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What Is A Miniature Labradoodle? [Full Breakdown]

Want to know what is a miniature labradoodle? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything there is you need to know about a miniature Labradoodle. We included everything from its temperament, training requirements, and more.

We also present to you how much does a miniature Labradoodle puppy cost.

What Is A Miniature Labradoodle?

what is a miniature labradoodle

A Miniature Labradoodle is generally regarded as a mix of a Labrador Retriever, and a Miniature Poodle, both purebred.

Mini Labradoodles range from fourteen to sixteen inches in height and may average between fifteen to twenty-five pounds.

The exact size of this breed can vary considerably due to the traits of their parents. However, Miniature Labradoodles decrease in size with each generation of successive litters. So, a second-generation Mini Labradoodle will most likely be along the smaller end of the sizes listed.

Mini Labradoodles are famously known for their ringlet coat. They can come in a variety of colors, including tan, white, black, apricot, caramel, red, silver, cream, and grey.

Some Mini Labradoodles may feature a coat that is a mix of several colors, creating a patched hue.

Miniature Labradoodles are regarded as extremely friendly and energetic dogs. They will make a wonderful companion for families with children. They are famously loyal, and very sociable so that they mesh well with others within the household.

What Is The Temperament Of A Miniature Labradoodle?

what is a miniature labradoodle

The Mini Labradoodle can be a very energetic dog, in addition to having a reputation for being quite intelligent. This makes them easily trainable. You can also be assured of good behavior if they are shown the right amount of discipline as well as care.

These are very playful and energetic dogs. Thus, they require lots of exercise in order that they will be most satisfied.

A prospective owner should also be prepared to create many opportunities for playtime and schedule daily walks for their new pet.

In addition, Labradoodles are social animals, and thus they will require a lot of attention from their owners.

These dogs can form very close bonds with their human companions. They are also well known to be able to read a person’s body language. They can easily tell what someone is feeling just from how they compose themselves.

Temperament To Look Out For

Although generally regarded as playful dogs, prospective owners should be aware that they can inherit traits such as the wariness of strangers or protectiveness from their parents.

It is important to attempt socialization early in the dog’s life, so as to minimize potential issues that may arise. If trained properly, Mini Labradoodles may prove to be a great family dog or companion.

Extremely loyal, Miniature Labradoodles enjoy interacting with members of their chosen family group, or pack. They are excellent for new dog owners. Their innate friendliness making it much easier for them to become closer quickly with their owners.

They can be a calm breed around their immediate family. However, their parentage means that their temperament can vary from calm to noisier, depending on the percentage of their mix.

How Much Training Does A Miniature Labradoodle Require?

what is a miniature labradoodle

Mini Labradoodles are generally regarded as an intelligent breed that is quite trainable. However, this process needs to be consistent throughout the rearing of the animal.

This ease of training can make them an excellent choice for a new dog owner. They are also considered to be quite obedient and respond well to commands.

As Mini Labradoodles are extremely sociable and loyal dogs, they can be eager to pay attention to their owners as they train them in the correct modes of behavior.


Positive reinforcement is key to being able to make a connection with this breed, as they are very emotional animals.

As with most breeds, it is best to train a Miniature Labradoodle as early as possible. This way, it can learn what is considered appropriate behavior in the household.

However, adult dogs are highly trainable as well. They will require though a more thorough regimen of training as compared to a dog that was reared in proper behavior as a puppy.

In regards to attention, affection during this training time should be given as a reward when the puppy is on its best behavior.

Once the Mini Labradoodle associates positive reactions with good behavior, they will be more inclined to repeat it in return for acknowledgment.


Make sure that your Mini Labradoodle continues to receive reinforcement, as they can be very emotional dogs.

Punishment is inadvisable to use on this breed. They may believe that continued attention from you is a sign that they are free to continue this behavior at will.


In training your labradoodle, once again, socialization should be prioritized. Introductions to other animals or persons in the household should be made as early as possible.

Encourage socialization by rewarding positive interactions with treats or affection. This becomes ingrained within them that it is something that they should continue.

Setting Limitations

As with any dog, it is very important to make sure that the new pet knows its limits inside the house. This is particularly important as a new Mini Labradoodle can be an excitable animal.

Keep a puppy on a leash for the first month or so. This is to ensure that the animal is aware of what his limits are. A puppy also learns how to calm himself in close proximity to the owner and their associated family members.

If the Mini Labradoodle is especially excitable, crate training may be required for this animal for the first few weeks. The leash would be then utilized to be able to take it for brief walks around the house so that boundaries may be set.

Potty Training

It is also important to potty-train a Miniature Labradoodle immediately after bringing it into the house, to reduce the risk of accidents. If possible, positive reinforcement should be encouraged to convince the animal to perform its business outside.

