color. This variation also comes in miniature size and can grow up to 15 inches. They normally weigh around 18 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Talk about having a real live teddy bear. Yes, some Schnoodles do look like stuffed toys especially when they are young. If you look closely, this Schnoodle puppy has two different coat types consisting of brown and wiry hair around the head area and a white and brown wavy coat around the body. 

It also appears that this puppy structurally standard in size and can weigh up to 75 pounds when fully grown. It can also stand around 15 to 30 inches in height. 

what does a schnoodle look like

This Schnoodle’s wiry coat is not something new when it comes to this breed. Although a rough and wiry coat is not common among this breed, it does happen. It even resembles a combination of wavy and wiry coat types. 

Well, this is given when you are opting to own a hypoallergenic dog. This coat type does not shed at all but needs to be groomed more often. 

This coat type is quite common among standard Schnoodles of the first generation. They can also grow up to 30 inches and weigh 70 pounds when fully grown. 

what does a schnoodle look like

One thing that Schnoodle owners love about their dogs is that they can bring them anywhere that they like. Take this fun-loving Schnoodle as an example. These dogs are so easy to tame, and you would not need to worry about them jumping out of the car. 

If you look closely this Schnoodle has a white and wiry coat that is common among first-generation offsprings. They are also of standard Schnoodle size with a height that ranges up to 26 inches. 

Standard Schnoodles can also grow and weigh up to 75 pounds depending on the traits of their parents. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a house that is full of adorable Schnoodles? This litter of Schnoodle puppies clearly shows the variety that comes in one breeding. They all have the same double coat type that is wiry around the head and wavy coat around the body. 

But regardless of these similarities, they still vary in color some coming different combinations of silver, black, and white. And one puppy is brown. 

This breed variation is normally of second-generation miniature Schnoodles that can grow up to 15 inches in height. They can also weigh up to 20 pounds when fully grown. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Double coated Schnoodles can come in a variety of ways as well. If you look closely at the photo, only the top of the head near the ears is wiry while the rest comes in poodle-like curls. This is what adds to the character of our beloved Schnoodles, their looks are very versatile. 

Although most of these variations are common from the first-generation offspring of standard size parents. Their height may be a bit similar when fully grown at around 25 inches, their weight may vary depending on their traits. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Schnoodles with their fun-loving and child-friendly nature can easily be dressed up—from how their coat is groomed to accessories. 

If you like this look on your Schnoodle, you can recommend this haircut to any professional groomer. This Schnoodle has wiry fur which closely resembles a Schnauzer and comes with a gray and white color combination. 

These types normally grow around 20 inches in height and can weigh around 40 pounds when adults.

what does a schnoodle look like

Schnoodles can look like little polar bears as well, or oversized poodles. Check this one out as an example. If you like your Schnoodle’s coat to be fluffy, as long as the weather permits, then go for it. 

We also wouldn’t want our pets to be uncomfortable. Just make sure that proper grooming is done regularly. These types are bred to be miniature Schnoodles that grow up to 15 inches in height and weigh around 20 pounds.

what does a schnoodle look like

Yes, your Schnoodle does love the great outdoors. Poodles are bred to be retrievers after all that’s why playing catch is innate to their offsprings as well. 

This variety has a black and wavy coat that looks a bit wooly that closely resembles a poodle. They are standard in size but grow around 20 inches. They also weigh around 30-45 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Have you ever yearned to own a small Schnoodle? Yes, toy Schnoodles do exist. And this one has a brown and wavy coat. 

These Schnoodle variations are specially bred to be very small in size and growing only up to 12 inches in height. They are also very light-weight and can grow up to 10 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

First-generation standard Schnoodles are fun when you acquire a whole litter of them. That is because they normally do not look alike. Take this photo as an example. 

These are standard-sized Schnoodles that vary in three different colors. But they do have the same wavy coats. This type of Schnoodles can grow up to 26 inches in height and can weigh as much as 75 pounds. 

Here we have another toy Schnoodle and if you want to have one, you can always ask any reputable Schnoodle breeder.  This Schnoodle has a black and brown wavy coat. It is about 10 inches in height and can weigh up to 8 to 10 pounds.

Aren’t Schnoodle puppies the cutest? Especially this chocolate brown miniature Schnoodle. These types are also bred to look like what they are now. Miniatures and toy Schnoodles are somewhat predictable, unlike the standard ones. 

This puppy has a brown wavy coat and stands around 12 inches. It also weighs around 15 pounds. 

Schnoodles can even be cuter than teddy bears. Check this toy Schnoodle that is wearing a bear costume. If you look closely you will see that its hair is dominantly wiry which closely resembles a Schnauzer’s. 

Toy Schnoodles are so small and normally walk around 10 inches and weigh around 8 pounds. 

Toy Schnoodles are quite common nowadays. Check out this furry variation as an example. It has a wiry gray and white fur that closely resembles your child’s stuffed toy.

These Schnoodle types are so small that they have a maximum height of less than afoot. They also weigh very light that range around 3 kilos. 

what does a schnoodle look like

Schnoodles do love to play outdoors, even during snow time. This is also the perfect time to grow their furs. Here you can see a Schnoodle with a wiry coat that has different shades of brown. 

These are miniature Schnoodles that grow around 15 inches in height. They also weigh around 15 pounds. 

Ever seen a Schnauzer with a wavy coat? This is exactly what this Schnoodle looks like. It has a wavy coat that is mixed with some wiry areas. The color is also a mix of brown and black. 

