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Why Does My Cockapoo Howl?

Want to know why does your Cockapoo howl? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you the possible reasons why your Cockapoo howl, its temperament, how to deal with their howling, and more.

Why Does My Cockapoo Howl?

why does my cockapoo howl

No, your Cockapoo didn’t suddenly turn into a wolf. But the reason why your pet makes this soulful, mournful, and sometimes spine-tingling sound has its roots in their wolf ancestry. In the wild, before dogs became man’s best friend, howling is one of the ways they communicate with one another

Your Cockapoo may no longer roam the hills, valleys, and forests with its pack, but the howling instinct remains, and your pet still uses it to convey specific messages.

If your Cockapoo constantly howls, consider what he or she may be trying to tell you. Here are the usual explanation of why dogs howl.

A Response To Their Surroundings

Dogs howl when they hear certain sounds. Common triggers include sirens, musical instruments, or another dog’s vocalizations. This may be their way of saying they have heard the call and they are ready to join in the events happening around them.

If your Cockapoo indulges in this behavior, determine what specific sound incites the howling instinct. The baying usually stops when the trigger ceases.

To Convey Emotional Distress

Humans cry dogs howl. It’s as simple as that. And if you think dogs don’t feel emotional pain, guess again. Anyone who has ever seen their fur baby grieving over the loss of a human or canine companion can attest to the fact that dogs have emotions, too.

Your Cockapoo may use howling as a way to show anxiety, fear, or sadness and a desire for your comforting touch.

To Mark Their Territory

In the wild, howling is a dog’s signal to others that the area is already a claimed territory and they should stay away. Wild dogs also howl to keep predators out and ensure the safety of the pack.

In a domestic setting, your Cockapoo may howl when strangers come into the house as an attempt to drive the intruders away.

To Express Physical Pain

Dogs who are sick or hurt may howl. So if you can’t see any apparent reason behind your Cockapoo’s howling, better check them out for signs of pain and injury. Taking them to the vet is a wise move.

To Signal Their Pack

Dogs in the wild howl to help other pack members find their way back to their territory. The same seems to hold true with our canine companions who view their owners as part of the pack. So don’t be surprised if you Cockapoo howls when you or other family members have been away from home for quite a while.

To Get Attention

Dogs love it when you focus on them. So they find ways to grab your attention. A piercing howl usually does the trick. If your Cockapoo uses this verbal manipulation to get you to sit up and take notice ignoring them may help stop the unwanted behavior.

Understanding The Cockapoo Temperament

why does my cockapoo howl

Because Cockapoos are mixed breeds, you can never be one hundred percent sure what their temperament will be like. However, they are the longest existing mixes, which gives breeders and potential owners a template of a Cockapoo’s nature and personality.

If you get a Cockapoo, you can usually expect your pet to possess the following traits.


Cockapoos love being with people. Whether you enjoy snuggling with your pet or running around playing games, your Cockapoo will relish the time you spend with them.

Due to their loving nature, this dog breed doesn’t cope well with being on their own for long periods. That’s because they crave companionship, especially that of their human pal.


Although they love to cuddle, Cockapoos can run like the wind when given the opportunity. Agile, curious, and playful, your pet will respond enthusiastically to your invitations to go out and explore the world.

Because of their high energy level, Cockapoos need plenty of exercise and fun activities. Otherwise, they can become destructive due to all that pent-up pep and vigor.


Because they’re a combination of two of the smartest dog breeds, Cockapoos are remarkably intelligent. As such, they’re easy to train, and they can be taught almost anything.

But this intelligence has its drawback, which is the tendency to get bored. Boredom, in turn, can lead to destructive behavior.

Happy And Friendly

Cockapoos can usually get along with anyone, whether humans or canines. That’s because of their friendly nature. When properly trained, your fur baby will usually have no problems interacting with small children, even babies.