As Mini Labradoodles are intelligent animals, they will get bored quickly if they are not receiving enough attention or stimulation. Lack of proper care in this manner can lead to a nervous animal that repeatedly causes problems within the household.

Living Conditions For A Mini Labradoodle

what is a miniature labradoodle

It is generally recommended to give this breed an average of between half an hour to an hour of exercise each day. These dogs are very active. Therefore, constant exercise can ensure that they meet their needs in a healthy manner instead of taking it out inside the household.

In order to adequately train the animal, it is also important to stimulate them via toys as well as renew their training to ensure that they stay in good shape. If possible, it is best to train the animal early on so that it is aware of where it can and can not go within the household.

Although very active dogs, this breed is suitable for any living space that it may be introduced to, from apartments to large houses.

As long as a Miniature Labradoodle is exercised regularly, it will easily adapt to whatever living conditions that it may be introduced to by its owner.

As with any breed, it is important to dog-proof the house beforehand. Remove any obstacles that might be at a risk, particularly from a new pet.

In addition, proper training can ensure that a dog will not be inclined to utilize the furniture, depending on how this is accomplished.

How Long Does A Miniature Labradoodle Live?

Normally, Miniature Labradoodles live for an average of ten to twelve years. However, with an active lifestyle, this can be extended to twelve to fourteen years. This makes Mini Labradoodles ideal for families. This breed will be able to spend much of its life with children as they grow up.

Medical Issues

Prospective owners should keep in mind that this breed may have medical issues tied to their parent breeds. Prospective owners should speak to veterinary professionals regarding these medical conditions as part of their research.

Labradors are prone to ear infections, hip and elbow dysplasia, and obesity. Poodles typically are commonly affected by skin conditions.

If possible, it is very important to check with the breeder that the animal was acquired from. This is in order to receive a medical history of the parent breeds.

Mini Labradoodles may also be susceptible to Diabetes as well as Epilepsy. For the latter, it is integral to monitor blood sugar levels and keep the animal well exercised.

If Epilepsy is suspected however, it is important to ensure that the owner is in contact with a veterinarian professional.

When To Consult A Veterinarian Professional

As with any breed, regular veterinarian checkups are essential. This is to continue to monitor the health of the animal, and to ensure that they are staying as healthy and active as possible.

When visiting a pet health professional, the owner of the animal should be sure to inform them of any current updates on the health of their pets. This way, they are informed of any possible condition.

Feeding your Miniature Labradoodle a proper diet can also help ensure that they live a long and active life. Obesity is one of the primary health risks for any dog, specifically those that are already of a smaller weight initially.

What Are The Proper Nutritional Requirements For A Miniature Labradoodle?

It is integral to ensure that the Miniature Labradoodle breed is fed a very healthy diet, particularly if adopted as a puppy.

As puppies generally grow quickly, choosing a diet that complements their active lifestyle is very important. This is to ensure that they will grow up to be very healthy.

Feeding Guide

Making a regimented diet early on, and sticking to it is important. This diet includes how many meals they receive per day.

Through the first four months, it is important to feed them four meals each day. Afterward at six to eight months, feeding them two to three meals daily is adequate for their needs. After the eight-month point, two meals a day is quite acceptable to ensure a healthy animal.

It is also important to monitor the weight of the Miniature Labradoodle and adjust their daily feed amount likewise. The caloric intake for these animals can also change with age and with increases in body weight as well. It is very important to ensure that at any age, the breed receives a very well balanced diet.

Dietary And Nutritional Needs

Many commercial brands of dog food can adequately meet the dietary and nutritional needs of Miniature Labradoodles. Kibble is one of the most affordable and available options for feeding any breed of dog.

As Miniature Labradoodles are a very energetic breed, it is important to look for a brand with as many natural ingredients as possible. Avoid brands with a high percentage of artificial ingredients.

Mini Labradoodles require protein in their diet, as well as fat to help them remain energetic throughout their day.

Carbohydrates are also an integral part of a diet. However, this should be moderated as well by ensuring that they are fed low-to-medium carb levels. It is also important to ensure that this breed is consuming fiber in its daily meals so that it will better be able to digest.

No matter what food is served to Miniature Labradoodles, they require their daily vitamins and minerals at each meal. This is why organic feed is preferred for them. They will be more likely to fulfill their dietary needs in this manner.

Alternatively, feeding the Miniature Labradoodle wet food can be better for an energetic animal in some cases.

It is a more expensive alternative than Kibble. This is because it may not be possible for an owner to feed their dog every single day. However, it can be utilized as an incentive for the dog to eat kibble by mixing a small amount of it in dry food as well.

Overeating And Obesity

It is important as well to ensure that an owner is watching their dog’s diet, and making sure that they are not overeating. One way to ensure that this is done is to ensure that treats are kept to a minimum, possibly being utilized as an incentive between exercises or for good behavior.

