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What Kind Of Dog Is A Doodle?

Want to know more about what kind of dog is a doodle? In this post, we’ll tell you the different types of a doodle.

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What Kind Of Dog Is A Doodle?

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Doodle dogs are a type of designer dog that is the result of cross breeding any type of dog with a purebred poodle.

There are multiple types of doodle breeds thanks to the rapid cross-breeding activity since the first doodle breed was introduced in the 70s.

Doodles themselves have become highly sought after dogs for the specific set of traits they possess.

Many people find they are perfect family dogs that can play gently with children while also acting as super loyal watchdogs at night.

Whether this is your first time looking at dogs or having been a dog lover, your whole life chances are you will find something you love in one of the Doodles found in our list below.

Before we get there though, let’s talk about designer dogs.

What Are Designer Dogs?

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Designer dogs are dogs created by dog breeders who try to breed certain traits into a dog by selecting and managing the parents.

There are over 500 different types of designer dog breeds in the United States versus fewer than 200 officially recognized breeds.

Designer dog breeds have become more and more popular over the years. Especially as breeders have become more adept at breeding the traits, they desire into the new generation of puppies.

This let’s them charge a premium for the dogs.

Although a puppy straight from the breeder can be rather expensive when buying designer dogs, there are still plenty to choose from found in shelter all over the country.

If you do become interested in getting one consider going to a shelter rather than purchasing one.

That way, you will be able to not only save money but also provide a loving home to a dog that desperately needs one. Now let’s take a closer look at the traits that are bred into this specific line of dog breeds.

Characteristics Of Doodle Dogs

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Because there are so many different doodle breeds, they can display a wide variety of both physical and behavioral traits.

There are three things that are seen as being held in common between all types of doodle breeds by breeders, though.

Even though many of these dogs share similar traits, just like people, each one is unique. While there are certain broad things, many of the dogs share in common they are not identical.

If you do decide to adopt a dog for one of these specific traits, it is important for you to know there is no way for anyone to guarentee you they will have those specific traits you are looking for.

With that being said, let’s discuss the most commonly sought after traits when people are looking at doodles.

This range anywhere from how much they affect people’s allergies to simply what kind of temperament they have.

A Doodle Dogs Shed Less

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

The hair of doodle dogs almost always is similar to the hair of a purebred poodle. This means that if you get a doodle breed dog, you will deal with a lot less shedding than you would with most dog breeds.

Most poodles have a very tight curl in their hair on top of their hair’s extra strength compared to other dogs. This means that in the event their hair does get loose, it will stay caught up with the rest of their fur.

If you really want to make sure they do not shed hair all over your house, then you should try to brush them daily. Even if they do not shed hair on the floor, that does not mean there is not any loose hair in the coat of fur.

Brushing out all of the loose hair on a daily basis will make it almost impossible to build up a lot of hair for them to shed around the house. This makes them a very easy dog to take care of on your own.

Doodle Dogs Create Fewer Allergic Reactions

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Doodle dog breeds first became very popular because they were seen as hypoallergenic.

While it is impossible for a dog to be fully hypoallergenic, the doodle breed does seem to produce fewer allergens and cause fewer allergic reactions than most other dog breeds.

Allergic reactions from pets are caused by an accumulation of allergens on your body or in your sinuses that irritates.

While there is no dog alive that produces zero allergens, there is a wide range in quantity produced by different dog breeds.

Thanks to the unique combination of genetics provided by the poodle breed, most doodle dogs are close to the low end of that scale, which is used to measure allergen concentrations.

Allergens are commonly found in the hair and in the saliva of a dog. If you have allergies, then a doodle dog might be a good fit for you if you cannot live without a dog.

Just make sure they don’t like your face because you will likely still have a reaction to that.

The Doodle Dogs Are Outgoing

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Most doodle breeds are very friendly animals and could be described as gregarious even. They are also highly intelligent social learners and can pick up on new commands very quickly when compared to many other breeds.

This is the most dependent on the dog that the poodle is bred with. Poodles themselves are oddly normally enough very anxiety prone dogs, but when bred with others, they usually lose this aspect.

Some of these dogs are perfect as watch dogs who will let you know the second someone or something is approaching your home while others are perfectly content lazing about all day long.

Different Types Of Doodle Dogs

There are as many different answers to the question of what kind of dog is a doodle as there are combinations of purebred poodles with other dog breeds in the world.

This means there are many possible doodle breeds, but here are the top 25 most popular types of doodle dogs to give you a general sense of what they are like.

You should be able to find a dog that meets your desires out of all of these breeds to choose from. Designer dog breeds are nice in that way.

It almost lets you shop for exactly the type of dog you want, including their behavior.

Most doodle dogs will be fairly friendly and good around families, although some breeds will be better than others.

Occasionally you will run into one that is high maintenance, but almost all of them are comfortable in an apartment with no yard or at a house with one.

1. Labradoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

The original doodle dogs was a mixture between a purebred poodle and a purebred Labrador retriever.

The resulting offspring was very intelligent and distinctively hypoallergenic, thus leading to its immense popularity today over 50 years later.

2. Aussiedoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

These medium sized dogs come from a poodle and an Australian Shepard breeding together.

They are most well known for their high energy levels and exceptional intelligence leading to the nickname Einstein amongst people who breed them.

3. Goldendoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Goldendoodles are perhaps the most commonly seen doodle breed in the world due in part to how easy they are to care for. They do not shed all that much and are generally very loving to their family.

4. Sheepadoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

When an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle mix, what you get is a Sheepadoodle. These smaller sized dogs are particularly well suited for companion roles or even as an emotional support animal.

5. Schnoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

The Scnoodle is what results after the breeding of a poodle with a schnauzer.