Intuitive by nature, Cockapoos can sense your emotional state. If you’re sad or upset, your canine buddy will likely shower you with loving licks. That’s your Cockapoo’s way of trying to ease your distress.

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How To Tell If Your Cockapoo Has Separation Anxiety

why does my cockapoo howl

Dogs are social animals, and they have the inherent need to be with their pack. In this case, that means you. If left on their own for long stretches, they can suffer from separation anxiety.

But what is separation anxiety?

Well, separation anxiety is a behavioral issue wherein a dog shows signs of distress when their owner leaves home, or even just the room.

If your Cockapoo has this condition, he or she can’t handle being left alone and will only be contented when you are with them. They may even follow you all over the house because of their need for your companionship.

Being social and affectionate dogs, Cockapoos may find it hard to stand being away from you for long. 

The following signs may indicate that your pet needs help with the issue.

  • Peeing or pooping all over the house when left on their own
  • Destructive behavior such as chewing and scratching around entry and exits points like doorways and windows
  • Excessive barking or whining when you show signs of leaving the house
  • Over excitement upon your return
  • Being very clingy when you’re at home
  • Can’t stand being left alone, even if it’s just in another room
  • Constantly needing pats and hugs from you
  • Trying to escape from their confinement area when they’re alone or when they are separated from you
  • Coprophagia, or eating their poop when they’re left on their own

How To Deal With Your Cockapoo Howling

Anxiety may cause your Cockapoo to howl. Dog anxiety has various causes, and the most common are fear and separation from their humans. 

Fear-related anxiety can be induced by sudden loud noises, new people or animals, new or strange environments, or anything that your dog doesn’t usually encounter.

Meanwhile, separation anxiety, which affects roughly around 14% of our canine buddies, is caused by being isolated from their owners.

If you’ve determined that your Cockapoo howls because of anxiety issues, a trip to the vet may be the best way to address the problem. Your pet’s doctor will help you discover if the anxiety is caused only by specific circumstances or is turning into a constant predicament.

Additionally, the vet can rule out any medical conditions that may be causing your dog to howl. 

The Treatment Plan For Dealing With Your Cockapoo’s Howling

The best way to handle your pet’s issue is through a combination of training, preventive strategies, and medication, if necessary.

Obedience Training And Discipline

This method teaches your dog what you expect from them, which, in turn, makes good behavior a habit. Well-trained and disciplined dogs won’t feel right in showing unwanted behavior such as howling or whining.

Train often and consistently, not only when you feel like it. Show your dog what you want from him or her as you go through your daily routine.

To deal with separation anxiety, teach your Cockapoo to sit and stay at the door and then move out of sight, slowly prolonging the time before you come back with each session. This exercise helps drive home the fact that you return after a certain period and that your Cockapoo should patiently wait for you.

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Counterconditioning involves changing your dog’s fearful or anxious reaction to a situation or stimuli to a more pleasant and relaxed one. You achieve this goal by associating the situation or event with something your Cockapoo likes.

For example, you’d want your pet to associate being alone with having delicious food. So every time you leave, you can give your Cockapoo a puzzle toy stuffed with treats. Ideally, it should take around 30 minutes for your dog to finish the treat. A KONG full of peanut butter, frozen banana, or canned dog food is something your dog will definitely love. 

Another way to keep your dog in a relaxed frame of mind during your absence is by leaving several enticing edible and inedible chew stuff around the house. Studies show that chewing and licking have a calming effect on dogs.

Remove the special toys as soon as you return home, so your fur baby slowly associates the pleasant treat with your departure.


For severe cases of separation anxiety, which causes your pet to howl with distress, medications may be necessary. Anti-anxiety medicines can help your Cockapoo tolerate being on their own without becoming too stressed out. As your pet gets used to being alone, the vet can gradually wean him or her off the medication.

However, be sure to follow your vet’s advice when it comes to giving calming medicinal aids to your pet.

Hope you enjoyed this post about why does my Cockapoo howl.

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