This is a standard size Schnoodle and stands around 20 inches in height. This dog also weighs around 25 pounds given its lanky body structure. 

Schnoodles are fun family dogs. They are also great with kids that is why they are very popular indoor house dogs. Check out these two standard-sized Schnoodles. Both of them closely resemble a grown Poodle given that they have wavy coats. 

Standard-sized Poodles are almost of the same size and weight and Schnoodles are. Growing to a height of around 22 inches, and also weighing around 40 to 50 pounds. 

what does a schnoodle look like

The truth is, Schnoodles are custom dogs. You can ask any reputable Schnoodle breeder the specifications of your need and they will provide the perfect Schnoodle for you. That is why these dogs are in-demand and somewhat expensive. 

What you see here is a miniature Schnoodle that has gray and white curls all over. It weighs around 15 pounds and can grow to 15 inches in total height. 

Quick Facts About Schnoodles

what does a schnoodle dog look like

Schnoodles is a custom-made breed that comes from breeding a Schnauzer to a Poodle. They are smart dogs and are hypoallergenic which makes them a perfect family dog. 

Schnoodles have pretty much the best of both worlds. From the Schnauzer’s temperament to a Poodle’s playfulness. It is also a low shedding dog. 

But of course, regular grooming should be done to these dogs otherwise, they will end up with coat problems. 

Schnoodles Characteristics

what does a schnoodle dog look like

Schnoodles are generally smart, having one parent belonging to the top 10 most intelligent dogs in the world. And that is the Poodle. 

Having an intelligent dog means that they can easily be trained. Apart from this, Schnoodles also has a great personality. 

They are generally active and are fond of doing canine sports like fetch and flyball. Poodles are bred to be fowl and game retrievers back in the day, so this characteristic is somewhat innate. 

Schnoodles also love to play in the water and love the attention that their owners are giving them. Due to these characteristics, many Schnoodles are trained to be therapy dogs. 

It is quite a common sight to see a Schnoodle in a nursing home or around a children’s hospital. 

Poodles and Schnauzers are both non-shedding dogs which makes the Schnoodle perfect for families that are having problems with allergies. 

Schnoodle Size Variations

what does a schnoodle dog look like

There are three varieties of Schnoodle sizes.

Standard Schnoodle

The first variety is the standard size Schnoodles. 

These Schnoodles are generally the first generation of offspring and carry most of the standard traits that their parents have. 

Their height normally ranges from 14 to 28 inches while they weigh up to 70 pounds.

Miniature Schnoodle

The second size variation is the miniature Schnoodle. These are those that stand around 12 to 15 inches in height. They also weigh as much as 20 pounds.

Toy Schnoodle

The last size variation is the toy Schnoodles. These Schnoodles are bred to be very small standing only up to 12 inches in height. 

They are also quite lightweight and only weigh up to 10 pounds. 

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What Are Schnoodle Dogs Like?

As discussed earlier, Schnoodles are fun-loving and very friendly dogs. Given that they acquired the Schnauzer’s temperament and the Poodle’s playfulness. 

What even makes them special is that this dog breed is very smart. They can easily be trained and are capable of doing various tasks. 

Just make sure that you have enough smart toys around that can stimulate their brains. They are also great outdoor dogs. 

You do not have to run after them while they get in trouble. They can be very well-mannered and behave. 

Apart from this, Schnoodles are also very playful. Whether it be playing in the snow or along the beach.

Just make sure that they are properly groomed for outdoor activities especially when it is hot. 

Is The Schnoodle Right For You?

Whether you live on a farm or in the city, Schnoodles are quite easy to live with. Apart from this, they are also quite good at being great companions to humans. 

If you have a family with small kids, then the Schnoodle is perfect for you. They are generally great with kids that is why they are loved by families all around the globe. 

That is because they are smart and are excellent as family pets. Apart from being playful and unlike other dogs, their temperament towards kids is very mellow.

But the same with other breeds, you should always coach your kids on how to approach and play with dogs. Despite their friendly demeanor, there will always be times when they would feel threatened. 

If you have an allergy or have housemates or family members that are allergic to pets, then the Schnoodle is the perfect breed for you. 

Coming from both parents being non-shedders, Schnoodles are also hypoallergenic. That is why these dogs are in demand. 

One reason why hybrid dogs are so popular is that, apart from their good looks, most hybrids are bred to be hypoallergenic. 

That means that they do not cause allergies among their housemates. 

If you like smart dogs but would rather own a small one, then the Schnoodle is perfect for you. Although there are Schnoodles that are largely due to breeding a Poodle to a Giant Schnauzer, standard Schnoodles are generally small

You can easily bring them anywhere since they only weigh around 20 pounds. So again, if you are the type that is fond of bringing your dog anywhere with you, then the Schnoodle is quite what you need. 

Did you know that Schnoodles are very good therapy dogs? Yes, many Schnoodles are trained to do just that. 

That is because they are very affectionate to their owners. Schnoodles loved being cuddled and rubbed, and it may seem that they would follow you anywhere. 

Schnoodles are also fond of sleeping beside you on your bed. Do not worry, since they barely shed their coats. 

One good characteristic about smart dogs is their willingness to learn and the Schnoodle is just that. In general, they are very enthusiastic dogs

They are fun and seem like they do not run out of energy. They are always interested to learn new activities like canine sports. 

Do not be afraid to overwork your Schnoodle since their roots are bred to become work dogs. So if you are looking for the perfect outdoor buddy that you can bring around and play with, then the Schnoodle is again, perfect for you.

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