They are beloved by their owners for having the easy-going nature of poodles combined with the rough and tough hardiness of a schnauzer.

6. Whoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Whoodles are a mixture between the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. They are a great breed of dog for families who want an intelligent, friendly, and high energy dog.

7. Saint Berdoodle

These big oafs of love are what happens when a Poodle and a Saint Bernard mate with each other.

They are easily distinguishable not only from their size but also their signature combination of fierce loyalty and inquisitive mischievousness.

8. Bidoodle

A Bichon Freese and poodle have a puppy together, and this is what you receive. These tiny guys are super active and will keep you busy for hours of play time when you get home from work.

9. Newfypoo

Newfoundland’s and Poodles breed together to create a new designer doodle breed called the Newfypoo.

These are some of the largest in this class of dog breed and are amazingly kind animals who love their families to death.

10. Bernedoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

Bernese Mountain Dogs and poodles create an amazing combination when bred together, which is called the Bernedoodle.

They are the perfect pet for fun, loving, active families who want a pet that loves adventure as much as they do.

11. Bordoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

A Border Collie crossed with a Poodle creates what is called a Bordoodle. These are one of the more interesting breeds you can own thanks to how intelligent they are.

12. Boxerdoodle

When you mix a Boxer breed dog with a Poodle, the result is a Boxerdoodle. They are highly variable in size because of the different parent breeds, but they are all super playful when they feel secure and at home.

13. Irish doodle

The Irish Wolf Hound and Poodle combination called the Irish Doodle is a really interesting breed of dog. They are very well suited for life as a guard dog, thanks to their strong drive for family loyalty.

14. Shepadoodle

The Shepadoodle is a hybrid of the German Shepard and a Poodle. These dogs are loyal and want to please you, so they are perfect for those who need a watch dog to keep an eye on things for them.

15. Pyredoodle

The Hybrid of the Great Pyrenees and the Poodle is a Pyredoole. They are best characterized by the absolute lack of fear they display in almost any situation.

16. Springerdoodle

If you breed an English Springer Spaniel with a Standard Poodle, you get a Springerdoodle as the result of the pairing.

They are a highly versatile dog just as comfortable being your companion as they are being a hunting dog.

17. Poogle

To get a Poogle, you need to breed a toy poodle with a beagle. These are one of the smallest breeds in the doodle class of dog breeds.

18. Airedoodle

This designer dog is the puppy of the Airedale Terrier and a Poodle. They are super alert and want to chase after prey animals the minute they see them, which makes them the perfect hunting buddy.

19. Weimardoodle

The Weimaraner and the Poodle are the parents of the Weirmardoodle dog breed. While these dogs are very loving, they do require a great deal of attention and are considered fairly needy animals.

20. Scoodle

The Scoodle is the offspring of Scottish Terrier and poodle parents. They are both protective and affectionate, which can lead to jealousy if they see other dogs getting your attention instead of them.

21. Great Danoodle

Poodles and Great Danes create a Great Danoodle when you breed them together. They are one of the largest types of doodle breed dogs you are going to find out there.

22. Bassetoodle

The Basset Hound crossed with a poodle creates an instantly recognizable medium sized dog called the Basset doodle. These are the perfect companion to take with you on your next hunting trip.

23. Flandoodle

Blend a Poodle with the Bouvier des Flandres, and you get a Flandoodle. It is important to socialize these guys when they are young to avoid behavior problems around people or dogs when they are adults.

24. Mastidoodle

Cross breed a Mastiff with a Poodle, and you create a Mastidoodle. These dogs are amazing at watching out for intruders on your priority, thanks to their incredible alertness.

25. Dalmadoodle

The Dalmatian and Poodle mixture is called the Dalmadoodle. They have a very distinctive appearance and are often intelligent enough to hold down service animal jobs very well.

Cutest Poodle Mixes

Of course, most people want to know which type of doodle dog is the cutest, and while it is difficult to pick because they all are, we have narrowed it down to the top 5. Here are the top 5 cutest poodle mixed dog breeds around today.

1. Labradoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

The labradoodle is instantly recognizable due to the coarse, curly hair and body style. As adults, they grow to be a very handsome, medium-sized dog.

2. GoldenDoodle

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle - thedoodleguide.com

These guys are a perfect addition to the family that everyone will love.

They can be seen. With their signature fur pattern that drives people around the world wild for them and helped propel them quickly to near the top of the list of the world’s most desired dog breeds.

3. Saint Berdoodle

As puppies, these guys look a lot like a teddy bear. As they grow older, they get closer to the size of a real bear, but they will still be as lovable as they were when they were puppies.

4. Bassetdoodle

These guys have some of the softest and floppiest ears both as a puppy and as an adult. If you are a sucker for floppy ears, you’ll love these adorable dogs and adore their demeanor.

5. Poogle

Frequently Asked Questions

There a few questions people always want to know the answers to when it comes to this type of dog breed. Here are the answers to the two of the most commonly asked questions about Doodles. Whether you want the biggest or the smallest of them all we have the answers for you.

What’s The Smallest Doodle Dog?

The smallest doodle that is officially recognized would be the Poogle. The tiny combination of a beagle with a toy poodle.

Technically, you could use a toy poodle with a dog breed to have a pretty high chance of getting a small doodle dog.

Although with most other dog breeds, here is a slight chance they will become larger because of the other dog that is breeding with the poodle.

What’s The Largest Doodle Breed?

There are several large breeds of doodle dogs, but he largest of them all is the Great Danoodle. They are the cross hybrid of a standard poodle and the Great Dane.

While these guys are typically a fair bit smaller than the pure Great Dane, they still tower over all of the other doodles out there.

I hope you enjoyed this post about what kind of dog is a Goldendoodles.

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