Obesity is a major issue in any breed. It is, therefore, not a good idea to just leave food out throughout the day for the Mini Labradoodle. If possible, try to feed the animal the appropriate meal items during the day. This way, the dog becomes used to a rigorous schedule.

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What Are The Grooming Requirements For A Miniature Labradoodle?

what is a miniature labradoodle

Types Of Coats

Typically, a Mini Labradoodle can have three types of coats, depending on the percentage of parental traits they inherit. These are the Wooly coat, a fleece coat, or a straight coat. All of which may require different grooming techniques to ensure that the animal has the best fitting care for their coat.


There is a chance that this breed may inherit the Poodle coat, which rarely sheds, or the Labrador coat which regularly sheds, and requires more maintenance.

The poodle type coat is very high maintenance and is susceptible to dirt becoming trapped within, so it requires more brushing as it does not shed.

Meanwhile, the Labrador sheds often. Brushing should be timed twice a week when it is noticed that the animal first begins to shed. Failure to perform this action may lead to a significantly tangled, or matted coat.

Grooming Requirements

Regular brushing is required to prevent the coat from becoming overly tangled. This may be most necessary if the animal has a wooly coat. It is very important to ensure that the animal is brushed thoroughly.

Often, a basic surface brushing will tend to miss many dirt particles and leave the coat itself neglected, particularly next to the skin.

As with any breed, it is also important to look after their nails each week. This is to ensure that they are not growing too long, clipping as needed.

Washing of ears is also necessary, particularly for dog breeds where the coat can grow overlong. This particularly increases the risk of particles becoming trapped within the inner ear.

Owners should ensure more thorough grooming of the canine companion by brushing their teeth often to avoid the buildup of bacteria. This will help prevent the animal from getting infections within the mouth region as well. In addition, make sure to check the mouth region during the grooming to try and determine just how

Bathing is an important part of the grooming requirements of any dog.

A Miniature Labradoodle is very similar to what it’s full-grown counterpart’s needs are. It is also extremely important to ensure that the dog has a manageable coat. Regular grooming is done before a bath, so that dirt and other trapped particles may be properly removed.

Does A Miniature Labradoodle Make A Good Family Pet?

what is a miniature labradoodle


A mini labradoodle makes a great choice for a family pet due to its generally friendly disposition as well as ease of training. The breed’s predisposition for being very energetic makes them an ideal choice for families with children, as they will be eager to play with their new pack.


As the Miniature Labradoodles are extremely sociable animals, they will be able to integrate into a family setting with more ease than many other breeds. Their energetic responses make them great for young children to play with.

Miniature Labradoodles can get lonely and bored easily. When integrated into a family, this can easily be prevented as they will always have someone to interact with.


Parents of small children can be assured that these Miniature Labradoodles are not an aggressive breed. Their temperament can be measured early on as well via constant training and socialization. Early socialization is advisable for most breeds before being introduced into a family environment as well.


This breed is also generally regarded as being a good fit for families with children. They are gentle and careful with them. It is essential to teach children the proper manner of interacting with the new family pet, to ensure that they will get along well.


Labradoodles as a breed are extremely loyal and will be very faithful retainers to the family, during their life. Easy to care for, they will not require as much maintenance as a typical family so long as their exercise and grooming routines are met at appropriate times.

How Much Does A Miniature Labradoodle Puppy Cost?

Considerations Before Buying A Miniature Labradoodle Puppy

As with any pet, it is important to consider that a dog is a lifetime commitment. They will require plenty of care, so a purchase should not be an impulsive one. It is important to research not only the breed but also asks questions about the prospective animal once a selection has been made.

Price Variations

Miniature Labradoodles are a popular, but pricey breed and the cost of bringing a new puppy home can vary a considerable amount. It is possible to see on average the cost for a new puppy ranging from the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Price is usually comparable to the size of the animal. The more expensive puppies are usually the smallest out of a litter. This is because for Miniature Labradoodles, the smaller they are, the more desirable they are generally considered for many breeders.

Buying Versus Adopting

If a person chooses to obtain a Miniature Labradoodle from a breeder, it is integral to choose one that is highly reputable and is properly certified. In order to test that breeders possess the required knowledge, it is important to ask the proper questions regarding the care and welfare of the breed beforehand.

However, consider adopting from a shelter, as these usually ask for a tax-deductible donation fee. In addition, there are many loving animals that are waiting for adoption within these shelters.

As with breeders, it is very important for prospective owners to do their homework first. Researching both the shelter, as well as the requirements of the animal in question should be done.

It is not recommended to buy a puppy from a pet store. It will be far less likely for this animal to have the appropriate documentation that any new owner will require before taking the animal into their home.

There is also a high risk that animals originating from this source will not be housebroken or properly socialized. This will lead to difficulties in integrating them into the household.

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