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What Is The Average Size Of A Cockapoo?

Want to know what is the average size of a Cockapoo? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything from the average size of a Cockapoo, its size variations, how big they can grow, and more.

What Is The Average Size Of A Cockapoo?

what is the average size of a cockapoo

Cockapoos come in a variety of sizes. There are four size categories, with the Cockapoos ranging from less than ten inches in height and six pounds in weight, to fifteen inches in height and over nineteen pounds in weight, depending on the breed that you have.

Cockapoos that come from multigenerational breeding—that is, breeding between Cockapoos— are expected to grow up to the same height as the parents, as there are fewer variations in multigenerational Cockapoo breeds (or any other breeds, for that matter).

The Cockapoo’s Origin

Cockapoos, or Cocker Spaniel and Poodle planned hybrid, are among the most popular dogs. One of the first designer dogs bred in the United States, Cockapoos were bred to become companion dogs.

This designer breed is an affectionate one that can be small enough to cuddle. However, some breeds can be big enough to play with larger dogs.

Whether big or small, Cockatoos are adorable canine friends with agreeable temperaments, so you don’t have to worry about them around kids, older folks, or even other pets. 

Cockapoo Size Variations

what is the average size of a cockapoo

Because they are cross-bred, there is no one standard size for a Cockapoo. Their physical traits and size will depend on their parents, and a variety of sizes can appear in every litter. 

However, this breed can be divided into the following size variations:

Standard Cockapoo

The standard or maxi Cockapoo is the largest size, weighing more than nineteen pounds and standing at over fifteen inches.

Miniature Cockapoo

The miniature Cockapoo is slightly smaller at eleven to fourteen inches in height, and weighing between thirteen and eighteen pounds.

Toy Cockapoo

The toy Cockapoo stands at about ten inches in height. However, it is said to have a more sturdy build than its larger counterparts and weighs just under twelve pounds.

Teacup Cockapoo

The smallest breed of the bunch, the teacup Cockapoo stands at less than ten inches in height. This breed is great for small apartments as they don’t take up too much space. Weighing in at only six pounds, these adorable pets make the perfect lap dogs.

With the variety of sizes of Cockapoos, choose one that fits your lifestyle. These dogs are of good temperament and are good for families as they have a reputation of being hypoallergenic, making them easier to tolerate by people who have dog allergies.

While there is no scientific evidence that any breed is more or less allergenic than another, some people with allergies may react less severely to Poodles and Cockapoos.

How Big Will My Cockapoo Grow?

what is the average size of a cockapoo

The Cockapoo, which ranges from under ten inches (Teacup Cockapoo) to over fifteen inches in height (Standard or Maxi Cockapoo) offers a variety of options for dog lovers. Depending on the breed of Cockapoo you have, dog owners should take in the size of the dog before deciding to buy or adopt one.

This is for the dog’s comfort as much as its owners, as the canine should also fit its owner’s home and lifestyle. Individuals who set their eyes on Cockapoos may be curious about how fast they grow, and up to what sizes.

When Do Cockapoos Stop Growing?

what is the average size of a cockapoo

In general, smaller dog breeds grow faster than larger breeds. This proves true for the Cockapoos, which become fully-grown once it reaches nine to twelve months old.

Although this breed becomes fully mature at nine months, it may continue to grow up to its full height between the ages of ten and twelve months.

Cockapoos that come from toy or teacup Poodle breeds can be as small as ten inches in height. They make great companions for individuals who live in small apartments, or families who want similar dogs that are easier to handle.

Because they are small, teacup Cockapoos reach full growth at around six months. Miniature Cockapoos, which are slightly larger at fourteen inches in height, can take anywhere between six to nine months to fully grow.

Finally, the Standard or Maxi Cockapoo, which is born out of Standard Poodles, can stand at the height of fifteen to eighteen inches, and can take from nine months up to a full year to grow.

It is important to note that cross-bred dogs don’t have a standard breed size unless they are a product of generations of standard sized Cockapoos. While purebred dogs have already been bred to a standard, the same cannot be said for mix breeds. 

Do Cockapoos Experience Growth Spurts?

Like humans, dogs too, experience growth spurts. Also like humans, some puppy growth spurts are more obvious than others.

Teacup and Toy Cockapoos are quite small, so their growth spurts are less noticeable because they don’t grow all that much to begin with.

In all likelihood, you will see their most noticeable changes within the first three months of their lives in terms of growth.

As for the miniature and standard Cockapoos, their growth spurts are more noticeable around the fourth to sixth month mark.

Another noticeable change in the Cockapoo is their coat. When their “puppy” coat sheds to change into their adult coat, they tend to look larger than they actually are.

Cockapoos are easy to groom—simply use a high-quality brush to cut down excess hair. This will give you an accurate view of how large your dog has grown.

Once they have reached their maturity, it does not necessarily mean that they will stop growing in size. Instead of growing upward, they tend to widen out and gain weight due to muscle or fat.

What Impacts The Height And Weight Of A Cockapoo?

There are different factors that contribute to the size of the Cockapoo. Remember that this is a hybrid, which means that the purity of its parents’ breeds can play a part in its size. 

