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What Size Crate Does A Cockapoo Need? [Complete Guide]

Want to know what size crate does a Cockapoo need? Then, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you everything including the reasons why you should use one, what makes a good crate, its types, and more.

What Size Crate Does A Cockapoo Need?

what size crate does a cockapoo need

Even though you may plan to let your new Cockapoo puppy roam freely through your house, providing a crate for the latest member of your family is always a good idea.

Dogs need their own space, a place where they can relax, sleep or just chill, and a crate is perfect for that purpose.

A 36-inch crate is the ideal size for your Cockapoo. With a crate of this measurement, your pet will have enough room to sleep and comfortably move around.

You can place some dividers so one area serves as a sleeping space while the other section is where your pup can play with their toys.

If you’re wondering what will work best for your new Cockapoo, here’s our recommendation.

The Furuisen Heavy Duty Dog Crate

In terms of durability, this dog crate is hard to beat. Made of top-grade and corrosion-resistant carbon steel, the Furuisen Dog Crate can be your pet’s haven for years to come.

Even if your Cockapoo turns out to be an escape artist, the reinforced lock will stop even the most determined and intelligent pooch from opening the door.

Best Features

  • The metal casters rotate 360 degrees for better mobility but also allow you to lock the wheels to keep the cage in place.
  • The double door design provides easy access to your dog.
  • It comes in two sizes, 37 inches, and 48 inches.
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Why Use A Crate For Your Cockapoo?

what size crate does a cockapoo need

Some pet parents feel guilty about crating their pup. However, when used properly, a crate offers many benefits for you and your fur baby.

  • You get peace of mind during those times when you have to leave your pet, knowing they’re safely and comfortably confined.
  • You can keep your pup from getting in the way when there are many activities in the house, such as when you’re renovating.
  • Crates help house train your pup because you’re able to establish a routine through crating.
  • By bringing along your pet’s crate when you travel, your Cockapoo will have a comfortable and familiar space that aids them in adapting to new surroundings.
  • Your pooch will likely enjoy the den-like feeling of a crate, and it will be a safe place to sleep and rest.

FYI – Want to know how hard it is to train a Cockapoo? Learn more about crate training here.

What Makes A Good Crate For Your Cockapoo?

what size crate does a cockapoo need

Think of a crate as your Cockapoo’s room. Although your pup can wander all over the house and may even sleep in your bed, providing a space that’s all their own can help boost your pup’s wellbeing.

In the wild, dogs live in dens, so your pooch is hardwired to like sleeping and resting in something that resembles their natural habitat.

When choosing a suitable crate for your Cockapoo, consider the following factors:

Materials Used

Dog crates come in different materials, and each one offers some advantages and disadvantages. You can consult experts or simply rely on your preference.

Crate Size

A crate that’s too large may be intimidating to your pup. On the other hand, one that’s too small can be uncomfortable.

Dog crate size charts will give you an idea of how large a crate works best for your Cockapoo. One that comes with a divider adds versatility to your choice as it allows you to adjust the size as your pooch grows.

Safety And Durability

These two factors go hand in hand because, in most instances, the durability of the crate will have a bearing on its safety.

The materials used should be sturdy enough to prevent your pet from escaping and getting into potentially dangerous situations when you’re not at home.

No toxic chemicals should be used in the finishing, and the attachments or latches shouldn’t come off readily.

Types Of Cockapoo Dog Crates

what size crate does a cockapoo need

You won’t have a lack choices when it comes to dog crates, so choosing one for your Cockapoo will ultimately depend on your preference and budget.

Soft Fabric Dog Crates

Made of soft and comfy materials, this type of dog crate suits pups who are already comfortable staying in crates. Placing a non-crate trained Cockapoo in this type of crate isn’t advisable.

The canvas and mesh typically used in constructing soft fabric dog crates aren’t durable enough to withstand the chewing and clawing of a puppy who’s determined to escape from its confinement.

Even some crate-trained dogs can manage to free themselves from this type of crate during moments of frustration or excitement. But if your Cockapoo already enjoys their crate, ones made of soft fabric can be a great alternative to crates made of hard, sturdy materials.

PVC, metal, or plastic with a fabric covering typically make up the inner frame. The crate usually has between two to five doors made of mesh netting with a zipper.

Advantages Of Soft Fabric Dog Crates

•They’re lightweight, which makes them more portable.

•This type of crate can serve as your Cockapoo’s traveling crate when you go places with your pet.

•The door is typically made of mesh, which makes it airy and breathable.

Disadvantages Of Soft Fabric Dog Crates

•They don’t suit chewers or dogs who aren’t used to being confined in crates.

•They are hard to clean. Moreover, they absorb odors, so keeping the crate smelling fresh can be a challenge.

The EliteField 3-Door Soft Dog Crate

This soft dog crate’s frame is made from strong steel tubes, while high quality, durable fabric, and hex mesh fabric make the EliteField Soft Dog a well ventilated, stylish, lightweight, and durable haven for your Cockapoo.

Three mesh doors offer greater convenience and comfort, while the detachable and washable cover and bed make for easier cleaning.

It’s easy to assemble, with no tools required, and it folds in seconds into a height of just three inches for easy storage and transport.

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Wire Dog Crates

Most dog lovers prefer this type of crate. Wire dog crates are typically made from metal and are rectangular in shape. They come in varying designs, and they made have either a single or double door, giving you wider options.

