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When Do Labradoodles Lose Their Puppy Coat? [Full Breakdown]

Want to know when Labradoodles lose their puppy coat? Then, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you the reasons why Labradoodles shed, when it stops, a common misconception about it, and more.

When Do Labradoodles Lose Their Puppy Coat?

when do labradoodles lose their puppy coat

Labradoodles start losing their puppy coat when they reach the age of 6 to 12 months. This is about the time that your labradoodle puppy stops growing as well. 

These dogs when young have a very soft and adorable coat that you wish they would have forever. But apparently, they do not keep the coat that they are born with their whole life.

Going back to the topic, when do Labradoodles start to lose their puppy coat? To answer the question, labradoodle puppies start shedding their coat as early as six months. 

These dogs mature and stop growing after a year and along with this is the growth of their adult coat. Now, the timeline can vary depending on the type of coat that your labradoodle has. 

During this stage, the adult coat will start growing and replacing the puppy coat. This is where it becomes critical as the old coat will become entangled with the adult coat thus resulting in mat formation. 

As owners, you must educate yourself on what to do when this occurs. But you can always ask your breeder regarding when your puppy’s coat will start to shred. 

As we all know Labradoodles are hybrid dogs. And being such, it is sometimes hard to determine their stages of growth and development. 

It’s not like other purebred dogs that already have books available for purchase which will serve as your handbook for caring for a specific breed. Here is where Labradoodles are different. 

That is why getting your dog from a reputable and experienced breeder is important. It is them that could guide you on how to deal with this stage. 

When Do Labradoodles Stop Shedding Their Puppy Coat?

when do labradoodles lose their puppy coat

Labradoodles normally stop with the shedding process by the time they become adults and this is around 8 to 12 months from birth. Normally this is the time also wherein this breed stops growing. 

But as discussed earlier, timelines may vary depending on the traits of the dog. Labradoodles have different coats and each coat has a specific timeline characteristic. 

This means, one variety could be faster than the other. Being hybrid dogs, they normally get their traits from the genetically dominant side of the breeding process.

To expound further on the answer to the questions, there is no specific age upon when they would start shedding as this is reliant on the time that the shedding would start. 

Normally, the shedding process can take a week or it may last several weeks. The thing is, every dog and every dog breed goes about this process differently.

There is no definite start age that is why as owners, you should be aware and on the alert if this happens. Technically, Labradoodles do not shed excessively and it barely happens except for this stage. 

So when the time comes that your Labradoodle starts to shed its puppy coat, make sure that you do regular grooming to assist the process. 

Their fur normally does not fall out but instead, they get stuck within the existing coat. This happens especially when your dog’s coat is the wavy to curly type. 

The only way that you will notice that your dog is shedding is when through regular grooming. You do not have to bathe them daily, combing, brushing, and tangle removal will be the ideal approach to this situation. 

Reasons For Labradoodle Shedding

Labradoodles are well known to be low to non-shedders. This varies depending on the type of coat that your Labradoodle has.

Coat Type

As per the experience of long-time Labradoodle owners, doodles with fleece type or wool type coats barely sheds. Normally the only time they ever shed excessively is when their adult coat is growing. 

But there is an exception though. The most unpopular hair type for Labradoodles is the hair coat. This is when your dog is genetically inclined to its labrador retriever side. 

Labradors are shedders by nature and if your dog has this coat type, then you better expect some shedding to happen during the warmer months. During this time, Labradoodles will shed the coat that they grew in preparation for the winter. 

This is the same as Labradors, thus, this coat type has become unpopular among Labradoodle enthusiasts. Other causes for unnecessary shedding is are skin diseases. 

That is why regular grooming should become a habit for owners. Not only are you keeping your dog clean and comfortable, but it is also one way to check if there are any irregularities on your dog’s body.

Stress And Poor Nutrition

Stress could also be a factor for your Labradoodle to shred as well as improper nutrition. One thing you could do though to limit the shedding is to regularly brush your Labradoodle. 

Regular washing is also a must for these dogs, especially during warmer weather periods. You have to ensure as well that your dog has the proper nutrition that it needs to remain healthy. 

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Common Misconception About Shedding And Allergies

when do labradoodles lose their puppy coat

There is a common misconception that goes around that dogs cause humans to have allergies. This is quite common and it goes many years back. 

Well, this is not entirely false since there are people who are naturally allergic to fur and dander. Now when a dog sheds, it is not only the fur that falls off. 

Dander is also present and there might be something there that is treated as an allergen by some people. If you do not know, dander is skin particles that stick to the hair.

And when the dog sheds, dander also goes along with it. But here is the thing about Labradoodles and what makes them popular: these hybrid dogs are generally hypoallergenic. 

This means that they do not cause allergies among humans that is why they are becoming very popular. It’s not because they do not have dander and there might even be some allergens that exist on their skin, the main reason is that they are barely shedders. 

If you groom your Labradoodle regularly then you will not have any problem with the dog causing some allergies within your household. Shedding is very normal among dogs, but for Labradoodles, it is best to find out the reason why. 

To reiterate, people who say that they are allergic to dogs are not allergic in general. Because if they are then they would also be allergic to dog saliva, urine, and other excretions as well. 

Again, they are just allergic to dander which is common to all dogs. Hypoallergenic dogs are dogs that barely shed that is why they are spreading less dander around. 

What Are The Different Types Of Labradoodle Coats?

when do labradoodles lose their puppy coat

Labradoodles can have mixed coats with various lengths. But enthusiasts that follow this breed have narrowed down the coat types to three. 

Hair Coat

The first one is the hair coat. This kind of fur is similar to shedding breeds same as the Labrador. That is why this is not a very popular choice among breeders and owners alike. 

Wool Coat

The second type of coat is the Wool type. This has the same characteristics as a lamb’s. 

They do look alike but they are not as dense. This type of hair is popular among owners since it does not have any dog smell and this type barely shed as well. 

Fleece Coat

The third type of coat is the fleece type. This coat normally looks wavy or a bit straight. 

This type is also smooth and silky to touch but is less popular when compared to the wool type coat. Do remember that the different coats vary in grooming requirements. 

If your Labradoodle barely sheds then you must brush them regularly. Clipping and trimming as well are recommended around four to six months. 

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How Do You Tell What Coat A Labradoodle Puppy Will Have?

This is the challenge with having hybrid dogs, predicting how they would look like as they reach adulthood could be quite of a challenge. One way to determine their coat type when they are still puppies is by looking at the type of fur that they have over their muzzle. 

But to be on the safe side, you can always refer this to your breeder. Normally, they can identify the outcome of your dog’s fur upon reaching adulthood. 

This can be done by tracing the genetic mapping of your dog’s parents. Any reputable breeder can easily identify this. 

Before purchasing, you can also request a breeder for a set of characteristics that you would prefer in terms of how your dog. Good breeders normally will know the traits that your dog will most likely have. 

Nonetheless, dominant traits will always come out even if your Labradoodle is still a puppy. Just by identifying the muzzle hair, already gives you an 80% chance that you are right. 

If you are fond of genetic mapping when it comes to breeding, then it is highly recommended that you get a Labradoodle from an F1 generation. They are generally predictable when it comes to their traits.

Hope you enjoyed this post about when do Labradoodles lose their puppy coat.

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