Here are the most common factors affecting the size and weight of your Cockapoo:


The genes of your pet’s parents will have a big impact on its size. Because Cockapoos are a mixed breed, the litter’s sizes may vary once they become grown.

Some Cockapoos will take after the bigger size of the poodle, while others may inherit the smaller cocker spaniel breed. To know the size of your Cockapoo, you may want to speak with your puppy breeder to discuss its likelihood to obtain the size of either its parents.


Because Cockapoos are not naturally-occurring animals, you need to look closer at their diet and nutrition than you would other dogs. The lack of proper nutrients and minerals can result in a stunted growth.

It is important that you consult your veterinarian so that you can work together to create a balanced diet for your Cockapoo. Once determined, it is important that you stick to this diet, so monitor your pet’s food intake to prevent overfeeding.

Gaining too much weight can be problematic to the Cockapoo’s growth spurt and may result in structural issues to his bones and muscles upon reaching adulthood.

The Cockapoo is recommended to partake a quarter to three-quarters cup of high-quality food per day, divided into two meals (usually brunch and dinner). Remember though that like humans, how much your dog eats will depend on its size, age, and activity level. 

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Cockapoos have moderate energy, but they still need their daily exercise. However, a light jog a few times around the block is enough since Cockapoos should not be subjected to strenuous activities.

Prolonged jogging or excessive jumping up and down the stairs or on furniture can negatively affect the Cockapoo’s bone development. Cockapoo experts advise owners to take their dogs to short walks instead, while exercising on softer surfaces such as sand or grass. 

What Is A Maxi Cockapoo?

what is the average size of a cockapoo

The Maxi or Standard Cockapoo is a cross between a Standard Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel. Multigenerational Cockapoos also come from a line of Standard Cockapoos. 

The Maxi Cockapoo usually have Poodle mothers, so they tend to look more like poodles than Cocker Spaniels. Cockapoos usually have tight and curly hair, which is why they have to be groomed occasionally.

Cockapoos that spend a lot of time outdoors will also need to be brushed and bathed more often.

Like its smaller versions, Maxi Cockapoos are active, with about the same level of energy. However, they may need longer naps between playtimes.

Their size does not make them very ideal pets for small homes or apartments, unless the owners don’t mind having larger dogs in small spaces. Despite its name, the Maxi Cockapoo is not one of the biggest dog breeds, thanks to the small stature of the Cocker Spaniel and the limited size of the Standard Poodle.

Pet Crate Size Guide For Cockapoos

Veterinarians and pet owners recommend a thirty-inch dog crate for adult Cockapoos. However, the crates may need to be bigger if either of its parents is a Standard Poodle.

Pet crates may be made of plastic, aluminum, or collapsible metal. It should be large enough for your dog to stand and turn around to ensure that he is comfortable in such a limited space. Pet crates are especially necessary when you are not around to supervise your dog.

In calculating the space needed by your pet, measure your Cockapoo by its shoulder height and add six inches.

Remember that size is more important than weight. The crate should at least be six inches or fifteen centimeters higher than their shoulder height to ensure comfort. 

The Importance Of Pet Crates

While many owners may question the necessity of using crates, professional trainers and veterinary doctors say that there are positive impacts on this for their well-being. Crates allow your dogs to satisfy their natural instincts.

It also offers them privacy and security, which is necessary when they feel stressed or if they are having a hard time. Dogs also need a place of solace to turn to when they are sick, for their psychological well-being.

Do not stick your Cockapoo in its crate for too long. A few hours at a time is enough, unless your dog uses the crate as his bedroom. Like any other animal, the Cockapoo is not meant to spend its life locked up.

What Cockapoo Size Suits Your Lifestyle?

what is the average size of a cockapoo

The first thing you have to consider is space. The Standard or Maxi Cockapoo does not adapt very well in small, cramped apartments, as they need a bigger space compared to the smaller Teacup or Toy breeds, which are perfectly fine as lap dogs.

Cockapoos have good temperaments and enjoy company. If you live alone and are gone most of the day, then this may not be the ideal pet for you.

Cockapoos love company. They are extremely sociable and would love to spend a lot of time with their families.

They are also active. While they are not fit for very strenuous activities, a Cockapoo’s owner should be able to find the time to take them for quick walks on a daily basis.

Adopting Guide For Cockapoos

If you do decide to pick up any of the Cockapoo breeds mentioned, make sure that you adopt one from a responsible dog breeder to ensure that you have happy and healthy dogs. In the United States, there are responsible Cockapoo breeders registered with the Cockapoo Club of America or the North American Cockapoo Registry. 

Crossbreeding animals have its pros and cons. For the Cockapoo, there are a variety of appearances that can develop, as many of its traits can be adopted from either of its pure-breed parents.

For those who want to own Cockapoos, remember that there is a difference between intentional breeding of carefully selected Spaniels and Poodles compared to a random poodle mix.

If the cross breeding works well, then you should have a sturdy dog like a Cocker Spaniel, but with the intelligence and spirit of a Poodle.

A true Cockapoo is bred with their health and psychological needs in mind. Designer or hybrid dogs are crosses of different breeds, so as an owner, you have to understand that its looks, size, temperament, and behavior are not as predictable as pure breed canines.

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