You can choose the design you want depending on factors such as space and your preference.

Double doors are usually positioned on the side and front, while single doors are typically located at the crate’s front.

Some wire crates come with dividers. As such, you can adjust the crate space, minimizing it when your pet is still a puppy and expanding it as your Cockapoo grows into adulthood.

Metal and plastic trays at the bottom of the crates make cleaning up your dog’s mess easier.

Advantages Of Wire Dog Crates

  • They provide superb ventilation due to the wire mesh panels.
  • They can withstand chewing better than crates made from softer materials.
  • They’re collapsible, which makes storing and transporting a breeze.

Disadvantages Of Wire Dog Crates

  • Because of the materials used, wire dog crates aren’t very comfortable places to sleep in for your pup. You’ll need to provide pillows, padding, or a dog bed to make your pet’s crate a cozy haven.
  • They sometimes have a wobbly feel.

The Midwest Double-Door iCrate

Made by Midwest, the expert in wire cages for pets, this wire dog crate is made of high-quality metal for greater durability. It can serve as your pet’s haven and also their home away from home when you take them traveling.

You can be sure your Cockapoo remains safe and secure with the crate’s heavy-duty slide bolt latch that firmly locks the crate door.

The Midwest Double-Door iCrate comes with the following freebies, a free divider panel, roller feet to protect your floor, a durable dog tray, and a carrying handle. 

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Heavy Duty Dog Crates

You probably won’t need a heavy-duty dog crate for your Cockapoo as this crate type’s selling feature is its extreme durability.

Designed for bigger, heavier, and stronger breeds, a heavy-duty dog crate is made from sturdy metal. Owing to the crate’s material, it can prevent an escape artist’s best efforts to burst free from confinement.

Advantages Of Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

  • Your Cockapoo will find it extremely difficult to break free from this crate type.
  • Because of the materials used in constructing the crate, it won’t absorb odors.
  • The “open-air” design allows greater visibility and works best for pets who want to see their owners and feel part of the family’s activities.

Disadvantages Of Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

  • They tend to be expensive because of the materials used.
  • Although most heavy-duty crates fold up, they’re pretty heavy, making transporting or moving them a challenge.

The Pupzo Heavy Duty Dog Crate

what size crate does a cockapoo need

This heavy-duty dog crate is made of top-grade carbon steel, making it rust and corrosion-resistant. The metal square tube frame and metal wire have a nontoxic finished surface, making them safer for pets who chew.

You can lock two of the four wheels to keep the crate in place when you need to. Meanwhile, the sturdy pull-out tray makes cleaning less of a chore. The floor grate keeps your Cockapoo clean and dry.

This heavy-duty cage can carry a load of up to 110 lbs.

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Plastic Crates

Plastic crates offer the best compromise between soft fabric dog crates and metal crates. They’re certainly sturdier than dog crates made from soft material, and they’re great for dogs who prefer sleeping and resting areas that offer a more den-like feel.

You can use them for airline travel, and they’re less easy to escape from than soft fabric dog crates.

Advantages Of Plastic Crates

  • They’re easy to clean. A quick hose down usually does the trick.
  • They suit excitable dogs. The crate is enclosed so dogs can only see through one side, keeping reactive dogs calm.
  • They’re approved for in-cabin and below the seat use by most airlines.

Disadvantages Of Plastic Crates

  • Your Cockapoo can get hot inside the crate because of reduced air circulation.
  • They are bulky, and because they don’t fold flat, they’re difficult to store.

The Petmate 2-Door Pet Kennel

what size crate does a cockapoo need

A safe, secure, and comfortable plastic dog crate, that’s wthe Petmate 2-Door Pet Kennel. Aside from the front door, its top-entry opening allows you to easily lift or put your pup in and out of the crate.

The Petmate 2-Door Pet Kennel is sure to last with its durable construction. It has a snap latch assembly and wing nuts in all four corners.

The crate’s 360-degree ventilation ensures that your Cockapoo doesn’t get too hot inside the crate.

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Pet Crate Size Guide For Cockapoos

what size crate does a cockapoo need

A large crate may seem too big for your Cockapoo when he or she is still a puppy. But resist the urge to buy a smaller size because you’ll need to replace the crate when your pet outgrows it.

To make a large crate cozy for a puppy, you can select one that has a divider, so you’ll be able to reduce the size where your Cockapoo sleeps when they’re young and adjust it accordingly as your pet grows.

As a general rule, a 36-inch sized dog crate will suit your pooch.

Measure Your Cockapoo Before Buying The Crate

Here’s how you can ensure that the dog crate you buy will be right for your pup.

Measure The Length Of Your Cockapoo

Place your pet in a standing position, then place one end of the tape measure on the tip of their nose. Measure the length of your pet to the base of the tail.

Measure Your Cockapoo’s Height

Make your pup sit upright, then measure the distance from the floor until the top of your pet’s head.

Add A Few Inches To The Measurement Of Your Cockapoo’s Height And Length

Use the total as a guide for the size of the crate you’ll need.

In case you find that your measurements fall between two crate sizes, opt for the bigger size. Your pet will likely hate being cramped, so it’s best to err on the smaller ones.

Bonus – Want to know the average size of a Cockapoo? Learn more here.

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